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									 Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church
                                 August 29, 2010
                      Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Parish Clergy                                                          Sunday Mass Schedule
Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Coyle, Pastor                                     Saturday: 5:00 PM, 8:00 PM (Spanish)
                                                                       Sunday: 7:00 AM, 8:30 AM (Portuguese)
Rev. Tomaz Gomide, Associate Pastor                                             10:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 7:00 PM
Rev. Gabriel Miah, Associate Pastor
                                                                       Daily Mass Schedule
Deacon Brian J. Mannix
                                                                       Monday Through Saturday
Deacon John C. Reinhart                                                7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM

     Pastor Emeritus                                    Rectory Office                             Parish Outreach
  Rev. James C. Bowman                                155 Garfield Ave.                       Telephone (516) 248-4858
                                                     Mineola, N.Y. 11501                    Director - Mrs. Nuria Campos
                                                  Telephone (516) 746-1223
    Clergy In Residence                              Fax (516) 294-5311
                                                                                                Religious Education
                                                                                              Telephone (516) 294-0631
                                                Hours - Monday through Friday
    Hospital Chaplains                                                                           Fax (516) 294-0352
                                              9:00 AM - Noon, 1:00 PM - 8:30 PM            Director - Mrs. Ursula Bordonaro
    Rev. Ethel Anarado                          Saturdays - 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  Rev. Polycarp Nnajiofor                        Sundays - 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM                       Music Ministry
                                                                                              Telephone (516) 746-3582
                                                         Parish School                        Director - Mr. Troy Gordon
           Retired                                 Telephone (516) 746-2966                    Portuguese Ministry
Rev. Msgr. Eugene F. Murphy                           Fax (516) 739-3363                     Telephone (516) 746-1223
Rev. Msgr. Edward L. Tarrant                    Principal - Mrs. Susan Anaischik         Coordinator - Mrs. Carolina Macedo

Confessions                                                 Marriages
Saturday: 4:00 - 4:45 PM                                    Registered members of our Parish who wish to be married
and by appointment.                                         in Corpus Christi should contact the rectory office at least six
                                                            months in advance of the wedding date to make arrangements.
Portuguese (1st and 3rd Sundays) 1:00 PM                    Devotions
English (2nd and 4th Sundays) 1:00 PM                       Miraculous Medal Novena, Mondays after 8:00 AM Mass. Check
Spanish (1st Sunday of the Month) 1:30 PM                   bulletin for various special devotions during the year.

Visits To The Sick                                          Those who wish to become Roman Catholic should contact
Priests and extraordinary ministers regularly visit those   Coordinator, Sr. Therese Ezelius, O.P., at the rectory.
confined to home, to administer the sacraments.
Please call the rectory to make arrangements.               New Parishioners are requested to register with the rectory office.

           You Together Are My Body.
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time                  Corpus Christi Church                                August 29, 2010

                         PARISH MISSION STATEMENT
              Formed by the Word of God, and nourished by the Eucharist, we strive through
              prayer, education and service to manifest God’s transforming love in the world,
                    as we work together to become, what we proclaim ourselves to be,
                              CORPUS CHRISTI, THE BODY OF CHRIST.

