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                                                     Books! The best VW titles on the market – see page 2
                                                              The Story of the
                                                             California Look VW                               SUPER BUS BOOKS!
                                                 The one you’ve been waiting for! The inside                                               VW Camper – The Inside
                                                 story of the California Look from the point of
                                                                                                                                           Story by David Eccles is the
                                                view of those involved back in the 1960s, ’70s
                                                                                                                                        definitive guide to VW Campers
                                                    and ’80s – great stories of street racing,
                                                                                                                                        over the years. It’s a must-have
                                                   partying and club activities back in the day.
                                                                                                                                       book for anyone wishing to restore
                                                     Almost 300 photos, most of which have
                                                                                                                                           their VW Camper interior!
                                                    never been seen before. A must-have for
                                                     all Cal Look enthusiasts! Our copies are                                                   £19.95 (+ £3.50 p&p)
                                                   personally signed by the author – just let us
                                                      know who to dedicate the book to.                                                            VW Transporter and
                                                       Fantastic value at just £14.95                                                                Microbus Vol 2
                                                + £2.00 p&p (UK) or + £4.00 p&p (Europe)                                                           1967–1979 is another
                                                                                                                                                 definitive work for lovers of
                                                Ovals Only Handbook                                                                             Type 2s . A comprehensive
                                                                                                                                                guide to specifications – you
                                        If you own are or thinking of buying an
                                                                                                                                                     can’t live without it!
                               Oval-window Beetle, this handbook is for you! It’s packed
                                  with invaluable information from America’s leading                                                                £19.95 (+ £3.50 p&p)
                                   expert! £10.95 each (+ £2.00 p&p) See page 2                                                                    Vol 1 Type 2 1950–1967
                                                                                                                                                    £14.95 (+ £3.00 p&p)

                                                                                                                                         PRA 2007 DVD
    DRAG-IN 2008 DVD                                   HOT VWs DRAG DAY 15 DVD                                                                            Three hours of action
                                                                                                                                                          from the PRA racers.
                                                                                The deb ut of the                                                         See Eric Calabrese set
                                                                                new Outlaw Tu r b o                                                       new records in the ‘Red
                                                                                class at Fontana’s                                                        Baron’ in the Pro Mod
                                                                                Drag Day 15 was                                                           class and the fastest
                                                                                mind-blowing, with                                                        side-by-side PRA pass.
                                                                                no fewer than 17                                                          Watch all the action in
                                                                                cars trying to                                                            the Super Street class
                                                                                                                                                          with Roger Crawford,
                                                                                qualify for an eight-                                                     Ron Fleming, Mike
                                                                                car field. The class                                                      Hunsaker and Steve
                                                                                was limited to VWs                                                        Tims and witness the
                                                                                with d r a w - t h r o u g h                                              first 9-second pass ever
                                                                                turbos (but no                                                            seen in this class.
                                                                                intercoolers) and                                                         £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)
                                                   engines with nitrous (but no EFI); ‘twin power
                                                   adders’, like running a turbo with nitrous, were                       Bob Tomlinson Tech Books
                                                   also outlawed.
                                                       Great value at just £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).

                                                                    See page 5 for more DVDs!

  Want to see what the quickest
  and fastest VW drag racers in the
  world look like in full flight? Look
  no further – this is the DVD for
  you! Sin ce th e Auto Cl ub
  Speedway at Fontana is the home
  track for many of the PRA drivers,                                                                                                                       Packed with
  this was th e biggest race car                                                                                                                           information!
  turnout of the year. Super Street
  was on fire, and there was a good                                                                                                                     Need to know more
  turnout of Pro Mod cars and the                                                                                                                       about Turbos, and
  Index classes.                                                                                                                                        Weber or Dell’Orto
           £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)
          See page 5 for more DVDs!
                                                          VW Maintenance DVDs                                                                          Tu rn to page 2 for
                                                             Turn to page 3 for full details!                                                             more details

Please note: It is now becoming more difficult to source products carrying the VW logo or images of the Beetle. As a consequence, some items in this catalogue may be in limited supply.
                                                                          BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!                                                      2
                          Please note: We
                          a re the only people
                          who can offer
                                                                   ‘The Aircooled VW Engine Interchange Manual’
                          Keith Seume’s          Written by Keith Seume. This book covers all the performance equipment available for the Beetle
                          books signed by        engine, with recommended usage – from mild road to all-out race. 146 pages and over 300 photos
                          the author – and       and diagrams. Buy from us, personally signed by the author! £16.95 (+ £3.00 p&p)
                          our postage &
                          packing costs are                                ‘VW Beetle New Custom Handbook’
                          usually lower than     Written by Keith Seume and packed full of information about buying your first Beetle, deciding what
                          others, too!           style you want to pursue and how to achieve it. Covers California Look, German Look, Bajas, Buggies,
                                                 Roadsters, Replicas and Resto-Cal. Also discusses engine tuning and suspension mods. The best
                                                 book ever written about Beetle styling! Signed by the author. New low price! £14.95 (+ £3.00 p&p)

