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					VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

Pack 2, B2B (by Brock Stephenson with editing by Bruce Lin and Victoria Paterson)

Tossup Questions:

1) The founder of the city of Guelph, Ontario, he was the author of _The Ayshire
Legatees_ and _Lawrie Todd_. His son Alexander Tilloch was a father of Confederation,
while he himself is best remembered as an Upper Canada land agent. FTP, name this
historical figure what could be answered Jeopardy-style with an Ayn Rand question.

A. John Galt [accept “Who is John Galt”?]

2) Assistance in editing by d’Alembert helped this work achieve its undertone of
criticism of the existing society. Before the French Revolution, 25 thousand sets were
sold. Other contributors to this work of scientific, technical, and historical knowledge
included Buffon, Turgot, Quesnay, Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Voltaire. FTP, name
this 17-volume work edited by Denis Diderot.

A. The Encyclopedia or L’Encyclopedie (accept early buzz of “Diderot’s Encyclopedia”
or equivalents)

3) The title of his most famous work came while he was “lying drunk in a field in
Innsbruck.” This member of the Footlight Society at Cambridge is one of only two non-
Pythons to have writing credits with Monty Python. He also wrote for the _Doctor Who_
television series, but as a conservationist, recently wrote the book _Last Chance to See_.
FTP, name this author who created the hapless human Arthur Dent, hero of _The
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy._

A. Douglas Adams

4) Malvinder S. Parmar’s letter to the Canadian Medial Association Journal explains the
pressure applied by their band on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve causes the meralgia
paresthetica in the cases of three women. Symptoms caused by them were mistaken by
one patient for multiple sclerosis, while in two cases mild tenderness near the spine was
caused by these britches. FTP, name these low-riding tight pants that can be unhealthy if
worn too close around the namesake bone.

A. Hip Huggers (accept equivalents)

5) A passage describing love in a Ukrainian shtetl or Jewish village provided the title.
The 19-year-old author was in Vienna, during summer vacation from Princeton, to look
for the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis. The story tells of life in the
village of Trachimbrod from 1791 to its demise. Hired guide Alexander Perchov is the
narrator of the contemporary sections. FTP, name this 2002 novel that has a dog named
Sammy Davis, Junior, Junior, by New Yorker Jonathan Safran Foer.

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

A. _Everything Is Illuminated_

6) In 1849 it became a British Colony, long after it has first served as the home to the
Kwakiutl people. Its northern part is separated from continental North America by the
Queen Charlotte Strait. It is 460 kilometers long and has most of its population in the
southern part. FTP, name this largest island on the west coast of North America whose
cities include Port Alberni and Victoria.

A. Vancouver Island

7) John Ducey was among the first inductees. Located near Beachville, site of an 1838
game, its more famous members include George Selkirk, Lester Pearson, and Reggie
Cleveland. FTP, name this institution that did not vote in Pete Rose but has enshrined
Ferguson Jenkins and in 2003 Toronto’s World Series hero Joe Carter.

A. The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

8) This graduate of Burrard Inlet Bible Institute, and Dewberry High English teacher, was
born on Canada Day, 1952. She succeeded the Tory Member of Parliament in Beaver
Creek who passed away five days after the 1988 general election. In March 2000 she
became Leader of the Official Opposition, while the new Canad ian Alliance held a
leadership race. FTP, name this popular Edmonton biker who announced in March 2003
that she would not seek a fifth term in Parliament.

A. Deborah Grey

9) The Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve has been the setting of many of his fictional
works. In England, he studied to be a concert pianist under William Aide. He won the
Dora Mavor Moore prize for his play _The Rez Sisters_. FTP, name this First Nations
playwright noted for _Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing_ [kap-us-KAY-sing].

A. Tomson Highway

10) The work of Dr. Allan Dafoe in 1934 in the Ontario town of Corbeil, would lead to
this group writing the 1965 book _We Were Five_. They were the product of the work of
Elzire and his wife Oliva nine months earlier. FTP, give the collective name of Yvonne,
Emelie, Cecile, Marie, and Annette.