                                                             STEWARDSHIP CORNER
Monday, August 30, 2010
                                                                  Sharing Time, Talent and Treasure
     7:00    AM      Marie O’Reilly
     8:00    AM      Kim Sing Dee                        In the Gospel today, Jesus warns us not to give
     9:00    AM      Catherine Sita                      in hopes of repayment, but to give open-
Tuesday, August 31, 2010                                 handedly to the poor and needy. That sort of
      7:00   AM       Encarnacao Silva                   giving mirrors the bountiful giving of God, and
      8:00   AM       Lucy Lara                          Jesus assures us it is blessed indeed!
      9:00   AM       Angelina Posillico
                                                         The collection for August 21 / August 22 = $10,768
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
      7:00   AM    Deceased Members of the               The collection last year at this time = $12,098
                    Bartscherer Family
      8:00   AM    John de Almeida                       The Mass attendance for August 21 / August 22 = 900
      9:00   AM    Hon. William Dempsey
Thursday, September 2, 2010
      7:00    AM     Antonio & Gracinda DaSilva
      8:00    AM     Cesar & Mariana Barroca
      9:00    AM     Bernard Maggio
Friday, September 3, 2010 – St. Gregory the Great        Please remember the sick in your daily prayers,
        7:00  AM       Joaquim & Jesusa de Sousa         including the following who have asked to be
       8:00   AM       Terrance McGarvey                 included in our list:
       9:00   AM       Nora Turner                       Patrick Boland, Lillian Brecher, John Cosenza,
Saturday, September 4, 2010                              Manuel DaPonte, Tammy Fox, Ronald Fox, Patricia
       7:00 AM       Catherine Pryor                     Gadaleta, Sue Krebs, Jeanne Lazar, Marguerite
       8:00 AM       John Buzek, Jr. –                   Leahy, Judy Marsh, Errol Matzelle, Helen Melvin,
                     Birth Remembrance                   Kevin John Mulderrig Jr., Pat Rooney, Jo Ann Russo,
       9:00 AM       Deceased Buried from Corpus         Geraldine Schramm, Lorraine Verdade and any other
                     Christi in July 2010 (See Page 4)   members of our parish who are sick at this time.
       5:00 PM       Elizabeth Cox
                     Michaelina Brown
                                                         Requests to have a name added to this list should be made
                     Deborah Ann Capps
                                                         with the rectory secretary, by phone or in person, Monday
                     Brendan Smith
                                                         thru Friday, during normal business hours.
                     Carmella Murphy
                     Claisde Leverille - Living
Sunday, September 5, 2010 – 23rd Sunday
        7:00 AM      Virginia Spae
       10:00 AM      Edward Fronckwicz
       11:30 AM      People of Corpus Christi Parish
         7:00 PM      Rosa Gomes & Adelio Martins
                                                                  Michael J. Sullivan, John C. Eisele,
                                                                           Ralph G. Innella

                                                                                           416 – Corpus Christi – Page 1
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time                 Corpus Christi Church                             August 29, 2010

      IMPORTANT PARISH                                      CORPUS CHRISTI PARISH
     TOWN HALL MEETING                                     MEMORIALS BREAD & WINE
On Wednesday, September 15th at 1:00pm, (program
repeated at 7:30pm), Corpus Christi Parish will
conduct an open forum at which parishioners are
invited to share their thoughts and ideas concerning
the future of our parish. Please plan on joining the
clergy of our parish at one of these two Town Hall
                                                              Saturday, September 4, 2010 – 9:00 AM
                                                                   In Loving Memory of
        First Friday Adoration                                Catherine Pryor – 8th Anniversary
                                                                Requested by Her Husband, Joseph
Beginning in September, First Friday Adoration will
immediately follow the 9am Mass. Adoration will
conclude with Benediction at 10am. This will offer a
greater opportunity for members of the parish to               A VOCATION AS A DEACON
spend time in prayer in thanksgiving before the
Blessed Sacrament. The recitation of the rosary and                      An afternoon of Discernment
quiet time will offer a wonderful expression of praise                   will be conducted at the
to our Lord.                                                             Seminary of the Immaculate
                                                                         Conception, Huntington, New
             Parish Outreach                                             York, on Sunday, September
                                                                         12th, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM, for
The Outreach Office is located in the Lower Church.      men and their spouses, who believe God might
Please use the outside stairs to enter. The Outreach     be calling them to the diaconate. For more
Coordinator is Mrs. Nuria Campos and the Office          information or to sign up, please contact the
phone number is 516-248-4858.                            Office of Deacon Formation: 631-424-8360 or
Pantry Needs: Kindly help our families when you go In addition, both Deacon
food shopping. Presently we need: Cereal (hot or         Brian Mannix and Deacon John Reinhart are
Cold), sugar, mayo and cooking oil. FYI: Because of      available to speak with anyone interested in
health regulations we cannot accept opened food          learning more about the diaconate.
commodities. A good rule of thumb when deciding to
donate provisions for the pantry is simply, “would I
like to eat this?” We cannot accept outdated food.                   Gennesaret Retreat
                                                         Gennesaret Retreat for those facing serious illness. A
      The Mineola High School                            retreat especially designed for persons who live with a
       Quarter Century Club                              serious illness is planned September 24th, 25th, 26th,
                                                         2010 at Montfort Spirituality Center in Bay Shore,
The Mineola High School Quarter Century Club             NY. This retreat offers a respite, a quiet time, an
Alumni Foundation 72nd Annual Reunion, Jericho           oasis, to enable one to continue the journey. The
Terrace, 249 Jericho Tpke., Mineola. Saturday,           retreat focuses on God’s love, His forgiveness, and
October 9, 2010, from 2:00 – 6:30pm. Welcoming           His faithfulness.      To register or receive more
the class of 1985, 1980, 1975, etc. For more             information about this weekend, please call: Colette
information go to                  Fanelli (631) 665-7052.
                                                                                       416 – Corpus Christi – Page 2
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time                  Corpus Christi Church                              August 29, 2010

