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					Bracebridge Ballpark - Stakeholders
Stakeholder’s Session 3: April 1, 2008

• Review Meeting 2 Minutes
• Review Findings to Date
• Present Preferred Park Concept
• Present 2 Building Concepts
• Discussion
• Q and A
Bracebridge Ballpark – Action Items
• Is a cycling lane/route feasible along Taylor
• Is it feasible to add a sidewalk to the Taylor
  Road overpass?
• Are there any storm water management issues?
• When to assess storm water management?
• Can we prepare a public newsletter with some
  concepts and information about the leachate etc.
  Be proactive.
• TSH confirmed Softball Canada Standards
Ballpark – Findings to Date
• MTO have not been able to provide
  drawings for overpass
• Stake holder comments generated
• Local forester available to inventory and
  assess forest resource
• Local timber framer wants to lead
  sustainable timber strategy
• MIII Funding Application successful!
Ballpark – Findings to Date
• Re-use of forest products could include:
  – Picnic tables
  – Flooring
  – Fences and railings
  – Structural components
  – Signage
  – Trellis, arbours etc.
  – Boardwalks
  – benches
Bracebridge Ballpark – CSA
• Confirmed the men’s and women’s diamond
  dimensions with Canadian softball and also
  checked the US and international standards.
• Canadian standards are:
  – Senior women: 220’ from home to outfield fence
  – Senior men: 225’ – 265’ from home to outfield fence
  – 25’ from home plate to the backstop
• The Canadian standards are consistent with the
  US and international.
Ballpark – Findings to Date
• Comments from Ball Park Users (ladies league
  and some from men’s slowpitch and fast ball):
• all comments received preferred the star or
  wagon wheel approach given the close proximity
  of the diamonds
• more of a community feel, closer
• all together as a group, unified
• easier to run tournaments, for people to easily
  access all diamonds
• ok with a slight change in elevation
• unique (re: lay of land)
Ballpark – Findings to Date
•   have a very slight separation between diamonds
•   more “community” if in close proximity
•   good and maintained bleachers
•   good size hub area with good size covered
    meeting area in the middle of the diamonds
•   style is more family oriented
•   close is better
•   good layout for bldg/hub, central pt/location
•   parking – good location
Ballpark – Findings to Date
• good layout for room & close for interaction
• good layout for tournaments
• good for league play (all leagues including
  kids), can see and watch all players (ie if a
  parent is playing can see child who is
  playing-this wouldn’t work is diamonds
  separate, or if even one is separated)
• functionality is good with either of these
• good for sun and fits well
Ballpark – Findings to Date
• fields around a centre hub is best for
  spectators and players
• gives better options for parking – to far
  away for diamonds that are spread out
• easy access to all diamonds
• separate diamonds – too far apart
Ballpark – Findings to Date
• appears could work with sun
• accessibility/barrier free is important
• sidewalk to the park is important (&
  appropriate public transportation)
• important all recognize the value and
  importance of this facility – new state of
  the art facility can attract many
  tournaments that town (C&R & eco
  development should be involved with)
50 m
Preferred Park Plan
Preferred Park Plan
             Park Building

Tents and           Central Hub and
Free Space          Shade Structure

Picnic Pavilion
Next Steps
•   Complete Conceptual Design Report
•   Revise Cost Estimation
•   www content and Public Meeting
•   Confirm Preferred Design
•   Approve Phase 2: Contract Package
•   Detailed Design
•   Tender
•   Construction