A. The Dionne Quintuplets

11) Jean-Cyril Spinetta said of it, “Never has such a beautiful object been designed and
built by man.” In 1967, 74 were optioned but only nine were ever purchased. Harvey
Weinstein was fined for smoking in the washroom of one and Diana Ross made headlines
in 1999 while trying to board one. They can each carry about 100 passengers at a speed
of over 2000 kilometres per hour, although flights were grounded for 16 months after a

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

July 2000 crash. FTP, name this aircraft that will be discontinued in October 2003 when
British Airways stops flying supersonic passenger jets.

A. Concorde

12) After Michael Umlauf did most of the actual conducting at its first showing, alto
soloist Caroline Unger stepped in to instruct a response to the applause that may have
occurred at the scherzo. Noted in Thomas Forrest Kelly’s _First Nights_, this thunderous
applause – unheard by the man it was meant for – took place on May 7, 1824 in Vienna.
FTP, name this work which in 1972 was adopted by the Council of Europe as the official
European Anthem.

A. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony or Ode To Joy

13) His first novel _Strange Fugitive_ was written around the time he graduated from
Osgoode Law School. Before that, he was a reporter for the Toronto Star, where he met
the American who inspired him to write his own autobiographical work _That Summer in
Paris_. On screen he has been portrayed by Robin Dunne and Gordon Pinsent, in the
same mini-series. A contemporary of F. Scott Fitzgerald who once boxed with Ernest
Hemingway, FTP, name this author known for _The Loved and the Lost_, “The Wedding
Dress,” and _They Shall Inherit the Earth._

A. Morley Callaghan

14) At the 1997 assembly of the Lutheran World Federation, he addressed delegates on
the protection of religious freedoms. Born in Shanghai in 1937, his family fled the
communists and he eventually went to work for General Electric in the United States,
before he returned home to lead his family’s business, Orient Overseas, which he took
over in 1982. FTP, name this man noted for his odes to Chinese values, who despite
recent protests against his rule, remains the chief executive of the Special Administrative
Region of Hong Kong.

A. Tung Chee-hwa

15) Rufinus and Justa are believed to be the parents of this man who connected with the
establishment of the Roman school of singing. Feasted on New Year’s Eve, he was the
first pope to acquire significant buildings for the Church, namely the Lateran Palace and
basilica. FTP, name this pope, elected in 314, who was the alleged recipient of the
Donation of Constantine.

A. Sylvester I or St. Sylvester

16) The 1972 People’s Party presidential candidate, three years earlier he had the Court
of Appeals for the First Circuit overturn his conviction on charges of conspiring to
counsel young men to avoid the Vietnam draft. One of his famous pieces of advice was
“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." FTP, name this American

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

pediatrician best known for his parenting tome entitled _The Common Sense Book of
Baby and Child Care._

A. Dr. Benjamin McLane Spock

17) Henry III offered his elder brother the office of bishop of Lucon, in repayment for
services rendered by his father. Taking his brother’s job, this man, who took his name
from the family estate began his rise through the church and the state. On his orders all
fortified castles not needed by the king were to be destroyed. FTP, name this advisor to
Louis XIII who paid Sweden to fight France’s enemies in the 30 Years’ War.

A. Cardinal duc de Richelieu or Armand Jean du Plessis

18) Home to the shield volcano Ra Patera, it is the most volcanically active body in the
solar system. It is fifth farthest from its parent planet, and Amalthea is one of the four
moons that are closer. The closest of the Galilean satellites to its planet, it has little or no
ice and is made mostly of rocky matter. FTP, name this moon of Jupiter that is named for
the mythological figure guarded by Argus when she was turned into a white cow to be
hidden from Hera.