                                                               ATTENTION: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                                                          Teachers, substitute teachers, teacher assistants and
Catechist Meetings                                        office aides are needed to assist in our Religious
It’s that time again: Welcome Back!                       Education Program in September 2010.
Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010 – Grades 6-7-8                   Specifically there are teachers needed for:
7:00 p.m. – School                                        Grade 6      in-school    7:30pm Tuesdays
Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010 –                                 Grade 7      in-school    6:00 & 7:30pm Tuesdays
Grades 1-5 & Intermediate Classes                         Grade 8      in-school    7:30pm Tuesdays
7:00 p.m. – School                                        Grades 1-8   one-on-one   Children with special needs
                                                          Please call the Religious Education Office as soon as
Registration for the Religious Education Program          possible for more details at 516-294-0631.
Parent/s may register first graders and all new
students during the week of September 6th. An
original copy of the student’s baptismal certificate                 VIRTUS TRAINING FOR ALL
MUST be presented at the time of registration. All                     PARISH VOLUNTEERS
other new students may also register at this time. Call   All those in any ministerial capacity in Corpus Christi
the Religious Education Office at 516-294-0631 for        Parish who have not already attended are cordially
more information.      Daytime classes begin on           invited and strongly encouraged to attend the diocesan
Thursday, September 16, 2010. Evening classes             program entitled Protecting God’s Children (VIRTUS),
begin Tuesday, September 28, 2010.                        which will be presented in September at Corpus Christi.
                                                          It will be facilitated by Dr. Monica Homer on
                  Registration for
                                                          Wednesday, September22, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in
         Confirmation Preparation Program                 Fitzgerald Hall in the basement of the Church.
Registration for the Confirmation Preparation
Program will take place on Tuesday, September 14th        This program is being offered to ensure compliance with
at 7:30 p.m. in the Church. Parents of our eighth         the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops
grade students who would like to register their           Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
children for the preparation program are asked to         and the Diocesan Child Protection Policies. Protecting
                                                          God’s Children educates and trains all adults about the
attend. The evening will begin with a prayer service
                                                          dangers of abuse, the warning signs of abuse, ways to
in the Church. Kindly note that a parent must register
                                                          prevent abuse, and the methods for properly reporting
each child before he or she will be placed into a         suspicions of abuse.
preparation class. Students must attend with their
parents.                                                  Please be aware that the Diocese of Rockville Centre
                                                          requires that all diocesan and parish personnel and
Catechetical Sunday                                       volunteers who have any contact with children and
On Sunday, September 19th at the 10:00 a.m. Mass,         young people attend this program and stay for its
our parish catechists will be blessed. All are invited    entirety.
to attend.                                                Please call the Rectory (746-1223) if there is a question
Grade 6 Bible Ceremony and Parent Meeting                 or if further clarification is needed.
All sixth graders and their parents are invited to
participate in the Bible Ceremony, which will be held      BANNS OF MARRIAGE
at the 10:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, October 3, 2010.
The parent meeting will follow directly after Mass in     2nd Time:
Fitzgerald Hall in the basement of the church where       Robert Neff, Corpus Christi & Jennifer
requirements for the parish Confirmation program          Santos, Corpus Christi
will be discussed.
                                                          3rd Time
                                                          Jennifer Byrnes, St. Leo, Corona & Thomas
                                                          Brown, Corpus Christi
                                                                                         416 – Corpus Christi – Page 3
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time                   Corpus Christi Church                               August 29, 2010

