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					  Microbiology and Immunology
at the University of South Carolina
        School of Medicine

    Department URL: http://www.med.sc.edu/micro

   On-line Microbiology and Immunology textbook URL:

 E-mail for information and corrections: rhunt@med.sc.edu
 Person responsible for information etc: Dr Richard Hunt
 Based on the information given to USC second year medical students

 Contains over seventy sections, each of which corresponds to a
lecture in the medical student course.
 Although the text is based on lecture notes, it has been enhanced by
addition of numerous illustrations consisting of original figures,
micrographs and disease symptoms.

 Many of the micrographs and illustrations of disease come from public
domain databases around the world plus private sites from which
copyright clearance has been obtained – making the site an archive of
microbiology teaching images
 Each section is linked to sites on the Internet

 Sections are also linked to sub-pages on our site in the form of pop-
up information boxes

 Terms with which the reader may not be familiar are linked to an on-
line medical dictionary

 Recently, the National Library of Medicine has put several genetics
and cell biology books on the web - the appropriate sections of those
books are being linked to the text in our book to give the reader further
Also included:
     Animations using Macromedia Flash
     Animations using Microsoft PowerPoint

    Molecular modeling files of proteins
       These use the Chime browser plug-in which is based on the
       RasMol program.
 Each of the 70 sections is in HTML format – click on chapter number
   Most sections of the book are accompanied by:
        PowerPoint slide files, mostly of use to faculty in other institutions
        Acrobat portable document files (pdf) as lecture notes
                                                        CHAPTER TEN
                                                        General Aspects of Bacterial Pathogenesis
BACTERIOLOGY                                            CHAPTER ELEVEN
CHAPTER ONE                                             CHAPTER TWELVE
The Prototype Bacterial Cell                            Streptococci
CHAPTER TWO                                             CHAPTER THIRTEEN
Classification and Identification of Infectious Agents Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococci
CHAPTER THREE                                           CHAPTER FOURTEEN
Nutrition, Growth and Energy Metabolism                 Neisseria and Spirochetes
CHAPTER FOUR                                            CHAPTER FIFTEEN
Cell Envelope, spores and Macromolecular                Anaerobes and Pseudomonas - Opportunistic Infections
Biosynthesis                                            CHAPTER SIXTEEN
CHAPTER FIVE                                            Mycobacteria, Corynebacteria and Legionella
Antibiotics - Cell Envelope                             CHAPTER SEVENTEEN
CHAPTER SIX                                             Zoonoses
Antibiotics - Protein Synthesis, Nucleic Acid Synthesis CHAPTER EIGHTEEN
and Metabolism                                          Bordetella and Haemophilus
CHAPTER SEVEN                                           CHAPTER NINETEEN
Bacteriophage                                           Mycoplasma and Uroplasma
CHAPTER EIGHT                                           CHAPTER TWENTY
Exchange of Genetic Information                         Chlamydia
CHAPTER NINE                                            CHAPTER TWENTY ONE
Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms                           Rickettsia
                                                  CHAPTER NINE
                                                  Cells involved in immune responses
                                                  CHAPTER TEN
                                                  Major histocompatibility complex
                                                  CHAPTER ELEVEN
IMMUNOLOGY                                        Response to antigen
                                                  CHAPTER TWELVE
CHAPTER ONE                                       Cell-mediated immunity
Innate (non-specific) immunity                    CHAPTER THIRTEEN
CHAPTER TWO                                       Immunoregulation
Complement                                        CHAPTER FOURTEEN
CHAPTER THREE                                     Immunization
Antigens                                          CHAPTER FIFTEEN
CHAPTER FOUR                                      Major histocompatibility complex - genetics and role
The structure and function of immunoglobulins -   in transplantation
antibodies                                        CHAPTER SIXTEEN
CHAPTER FIVE                                      Tolerance and autoimmunity
Classes of immunoglobulins: isotypes and          CHAPTER SEVENTEEN
allotypes                                         Hypersensitivity states
CHAPTER SIX                                       CHAPTER EIGHTEEN
The genetics of idiotypes                         Tumor immunology
CHAPTER SEVEN                                     CHAPTER NINETEEN
Antibody-antigen reactions and test for these     Immunodeficiencies
Antibody formation
                                                          CHAPTER TEN - PART TWO
                                                          CHAPTER ELEVEN
                                                          CHAPTER TWELVE
VIROLOGY                                                  Virus-Host Interactions
                                                          CHAPTER THIRTEEN
CHAPTER ONE                                               Influenza virus
Definitions, Classification, Morphology and Chemistry     CHAPTER FOURTEEN
CHAPTER TWO                                               Mumps, Measles
Virus replication Strategies                              CHAPTER FIFTEEN
CHAPTER THREE                                             Rubella
DNA Virus Replication Strategies                          CHAPTER SIXTEEN
CHAPTER FOUR                                              Parainfluenza-, Respiratory Syncitial- and Adeno- Virus
RNA Virus Replication Strategies                          CHAPTER SEVENTEEN
CHAPTER FIVE                                              Rotaviruses and Other Agents of Viral Gastroenteritis
Viral Genetics                                            CHAPTER EIGHTEEN
CHAPTER SIX                                               Hepatitis Viruses
Oncogenic Viruses                                         CHAPTER NINETEEN
CHAPTER SEVEN                                             Hepatitis
Human Immunodeficiency Virus                              CHAPTER TWENTY
CHAPTER EIGHT                                             Rabies and Other Vertebrate Zoonoses
Molecular Approaches to the Development of Viral Vaccines CHAPTER TWENTY ONE
CHAPTER NINE                                              Arboviruses and Other Zoonotic Viruses
Viral Chemotherapy                                        CHAPTER TWENTY TWO
CHAPTER TEN - PART ONE                                    Conventional and Unconventional Agents (Slow Viral
Enteroviruses                                             Diseases)
                                                          CHAPTER TWENTY THREE
PARASITOLOGY                               MYCOLOGY
CHAPTER ONE                                CHAPTER ONE
Intestinal and Luminal Protozoa            Introduction
CHAPTER TWO                                CHAPTER TWO
Blood Protozoa                             Actinomycetes
CHAPTER THREE                              CHAPTER THREE
The Molecular Biology of Trypanosomiasis   Yeasts
CHAPTER FOUR                               CHAPTER FOUR
Nematodes                                  Superficial Mycoses
CHAPTER FIVE                               CHAPTER FIVE
Cestodes                                   Filamentous Fungi
CHAPTER SIX                                CHAPTER SIX
Trematodes                                 Dimorphic Fungi


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