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					                         COUNSELORS’ CORNER
                 Publication of the Seneca Valley High School Guidance Department
 Visit our guidance bulletin at for bi-weekly scholarship opportunities.
Vol. 21 No.1                                                                             2008-2009

            SENIOR HIGH COUNSELING STAFF                                                 2008-2009
                                                                             COLLEGE ADMISSIONS TEST SCHEDULE
Mrs. Wendy McQuiston      Counselor/Students A-G
Mr. Keith Chrestay        Counselor/Students H-O                   PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)
Ms. Darla Ramirez-Hoss    Counselor/Students P-Z                   October 18, 2008
Ms. Michelle Bergman      Counselor/ Gifted and Learning Support
Ms. Christine Sherman     Student Assistance/Alternative           SAT REASONING AND SAT SUBJECT TESTS:
                          Classroom Counselor (7-12)               Test Date                  *Registration Deadline
Ms. Wendy Kasing          Secretary                                October            4, 2008 September       9, 2008
Mrs. Sue Berlin           Secretary                                November           1, 2008 September      26, 2008
                                                                   December           6, 2008 November        5, 2008
        INTERMEDIATE HIGH COUNSELING STAFF                         January           24, 2009 December       26, 2008
                                                                   March             14, 2009 February       10, 2009
Mrs. Kristen Kress        Counselor/ Students A-G                  May                2, 2009 March          31, 2009
Mr. Anthony DelPrete      Counselor/ Students H-O                  June               6, 2009 May             5, 2009
Ms. Amy Calder            Counselor/ Students P-Z
TBA                       Counselor/Learning Support               PLAN (Preliminary ACT)
Mrs. Kathie Brown         Secretary                                October 25, 2008
                                                                   ACT Tests:
                                                                   September                    13, 2008     August             12, 2008
                 2008-2009 EVENING PROGRAMS
                                                                   October                      25, 2008     September          19, 2008
                                                                   December                     13, 2008     November            7, 2008
August 19, 2008           Freshman Class Orientation               February                      7, 2009     January             6, 2009
                          6:30 p.m. IHS Auditorium                 April                         4, 2009     February           27, 2009
                                                                   June                         13, 2009     May                 8, 2009
August 28, 2008           Junior Class & SHS New Student
                                                                     Note: Shaded exam dates are at Seneca Valley Senior High School.
                          7:00 p.m. SHS Auditorium                 Registration forms and all testing information may be obtained
                                                                   in the guidance office throughout the school year or visit
August 21, 2008           IHS New Student Program         and/or for
                          10:00 a.m. IHS Guidance                  information. The code for Seneca Valley is 395465.