The 9:00 AM Mass on September 4, is in honor                           Comunidad Latinoamericana
of the deceased buried from Corpus Christi in                             del Cuerpo de Cristo
July 2010:
                                                             XXII DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO
               James P. Gibbons                             MENSAJE BÍBLICO
                Virgínia C. Spae                            El punto de referencia de los textos bíblicos es la
                  Silvina Pais                              humildad. Es la actitud del hombre ante las riquezas
           Deborah Ann Capps Dryoff                         del mundo material o del mundo del espíritu (primera
                Marjorie E. Irace                           lectura). Es y debe ser la mejor actitud del hombre, y
               Salvatore J. Noto                            particularmente del cristiano, en las relaciones con los
                  Elise Kelly                               demás, en las diversas situaciones que la vida ofrece
              Lazaro José Pereira                           (evangelio) Y sobre todo, debe ser el comportamiento
                                                            propio del hombre con Dios, un comportamiento que
                                                            descubre la propia pequeñez en la magnanimidad de
                                                            Dios (segunda lectura).
  Twenty-Second Week of Ordinary Time                       ANUNCIOS DE NUESTRA COMUNIDAD
                                                            OREMOS EL SANTO ROSARIO
Sunday is the Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary
                                                            El Grupo Hijos e Hijas de María de Medjugorje, te
Time. We are encouraged to embrace humility. The
                                                            invitan a orar el Santo Rosario, el día Lunes 6 de
first reading from the Book of Sirach says it simply:
                                                            Septiembre de 2010, a las 7:30 p.m. “ La Virgen
“Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and
                                                            María es el camino hacia Jesús”
you will find favor with God.” In Luke's gospel is a
beloved story of Jesus saying, “do not recline at table     BAUTIZOS
in the place of honor” at a banquet. “For every one         La Charla Pre-Bautismal es el último Sábado del mes
who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who         a las 7:00 p.m., y la Ceremonia de Bautizo es el
humbles himself will be exalted.”                           Primer Domingo de cada mes a la 1:30 p.m. Se les
                                                            pide puntualidad. La Registración se hace en la
Friday is the Memorial of Saint Gregory the Great,          Rectoría de la Iglesia, con la Sra. Carolina Macedo.
pope and doctor of the Church.                              GRUPO CARISMATICO
On the Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time we              Ven y alabemos, cantemos y oremos a Jesucristo en
hear Wisdom marvel at God's ways. Paul writes to his        nuestras reuniones todos los Miércoles a las 7:30 p.m.
friend, Philemon, about Onesimus, his slave, who is         en el cuarto de reuniones de la iglesia Fitzgeral Hall.
now a convert and in prison with Paul. Paul asks that       GRUPO JUVENIL ‘DISCIPULOS DE JESUS
he be taken back as a son or a brother. In Luke's           Acuérdate de tu Creador en los días de tu Juventud,
gospel, Jesus just turns to tell the crowd that following   antes que lleguen los días malos, y los años que se
him will involve radical conversion and require that        acercan, de los cuales dirás: No espero más de ellos.
each person discern if they can prepare for the self-       Eclesiastes 12, 1. Nuestro grupo juvenil invita a todos
denial required.                                            los jóvenes a nuestras reuniones los Domingos a la
                                                            1:30 p.m., en el sótano de la Iglesia.
Dearest Jesus, be with me in this day. I can feel how       INSTITUTO DE FORMACION PARA LAICOS
much I long for a deeper connection with you, and yet       Las inscripciones comienzan el Miércoles 25 de
I am ashamed of my weaknesses. Touch my heart so            Agosto, 1o. y 8 de Septiembre de 7:00 p.m. a 9:30
that I might be open to your healing love.                  p.m., en la Iglesia Santa Brigida San Anthony Hall.
                                                            Mayor información llamar al (516)924-0041 ó al
Let me be open to all of those you put in my life today
                                                            (631) 356-1367. Las clases comienzan el Miércoles 8
and let me be aware of their needs and care for them
                                                            de Septiembre a la 7:00 p.m.
before I worry about my own. Give me an awareness
of the love that is already there for me and a                DIOS ES AMOR Y EL QUE SE MANTIENE EN EL
generosity of heart that allows me to share it with            AMOR SE MANTIENE EN DIOS Y DIOS EN EL
                                                                                           416 – Corpus Christi – Page 4
Twentieth–second Sunday in Ordinary Time        Corpus Christi Church                  Sunday, August 29, 2010