A. Io

19) Remaining in the senate after resigning as Prime Minister, during his time in office
the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council ordered his government to act on the
Manitoba school dispute. While struggling with the Manitoba issue he also
unsuccessfully tried to bring Newfoundland into Confederation. FTP, name this leader of
the Orange Order who served as Conservative leader between the terms of John
Thompson and Charles Tupper.

A. Sir Mackenzie Bowell [BOH-uhl]

20) The largest fundamentalist Christian school in the world with about 5500 students, it
stresses the belief of absolute authority of the Bible. It is noted for its performances of
opera and Shakespeare and its production of Christian educational movies. About one
third of its students train for service as Christian leaders. Founded in Florida in 1927 it
relocated 20 years later. FTP, name this university located in Greenville, South Carolina
that caused a stir during the 2000 Republican primaries.

A. Bob Jones University or BJU

21) Inspiration for over 200 works by Picasso, it itself was inspired by a Marcantonio
copy of Raphael’s _The Judgment of Paris_. In 1863, because of its controversial
grouping, the Salon des Refuses rejected it. The woman in the background is bathing in a
river. A basket of food sits in the bottom left corner. The artist’s young brother Eugene
and brother- in- law along with Victorine Meurend were three of the four models. FTP,

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

name this impressionist work, depicting a picnic for two dressed men and two naked
women by Edouard Manet.

A. Luncheon on the Grass or Le Dejeune r sur l’Herbe

22) Home to South Luangwa National Park, where Africa’s first walking safaris took
place, it also contains the regions of the Copperbelt, the Kafue River Basin, and the
Bangweulu Swamps. Landlocked between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, it has
some rift valleys but is mostly on a plateau. FTP, name this country with its capital at
Lusaka that shares Victoria Falls with its geographical and alphabetical neighbour

A. Zambia

23) Its origins are discussed in James I. Matray’s _The Reluctant Crusade_. While Bruce
Cumings provides a revisionist view to those origins, Toland’s _In Mortal Combat_
emphasizes the military aspects. D.S. Suh produced a biography of the northern leader.
FTP, name this mid-20th century conflict, which led one participant with the pseudonym
Richard Hooker to produce a darkly humourous book that was turned into a movie, then a
TV series, all sharing the name M*A*S*H.

A. Korean War

24) In Ojibwa, Norval Morrisseau is a copper one. A friend and protector of human
beings, the Athapaskan peoples call him Adee and tell how he caused land to rise up
when he touched water with his wings. Artists Carl Ray and Morrisseau have painted
them. By blinking his eyes he could cause lightning. FTP, name this supernatural being
of Indian legend that on the Northwest Coast can be found at the top of totem poles.

A. Thunderbird

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

Bonus Questions:

1) Several quiz bowl packets has written questions about Canadian universities. For 10
points each, given a recycled clue, name the university being discussed:
(10) Pure Math, Applied Math, Combinatorics and Optimization and Computer Science
are departments in its Faculty of Mathematics. It is more widely known for the Maple
program and a Fortran compiler.
A. The University of Waterloo

(10) Granting the first degree to a woman in the British Empire, it tends to have a large
number of out of province students. In the Maclean’s rankings this Sackville school has
traditionally been the top ranked primarily undergraduate university.
A. Mount Allison University (accept “Mount A”)

(10) In February 2001, its website gave coverage to its highly talented quiz bowl team.
All that can be said is that it is not the University of Chicago.
A. Simon Fraser University [do not accept Frazier]

[Editor’s note: Hand the team “Visual Bonus Question, Pack 2 #1 by B2B.”]
2) Visual bonus. Take a look at these movie stills. Now, on a 5-5-10-10 basis answer
these questions about this matinee idol that some Canadians may refer to as an arsehole:
(5) For 5 points, what actor is in all of these photos.
A. Colin Farrell

(5) In Picture #1, Farrell stared in 2002 opposite Bruce Willis as this titular character.
A. Lieutenant Thomas W. Hart