September 17, 2008        Applying to Post-Secondary               SAT and ACT services are available for students with
                          School Night (Grades 10-12)              disabilities. Please contact Ms. Jeanette Mike at extension 208
                          7:00 p.m. SHS Auditorium                 for SAT/ACT information.
                                                                   *Late registration and stand-by options are also available.
December 10, 2008         Financial Aid Night (Grades 11-12)
                          7:00 p.m. SHS Auditorium                                                 ASVAB
                          Make up date December 17, 2008           The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is
                                                                   scheduled to be administered at the Senior High School on
January 21, 2009          Registration Night (Grades 10-11)        October 8, 2008. Interested students can sign up in the
                          7:00 p.m. SHS Auditorium                 guidance office in September.
                          Make up date January 28, 2009
                                                                         RUTH VARNER OTTO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP
April 22, 2009            College & Career School Fair
                          6:00 – 7:30 p.m. SHS Gymnasium           Ruth Varner Otto Memorial Scholarship applications will
                                                                   become available to Seneca Valley seniors in February, 2009.
                       SAT TEST PREP                               The scholarship committee will consider academic standing,
                                                                   extra-curricular involvement, citizenship and financial need.
Included in the Guidance Central program is unlimited access to
SAT prep lessons, tips and practice. Go to         If you are planning to apply for this scholarship, you must first
and      log in to your portfolio with your portfolio name and     register with the College Scholarship Service (CSS) and then
password (portfolios were created in 9 grade with the guidance     complete a CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE application.
department). If you must create a new portfolio use Seneca’s       Registration forms for the College Scholarship Service are
site ID# 10000045 and password seneca. Once your portfolio is      available    in   the    guidance     office   or    online    at
created write down the portfolio name and password for    .
continued use of the program.
                                                                   Completed CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE applications must
To begin your testGear SAT Account:                                be received by the College Scholarship Service no later
                                                                   than March 1, 2009 in order to process the information in
   1. Click on “testGear” (Under Your Tools)                       sufficient time to be considered for the Ruth Varner Otto
   2. Take the BrainScan (30 minutes) to be matched up to a        Scholarship.
      personalized test prep curriculum.                           You must still complete an application for the Ruth Varner
   3. Take your time and work through 15 units of practorials,     Otto Scholarship from the guidance office when it becomes
      micro labs quizzes and full-length tests.                    available in February, 2009.
                                 FALL               STUDENT                    CHECKLIST
    F R E S H M A N Y E A R:                                               S E N I O R Y E A R:
    Use the Guidance Central program.                                                                September
    You and your parents should begin the career decision                  If you have not clarified your educational goals, needs and
     process early and schedule a meeting with your counselor to             preferences, and developed a preliminary list of post-
     discuss future planning. Courses and grades earned in                   secondary schools, do so now. Reduce your list to
     classes this year will have a direct bearing on future options          approximately 5 to 10 schools.
     in both school and in careers.                                         When information is received from post-secondary schools,
    Become familiar with college admissions tests (PLAN,
                                                                             analyze the application instructions to see what information
     PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject tests, ACT, ASVAB, AP) and
     create a testing plan that meets your needs.                            is required and to learn about all due dates.
                                                                            If you are applying to more than one post-secondary
    S O P H O M O R E Y E A R:                                               school, rank your preference by location, academic
                                                                             program, and other priorities that are important to you.
    Continue to use the Guidance Central program.
                                                                            Create a completed checklist of test names and registration
    Find out what other resources are available in school to plan
                                                                             deadlines, financial aid applications and deadlines, and
     for post-secondary schools. Talk to a counselor about career
                                                                             other materials that will be needed.
     choices. Visit the Guidance Office to become familiar with
                                                                            If you are applying for early decision, acquire and start
     career software programs, books, pamphlets, and other
                                                                             filling out the necessary forms for application and financial
     informational guides that are available for career planning.
                                                                             aid to meet the college’s deadline, which is usually in
    Consider signing up to take the PLAN test on October 25,
                                                                            If the SAT, SAT Subject Tests and/or ACT are being taken
                                                                             this year, plan to take them at least 4 weeks before the
    J U N I O R Y E A R:                                                     scores must be submitted to post-secondary schools.
                                                                             Check in the Guidance Office for the registration dates and
    Identify the sources available in the high school to plan for                                     October
     post-secondary schools. Talk to a counselor about career               Some applications require an essay as part of your
     choices. Visit the Guidance Office and the Career Resource              application. Develop an outline that conveys your personal
     Center for post-secondary school catalogs and view books,               qualities and complete the first draft of your essay. Have
     guidance publications, and the internet driven Guidance                 your draft critiqued through the senior high College Essay
                                                                             Writing Service located in the library. Keep a copy of your
     Central program.
                                                                             essay for future reference. Decide whom to ask for
    Check the dates for college open house programs that will               recommendations, and ask them now if you have not done
     be held at various locations in the area and sign up to meet            so. When you ask, provide an addressed, stamped
     college representatives in the Guidance Office.                         envelope with the appropriate post-secondary forms.
    Consider taking the PSAT/NMSQT on October 18, 2008 at                  By now completed transcript authorization and student
     the high school. After registering for the test, pick up a free         information sheets should be on file in the guidance office.
     copy of the PSAT/NMSQT Student Bulletin and take the                    Official transcripts cannot be released until these forms are
     practice test inside. By doing well on the test, you may be             completed.
     eligible for scholarships and awards.                                  Indicate on the transcript processing form how you want the
    Revisit your college admissions testing plan and make                   guidance office to aid in your application process.
     adjustments.                                                                                    November
                                 October                                    Check the deadlines to apply to post-secondary schools.
    When you take the PSAT/NMSQT, be sure to sign up for the                Be sure to apply on time. Some schools have deadlines in
     College Board's free Student Search Service (SSS). The                  December, while others are in February or later.
     SSS matches your background and interests with colleges                If you would like to pick up transcripts or have them mailed
     that are looking for students just like you. The colleges will          from the guidance office prior to Thanksgiving break, you
     begin to send you information about their programs in the               must give the completed application to your counselor no
     spring of your junior year.                                             later than November 18, 2008.
                              November                                                               December
    Continue to use the Guidance Central program.                          If you would like to pick up transcripts or have them mailed
    Develop a list of post-secondary schools that meet individual           from the guidance office prior to the holiday vacation, you
                                                                             must give the completed application to your counselor no
     interests, needs and abilities. These include size, type of
                                                                             later than December 15, 2008.
     school, location, fields of study offered, academic quality,           Begin completing the financial aid forms and other student
     necessary facilities, desirable opportunities, cost and                 aid applications. If a school that you’re planning to attend
     financial aid opportunities, and social and cultural                    has its own financial aid forms, fill them out and return them
     environments. Try to rank them in order of preference.                  when you apply for admissions. Fill out the FAFSA and if
                               December                                      required, the CSS/PROFILE completely, accurately and
    PSAT/NMSQT results will be available this month. Use the                legibly. The FAFSA cannot be filed prior to January 1,
     information provided by the Educational Testing Service to
     interpret and understand the scores.

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