                                                         da igreja. Este é o cancro que destrói as nossas
Tomai o meu jugo sobre vós, diz o Senhor, e
aprendei de Mim, que sou manso e humilde de
(Lc 14,1,7-14 – XXII Domingo do Tempo Comum)                            CENTRO DE CATEQUESE

                  Tema do Domingo
                                                         Inscrição para a Catequese
                                                         Os pais interessados devem inscrever as crianças,
                                                         no Centro de catequese durante a semana do 6 de
                                                         Setembro. O Centro de Catequese está localizado
                     As leituras de hoje convidam-
                                                         no 2.º andar do prédio aonde estava a Escola
                     nos à humildade. Convidam-nos
                                                         Corpus Christi. Lembramos de que a preparação
                     a reflectir e a dar conta de que
                                                         para a Primeira Comunhão é de 2 anos e
                     tudo aquilo que somos é um
                                                         normalmente começa no mesmo ano em que a
                     presente de Deus. Dele provêm
                                                         criança vai para a primeira classe da escola. As
                     a vida, a beleza, a força, a
                                                         pessoas com dificuldade de se comunicarem em
inteligência, as qualidades que temos. É insensato
                                                         Inglês, podem fazer a inscrição com a Sra. Macedo,
quem ostenta as qualidades que recebeu para se
                                                         na reitoria. No momento da matrícula, precisamos de
confrontar e para se impor às outras pessoas. Os
                                                         uma cópia da Certidão de Baptismo da criança.
dons de Deus foram-nos dados para que deles
façamos dom aos irmãos.
     A primeira leitura diz-nos que humilde é quem –     A SRA. MACEDO VOLTA AO HORÁRIO NORMAL
bem consciente dos próprios dotes, aptidões,             Em Setembro, depois do fim-de-semana do
capacidades – se põe ao serviço de todos, considera      “Labor Day” a Sra. Macedo volta ao seu horário
as outras pessoas como os patrões que lhe podem          normal:
pedir ajuda quando necessitarem. A pessoa humilde        Quinta-feira das 9:00 da manhã às 3:00 da tarde,
é quem estabelece relacionamentos que dão                Sábado das 10:00 às 2:00 da tarde
felicidade, que acabam com o egoísmo, com a              Domingo das 9:30 da manhã às 12: 30.
competição, com a ostentação e introduz no mundo
o princípio novo da troca gratuita dos dons de Deus.
                                                             ALMOÇO E BAILE ANUAL EM BENFÍCIO DA
     Na segunda leitura aparece um confronto entre a
                                                         IGREJA DA RESSURREIÇÃO EM FARMINGVILLE
religião antiga, representada pelo monte Sinai, e a
                                                         Promovido pelos paroquianos portugueses
religião cristã, que tem como símbolo a nova
                                                         Domingo: 12 de Setembro
Jerusalém. No tempo antigo haviam muitos
                                                         Lugar: Clube Português de Framingville
mediadores entre Deus e o povo: os sumos-
                                                         Hora: 1:00 da tarde
sacerdotes, os levitas, o sinédrio, os anciãos. Hoje,
                                                         Preço: $40.00 Por pessoa
os cristãos sabem que podem dirigir-se directamente
                                                         Todos estão convidados. Para marcar reserva é
ao Pai, sem nenhuma reserva e sem medo. O único
                                                         favor falar com a Sra. Macedo, durante as horas de
mediador é Cristo, que não procura servos, mas
                                                         serviço. # 746-1223.
     O Evangelho continua o tema da primeira leitura
sobre a humildade. É em especial aos “chamados” –        AVISO: Sras. Americanas estão a fazer uma
que são todos aqueles que ocupam um lugar de             sondagem para ver se vale a pena formar um
relevo na comunidade cristã e que por vezes              grupo, aqui na igreja, para passar tempo livre
aspiram aos primeiros lugares – que Jesus se quer        a bordar ou a fazer croché, num ambiente de
dirigir neste Evangelho. Jesus não pede para recuar      camaradagem        e      oração.    Pessoas
dois ou três lugares, mas para inverter as posições,     interessadas podem dar o nome à Sra.
para virar a escala de valores. Só quem escolhe,         Macedo.
como fez Ele, o lugar de servo, será exaltado
durante o último banquete, o do Reino de Deus.
Dentro da igreja, todos deveriam servir, mas, na                  MISSAS DURANTE A SEMANA
prática, há sempre quem aspire a títulos honoríficos,    Quinta-feira, 8:00 PM + Rosalina da Silva
se encha de orgulho e chegue a transformar até           + Raul Pereira Luísa Cerqueira Pereira
mesmo a Eucaristia numa ocasião de auto                  + Joaquim Gonçalves + António Gonçalves
celebração. Este continua a ser o eterno problema