(10) For 10 points, in Picture #2, Farrell plays this villain opposite Jennifer Garner and
Ben Affleck in _Daredevil_.
A. Bullseye

(10) In Picture #3, the movie is _Phone Booth_ and main character Stu Shephard, like
Farrell himself, gets around with the ladies. Name either of the actress who played Stu’s
love interests who are waiting for him outside the Phone Booth, where he is safe from
A. Radha Mitchell or Katie Holmes

3) 30-20-10. Name the person:
(30) He gave a load of rags and sponges to a mule to teach it not to try to lighten its load
by dipping its load in water as it had done when it was carrying water across a stream.

(20) One of the seven sages of Greece, he is credited with the propositions that the angles
at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal and if two straight lines cut one another the
vertically opposite angles are equal.

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

(10) This man was the founder of the earliest Greek school of mathematics and
philosophy, the Ionian school.
A. Thales

4) Name these mythological characters who figure in the labours of Hercules on a 5-10-
20-30 point basis:
a.) This queen of the Amazons was killed in battle by Hercules for her magical girdle.
A. Hippolyta

b.) This three-bodied monster, a resident of Erythia, and his herdsman Eurytion were
killed so Hercules could drive his herd of cattle back to Greece.
A. Geryon

c.) During one of his Peloponnesian labours, Hercules clubbed this invulnerable creature
and skinned it with its own claws.
A. The Nemean Lion

d.) This labour was one of the two that extended Hercules’s labours from a total of 10 to
12 as he was aided in killing this serpent by his nephew Iolaus.
A. Lernaean Hydra

5) The musical group Mother of Pearl recently released the album SheBOP! A Century of
Jazz Compositions by Canadian Women. Answer these questions about it for 10 points
(10) This Canadian women composed Canada’s other national anthem, the Hockey Night
in Canada Theme.
A. Dolores Claman

(10) Elizabeth Clarke composed this hit for Bing Crosby and Doris Day.
A. _There’s a Bluebird on Your Windows ill_

(10) Ruth Lowe composed _I’ll Never Smile Again_ and other hits for this Hoboken
A. Frank Sinatra

6) Answer these questions about the classic texts of the college classroom for 10 points
(10) First published in 1948, the one-word title of this Paul Samuelson work, now written
with William Nordhaus, has sold more than 3 million through a dozen editions.
A. _Economics_

(10) This work by James MacGregor Burns, J.W. Peltason, and Thomas E. Cronin, takes
its title from the words of Abraham Lincoln.

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

A. _Government by the People_

(10) R.R. Palmer, now written with Joel Colton and Lloyd Kramer, created this single-
volume work, which is used as an introductory text that has become popular with high
school Advanced Placement classes.
A. _A History of the Modern World_

7) Given the names of their paintings, name the Canadian artist on a 5-10-20-30 point
a.) _White Mud Portage_, _Winnipeg River_; _Fort Garry and Saint Boniface_;
_Chualpays Playing at Alcoloh._
A. Paul Kane

b.) _The Jack Pine_; _The West Wind_; _In the Northland_.
A. Thomas John (Tom) Thomson

c.) _Steamer Arriving at Nanaimo_; _Comox Valley._
A. E.J. Hughes

d. _Totem Poles_, _Kitseukla_; _The Red Cedar_; _Big Raven._
A. Emily Carr

8) Gee, I wonder what their highest mountains are? On a 5-10-20-30 point basis, given a
country, name its highest point for 10 points each:
a) Great Britain.
A. Ben Nevis

b) Greece.
A. Mount Olympus

c) Guinea.
A. Mount Nimba

d) Georgia, the country, not the U.S. state.
A. Mount Shkhara
[Moderator: The state of Georgia’s highest point is Brasstown Bald Mountain.]

