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					     2000/2001 SSRL Users’ Organization Executive Committee Ballot
   The SSRL Users’ Organization Executive Committee represents the scientific user community to the SSRL
    administration, the SSRL Science Policy Board and the DOE in matters of operation, policy and
   Members serve a two-year term.
   Members are elected by the SSRL user community via majority vote.

                            Present Committee - Continuing Members
    Name                    Institution            Field                            Type           Office
    Paul Alivisatos         U.C. Berkeley          Materials/Chemistry              University
    Pat Allen               LLNL                   Environmental/Geosciences        Gov't. Lab     Ex-Officio
    Corwin Booth            LBNL                   Materials/Chemistry              Gov’t. Lab
    Bruce Clemens           Stanford Univ.         Materials/Chemistry              University     Chair
    Paul Foster             U.C. San Francisco     Macromolecular Crystallography   University     Vice-Chair
    Marilyn Olmstead        U.C. Davis             Macromolecular Crystallography   University
    Bob Scott               Univ. of Georgia       Structural Molecular Biology     University

* graduate student

                                               Slate of Nominees
    Vote for 1 graduate student (any discipline), 1 environmental/geosciences representative, 1
        structural molecular biology and 1 macromolecular crystallography representative.
                                                                                    Institution     choice
    Name                    Institution            Field                            Type           with an X
    Susan Carroll           LLNL                   Environmental/Geosciences        Gov’t. Lab
    Nancy Hess              PNNL                   Environmental/Geosciences        Gov’t. Lab
    Satish Myneni           Princeton Univ.        Environmental/Geosciences        University
    Brad Tebo               U.C. San Diego         Environmental/Geosciences        University
    K. Christopher Garcia   Stanford Univ.         Macromolecular Crystallography   University
    John Peters             Utah State Univ.       Macromolecular Crystallography   University
    Glen Spraggon           GNF                    Macromolecular Crystallography   Res. Inst.
    Martina Ralle           Oregon Grad. Inst.     Structural Molecular Biology     University
    Vittal Yachandra        LBNL                   Structural Molecular Biology     Gov’t. Lab
*   Lipika Basumallick      Stanford Univ.         Materials/Chemistry              University
*   Ben Bostick             Stanford Univ.         Environmental/Geosciences        University
*   Dominik Schmidt         Stanford Univ.         Materials/Chemistry              University
* graduate student
                            PLEASE RETURN BALLOT BY OCTOBER 18, 2000 TO:

                                          SSRL User Research Administration
                                                  Fax: (650) 926-3600

                                                                                      2000/2001 SSRLUO-EC Ballot
Susan Carroll: Research expertise is experimental and field investigations of equilibrium- and kinetically-controlled water-
rock interactions. For the past 8 years she has used synchrotron-based X-ray absorption spectroscopy to determine the
local coordination and bonding of heavy metals to mine drainage and estuary sediments and of Sr to pure minerals

Nancy Hess: Actinide and Trace Metal Geochemistry Group, Biogeochemistry Department, at PNNL. Her research focus
is environmental geochemistry and radiation effects in waste materials. She has specialized in the speciation of actinides
and trace metals and the structural investigation of solid phases over a range of length scales using molecular
spectroscopic methods such as XAS, diffuse x-ray scattering, vibrational and fluorescence spectroscopies.

Satish Myneni: Assistant Professor at Princeton University, and conducting hard and soft X-ray spectroscopy on
geochemical and environmental systems.

Brad Tebo: Brad Tebo: Microbiologist at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (UC San Diego) with research expertise in the
molecular genetics and biochemistry of manganese oxidizing bacteria. Synchrotron-based studies (XAS and XRD) have
focused on the mechanisms of bacterial Mn oxidation and manganese oxide biominerals.

Macromolecular Crystallography
K. Christopher Garcia: Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, and Structural Biology at Stanford
University. Conducts structural and functional studies of cell-surface receptor/ligand complexes relevant to human health
and disease. Reliant on synchrotron radiation for macromolecular crystallography of large, multi-protein complexes.

John Peters: An Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Utah State University. His research interests deal mainly with
investigating the biochemical mechanism of reactions catalyzed by enzymes that contain transition metals. In this pursuit,
synchrotron radiation is being used for the determination of new enzyme structures and structures of enzymes poised in
various defined intermediate states.

Glen Spraggon: Staff Scientist at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF). Uses synchrotron
radiation for research focused on structural genomics: primarily in the development and application of techniques for high-
throughput determination of protein structures by X-ray crystallography and the utilization of this information in biomedical

Structural Molecular Biology
Martina Ralle: Research Scientist at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology in Portland, Oregon.
Research focuses on the spectroscopic characterization of metal containing biomolecules. Past and present activities at
SSRL include X-ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS) and X-ray powder diffraction.

Vittal Yachandra: Research Scientist in the Structural Biology Department at LBNL. His research interests focus on X-ray
absorption spectroscopy studies of metalloproteins, specifically the photosynthetic oxygen evolving complex. He also uses
other spectroscopic methods in his research.

Lipika Basumallick: Graduate student in the Chemistry Department at Stanford University. Research includes the use of
core and valence photoelectron spectroscopy as a probe to define electronic structure of iron centers in biological electron
transfer sites. The primary objective is to correlate electronic structure to redox properties.

Ben Bostick: Graduate student in the Geological and Environmental Sciences Department at Stanford University.
Research at SSRL involves a study of structural environments of ions sorbed on the surfaces of geologic materials.
Reaction mechanisms and the redox transformations of these surface species and minerals in response to changing
environmental conditions are of particular interest.

Dominik Schmidt: Graduate student in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University studying thin film
semiconductor detectors using nano-EXAFS.

                                                                                            2000/2001 SSRLUO-EC Ballot
2000/2001 SSRLUO-EC Ballot

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