                                                                                   416 – Corpus Christi – Page 5
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                                                                                                                                          595 Stewart Avenue, Suite 550 • Garden City
 142 Mineola Blvd., Mineola • 516-248-7883                                                      241 Mineola Blvd.

  416 Corpus Christi, Mineola, NY (i) (UPS)                                                   John Patrick Publishing Company, Inc. (800) 333-3166 •
                                                                                          JOSEPHINE DALY                                   Fogarty, Felicione & Duffy, P.C.                SCHEURER MONUMENTS
                                                                                                                                                                                              Est. 1855 - Open 7 Days
                                               ~SAME DAY SERVICE~
                                                                                             OPTICIAN                                           ATTORNEYS AT LAW                           23 Post Ave., Westbury, NY 11590
                                                                                                  Prescriptions Filled                                                                          (Opposite Holy Rood Cemetery)
Italian Seafood & More                   SUEDES & DRAPES A SPECIALTY                              Personal Attention                          185 Willis Avenue                                   Serving All Cemeteries
    2370 JERICHO TURNPIKE                MINEOLA’S FAVORITE CLEANERS                   249 Wardwell Rd., Mineola                            Mineola     747-7500                                Monuments, Lettering & Mausoleums
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Repair & Cleaning
  GARDEN CITY PARK, NY 11040            300 JERICHO TPK. • MINEOLA 746-0823            746-3782 Member of Parish                                           Kevin & Colleen Hanrahan    333-0251
      T: (516) 739-0505
                                        Gallagher, Walker, Bianco & Plastaras        Stuart S. Rubin, DDS, PC
        F: (516) 739-1117
 Email:                     Attorneys At Law                      All Phases of General Dentistry
                                                                                                                                                                                           Family Dental Care
 Website:                                                                    230 Mineola Blvd.                                                                            Eugene Simons D.D.S
                                           Robert J. Walker, Esq.                                                                                                                          General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Open 7 Days a Week for Lunch & Dinner
                                            98 Willis Avenue, Mineola                                     Mineola
   Enjoy Our Price Fixed Specials                                                                                                                                                            331 Willis Ave., Mineola
 On & Off Premise Catering Available         516-248-2002                                                   248-3623                              Auto Mechanic                                      746-5050
 Parites Are Our Specialty                                                                                                                      Insurance Claims                            INTEREST FREE PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE
  ...In Our Spacious Party Room                                      OZANAM HALL Of Queens Nursing Home, Inc.
                                                                                                                                          79 Herricks Road, Garden City Park                          Office Hours:
          Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
                                                                                         (718) 971-2620
                                                                     42-41 201st Street, Bayside NY 11361                                                                                     Monday 10-7pm • Tuesday 11-8pm
                                                                  Successfully Served by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged
          Business Lunches
            Anniversaries                                          and Infirm (dedicated to specialized geriatric care since                   516-294-0852                                   Wednesday 11-8pm • Thursday 10-7pm
                                                                                                                                                                                               Friday 10-6pm • Saturday 9-2pm
          Retirement Parties                                      1929) welcomes the opportunity of providing Short-term                                                                     Participating Provider for Most
               Reunions                                           Rehabilitation and Long-term Care to all members of the                    10% Disc. With This Ad                                  Insurance Plans
          Rehearsal Dinners                                        community. Should you or your loved one be hospital-
                                                                                       ized and in need                                                  A. BORRA
  Bridal Showers, Corporate Events
           Birthday Parties                                                of our care, please remember to request:                                      Electric, Inc.
            Baby Showers                                                                                                                    ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS
                                                                                  Ozanam Hall where...                                    “Serving All Your Electrical Needs Since 1945”
         Graduation Parties                                                     “the difference is love!”
         Holiday Gatherings                                                               Equal Opportunity Housing: Most insurances       268 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola
             ...and more!                                                                      including Medicare/caid accepted.
                                                                                                                                               516-746-0083                                145 Hillside Ave. Williston Park