9) Newbery Medal winners often become films. On a 5-5-10-10 basis, given the book
turned film, name the author of the book:
(5) This author created the 1999 winner _Holes_, a tale about the boys at a Texas juvenile
detention facility.
A. Louis Sachar

(5) Three children and Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Whatsit travel to another solar
system to rescue a parent and face down “It” in this author’s _A Wrinkle in Time._
A. Madeleine L’Engle

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

(10) This author’s story about a mouse that asks rats to move her sick child away from
danger was titled _Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH._
A. Robert C. O’Brien

(10) The author of a series about a young Assistant Pig-Keeper who gets caught in a
grand battle between good and evil in the swords-and-sorcery land of Prydain won for the
fifth book in the series, _The High King_.
A. Lloyd Alexander

10) Answer these questions about the writings of the late Leon Uris on a 5-10-20-30
point basis:
a. Uris’s best known work was this novel about the founding of Israel was turned into a
1960 Paul Newman film.
A. _Exodus_

b. Uris’s first novel, _Battle Cry_, and his posthumously released _O’Hara’s Choice_ are
about this branch of the U.S. military.
A. Marines or United States Marine Corps or U.S.M.C.

c. This spy thriller filled with French government espionage was turned into a 1969
Hitchcock film of the same name.
A. _Topaz_

d. Uris’s _Mila 18_, about a Warsaw Jewish uprising during World War II, caused this
author’s then unpublished book to change its titular number from 18 to 22.
A. Joseph Heller

11) Answer these questions about the Crusades on a 5-5-10-10 basis:
(5) In 1095, this pope preached the First Crusade to win back the Holy Land, but as a
benefit to his church, that Crusade would also take out some power- hungry nobles.
A. Urban II

(5) This canonized French king led the Seventh Crusade, a disorganized effort.
A. Louis IX or St. Louis

(10) During the Fourth Crusade, in exchange for transport from Venice to Egypt, the
crusaders agreed to help the Venetians attack this city, in present day Croatia.
A. Zara

(10) During the Sixth Crusade this Holy Roman Emperor negotiated a treaty with a
Muslim sultan that gave Jerusalem to the Christians.
A. Frede rick II Stupor Mundi or The Amazement of the World [Do not accept Frederick
the Great, who was Frederick II of Prussia.]

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

12) On a 5-5-10-10 basis, given a 2003 Pulitzer Prize winning work and the field in
which it won, name the author:
(5) _The Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson_, biography
A. Robert Caro

(5) _Middlesex_, fiction
A. Jeffrey Eugenides

(10) _An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-43_, history.
A. Rick Atkinson

(10) _Anna in the Tropics_, drama
A. Nilo Cruz

13) Answer these related questions for 10 points each:
(10) This 1920 Chemistry Nobel laureate, who won for his work in thermochemistry,
created an acoustic piano that sounds similar to an electric guitar with the companies
Bechstein and Siemens,
A. Walther Hermann Nernst

(10) This 1905 theorem of Nernst states the entropy change in a reaction between pure
substances approaches zero at absolute zero.
A. Nernst Heat Theorem or Third Law of Thermodynamics

(10) Finally, this describes, in an electrochemical cell, the concentration dependence of
the electromotive force.
A. The Nernst Equation

14) Some Canadian politicians are known for reasons other than their politics. For 15
points name these people who fit that description:
(15) A magician, he made an elephant disappear in an ad for the Natural Law Party. He
compared the elephant to the national debt.
A. Doug Henning

(15) Arrested in the British Columbia legislature for failing to meet the press dress code,
this Vancouver journalist and mayoralty candidate has also run for Member of the
Legislative Assembly under the Rhino Party label.
A. Brian Salmi or Godzilla

15) 30-20-10. Name the novel:
(30) A boat is named for the Nazi, Wilhelm Gustloff, who was gunned down by an anti-
fascist assassin in Switzerland.

(20) The narrator is a mediocre journalist and the father of a neo-Nazi. Both father and
son are reconstructing the events surrounding the torpedoing of a boat that carried the
journalist’s mother.