     Klein, Geier, Lipp, M.D., L.L.P.                                                                       PARK FUNERAL CHAPELS
                                                                                                              Generations of Dignified Personal Service
  Gastroenterology                      Internal Medicine                                              Vincent B. Lanza, Funeral Director
    Robert Klein, M.D.                     Rosa Pereira, D.O.                          2175 Jericho Tpke.                                                                                                516-747-4300
    Steven Geier, M.D.                       Hue Ly, M.D.
     Alan Lipp, M.D.                                                                                        RAISER & KENNIFF
                                                                                                                 A TTORNEYS                  AT     L AW
                                                                                                                  Elder Law
         300 Old Country Rd., Suite 31, Mineola                                              Medicaid Applications for Nursing Home & Home Care
                                                                                                          Veteran Owned Business                                                           Brakes • Steering • State Inspection
                        516-294-9380                                                1517 Franklin Ave., Mineola                                         516-742-7600                               All Major Repairs
                                                                                                                                                                                                A/C & Heating Service
                                                                                                                                             Dr. Mark Buthorn,Jr.
  mercy                                                                                                                                                                                       10% Parishioner Discount
                                                                                                                                                  PODIATRIST                                    on Any Work When You
        IS FOR ME                                                                                                                                  General Care & Surgery
                                                                                                                                                  House Calls-Ins. Accepted
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mention This Ad.
                                                                                                                                            300 Old Country Road, Mineola
                                                                                                    516-MERCY                                                                                   61 Willis Ave., Mineola
                                                                                                                                           747-8222 Member of Parish                              (2 Blocks South of the Church)

 Jeffrey S. Rein, D.D.S., F.A.G.D                                                                                               WEIGAND BROS., INC.
 Neal Seltzer, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.                                                                                                                Funeral Directors
                                                                                                            OUR FAMILY SERVING YOUR FAMILY SINCE 1949
 Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry                                                                                                    “Distinctive Funeral Service”
Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea                                                                                                            746-4484
                                                                                                   49 HILLSIDE AVE. (CORNER OF NASSAU BLVD.)
                          101 Hillside Ave., Suite A                                                       WILLISTON PARK, N.Y. 11596
                          Williston Park, NY 11596                                                           MINEOLA OPTICAL BOUTIQUE
                              Phone 516-741-6202                                                Serving the Mineola area for over 20 years
                                                                                                  We Fill All Prescriptions for                                                                        Glasses & Contact Lenses
                                                                                        Most Insurance Plans Accepted, Including Davis Vision                                                   Serving
    D. Reis       “Serving Our Customers Since 1960”                                        Eye & Contact Lens Exams Done on Premises                                                      Breakfast and Lunch
Fine Furniture and Architectural Woodwork                                                         Senior Citizen Discounts EVERY DAY                                                       TAKE OUT • FREE DELIVERY
327 Sagamore Avenue • Mineola, NY 11501   APPLIANCES & TV INC
                                                                                         Full Line of Brand Name Designer Frames & Lenses                                                       516-739-9600
Domingos Reis, President/Parishioner The Gentlemen of the Appliance Industry
         Tel: (516) 248-5676              294 Hillside Ave., Williston Park              330 Old Country Rd., Mineola • 516-248-5554                                                              Fax 516-739-9601
         Fax: (516) 746-5223                    516-248-6767                                Portuguese, Spanish, French & Italian Spoken                                                    106 East 2nd Street • Mineola

  Timothy J. Dalton                                 THOMAS F. DALTON Funeral Homes Inc.                                                                                                       (516) 354-0634
                                                           Your Local Family Owned Funeral Home Since 1924                                                                                       Fax: (516) 354-0472
 Licensed Funeral Director
                                                                      27-29 Atlantic Avenue, Floral Park, NY 11001                                                                          Chapels also available in
    New York & Florida                                               125 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
                                                                                                                                                                                             Levittown & Hicksville
                                                                      412 Willis Avenue, Williston Park, NY 11596
 416 Corpus Christi, Mineola, NY (b) (UPS)                                                       John Patrick Publishing Company, Inc. (800) 333-3166 •

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