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

(10) This book by Gunter Grass uses a metaphor of scuttling backwards to move forward;
in it, the neo-Nazi shoots the Jewish Internet chat colleague who became his rival.
A. _Crabwalk_

16) Answer these questions about a Canadian city for the stated number of points:
(5) This prairie city, now a major distribution and air freight shipping centre, is noted for
the windiest intersection in Canada, located at Portage and Main.
A. Winnipeg

(5) This national historic site, the original site of Winnipeg, is at the junction of the city’s
two major rivers.
A. The Forks

(10/10) For 10 points each, name those two rivers, one which gave its name to the
namesake of the Winnipeg’s zoo, and the other which gave its name to a type of cart used
by westbound pioneers.
A. Assiniboine River and the Red River

17) Answer these related questions for 10 points each:
(10) In March 2003 this fashion designer was kicked out of a New York Knicks game for
his poor behaviour at courtside.
A. Calvin Klein

(10) Klein was booted soon after accosting this Knick forward who has had aggression
problems himself.
A. Latrell Spre well

(10) Name the team that played against the Knicks that night, a team that features a
player “Knick”- named the Junkyard Dog.
A. Toronto Raptors (accept either)

18) Not all Canadian football players are forgotten. Some make it to leagues other than
the CFL. Name these Canadians for 10 points each:
(10) A Kent State grad, his greatest contribution in the NFL was as a Falcon where he
began the tradition of the Dirty Bird touchdown dance. He has also played with Dallas
and Cleveland. In 2002 he was property of the Vikings.
A. O.J. Santiago

(10) Playing college at Washington State, this quarterback finished his NFL career with
Indianapolis in 2001 but is best remembered for an MVP performance in the Redskins’
win in Super Bowl XXVI.
A. Mark Rypien

(10) This Denver Broncos defensive end moved to Canada as a teenager, attended the
University of Washington, and then turned pro with Calgary of the CFL.

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

A. Harald Hasselbach

19) Since giving each Ford worker 100 beats is no longer an acceptable way to celebrate
the automaker’s anniversary, let’s instead answer these questions about the first century
of Henry’s car company for 10 points each:
(10) In 1928 after the discontinuation of the Model T, this more powerful and luxurious
Ford vehicle began production and continued until there were five million of them on the
A. Model A

(10) The start of 1990s marked the arrival of this Ford sport-utility vehicle that included
the XLT model.
A. Explorer

(10) This Aldous Huxley book pays tribute to the importance of Henry Ford by setting
the story in A.F. 632 – the six hundred and thirty second year After Ford.
A. Brave New World

20) Name these supporters of the New Democratic Party on a 5-10-20-30 point basis:
a. Voted best politician by the newspaper Burnaby Now in 2003, this Member of
Parliament was an advocate of the New Politics Initiative.
Svend Robinson

b. Supported by Robinson, this Toronto councilor became the national party leader in
early 2003.
Jack Layton

c. Ronna Martin and Harper Sloane have been among the roles played by this actress who
supports the NDP. She once lost some teeth protesting the Ontario government.
Sarah Polley

d. A former Saskatchewan Minister of Health, he became that province’s Premier in
February 2001.
Lorne Calvert

21) For 5 points each and a bonus five for all, name the states that border Massachusetts.
A. Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont

22) Answer these questions about turn of the century physics for 10 points each:
(10) This German physicist demonstrated in 1900 that quantums were the discrete and
specific units of emitted or absorbed energy.
A. Max Planck

(10) In 1913 this Danish physicist postulated an atom consisting of a nucleus of protons
surrounded by electrically charged units, called electrons.
A. Niels Bohr

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

(10) State the formula for Einstein’s famous theory of relativity.
A. E = mc2 [E equals mc squared.]

VETO V, 19 July 2003, Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

Visual Bonus Question, Pack 2 #1 by B2B

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3