                                                                        ‘The VW Beetle Performance Handbook’
                                                 Written by Keith Seume, this is the book to read if you are considering modifying your Beetle.
                                                 Covering engines, transmissions, suspension and braking systems, each chapter is split into three
                                                 categories: Mild Street, Fast Road and All-Out Street. This book is essential reading. Buy from us and
                                                 have yours personally signed by the author! £14.95 (+ £3.00 p&p)

                                                                          ‘New Beetle Performance Handbook’
                                                 Crammed full of information and loaded with great pictures, showing you how to upgrade and
                                                 modify your New Beetle, this book will appeal to owners and enthusiasts alike. Signed by the
                                                 author. Special offer – just £6.95 (+ £3.00 p&p)

                                                                                    ‘Ovals Only Handbook’
                                                 Do you own an Oval-window Beetle? If so, this handbook is for you! Details the history and parts
                                                 availability for this classic Volkswagen. A ‘must-have’ book! £10.95 each (+ £2.00 p&p)

                                                                                      ‘Dune Buggy Files’
                                                   A fantastic book from James Hale. Packed with info and amazing photos of Buggies past,
                                                               present and future! Special offer – just £7.95 each (+ £2.50 p&p)

                                                                               Hot VWs ‘Totally Tech’ Special
                                                 Hot VWs guide to floorpan repair, replacing luggage compartment shelf, fixing the clutch tube,
     Regret this is                              bodywork, handling and suspension, brakes (including disc upgrades), electrical basics (6 to 12 volt
     now sold out                                conversion and generator to alternator swap), interior upgrades and repair. £6.50 (+ £2.00 p&p)

                                                                            Hot VWs ‘California Look’ Special
                                                 A real piece of nostalgia! We have copies of Hot VWs magazine ‘California Look’ special from 1995.
                                                 Limited quantity only, so buy one before it’s too late! £6.50 (+ £2.00 p&p)

                                                                        ‘Weber Tech Manual and Tune-up Guide’
                                                 Invaluable reading for anyone with Weber carburettors (includes ICT, IDF, DFEV, and IDA models).
                                                 How to set them up and keep them in tune. All the right technical info for all VW and Porsche motors
                                                 using Weber carbs. £12.95 (+ £2.00 p&p). Now out of print, but we have some stock.

                                                                          ‘Dell’Orto Superformance Tech Book’
                                                 Essential reading for anyone with Dell’Orto carburettors (includes DRLA and DHLA models). How to
                                                 set them up, etc. £9.95 (+ £2.00 p&p). Now out of print, but we have some stock.

                                                 Bob Tomlinson’s excellent guide to turbocharging your VW engine. Now out of print, but we have
                                                 some copies available. New low price! £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)

                                                          ‘How to Keep your VW Alive – a guide for the compleat idiot’
                                                 John Muir’s classic book details every trick known to man on how to keep your Beetle, Bus or Type 4
                                                 going. Roadside fixes, servicing, engine building – it’s all here. Indispensable! New low price!
                                                 Just £14.95 (+ £3.50 p&p)

                                                                           ‘How to Restore Volkswagen Beetle’
                                                 The most complete guide ever to restoring a VW Beetle, written by Jim Tyler, an
                                                 acknowledged expert in the field. The book contains everything you need to know to rescue
                                                 your rusty Beetle! £27.50 (+ £3.50 p&p)

                                                                               ‘How to Modify Your VW Bus’
                                                 Full details of how to get the best from your Type 2, covering suspension, brake and chassis
                                                 upgrades. All models from 1950 to 1982. By James Hale £19.95 (+ £3.00 p&p)

                                                 STOP PRESS!! Keith Seume’s new The Story of the California Look VW                        book was
   PINSTRIPING MASTERS                                   published in November 2008. Call now to order your personally signed copy!
  Hints and tips, plus loads of examples,
from the experts. If you want to give your
  VW that hot-rod touch, this is for you!                                        SEE PAGE 1 FOR DETAILS
        £19.95 each (+ £3.00 p&p)
                                                            MAGAZINES & LITERATURE
                                                                       Hot VWs Magazine
                                We have many back issues of Hot VWs magazine. Please call us to check on our present stock.
                                1990s issues from £2 (+ £1.50 p&p). Earlier back issues are priced according to age and rarity.

                                We also have a large range of repro early VW literature – see us at a show or give us a call!
                                                       (See page 6 for picture of some of the brodhures)

                                                              VOLKSWAGEN T-SHIRTS
                                       All designs printed in the USA on best quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton T-shirts

                                NEW! Hot VWs magazine’s ‘40th Anniversary’ T-shirt. All-new design in seven-colour print.
                                Very few, so please check availability – L only . £14.95 (+ £2.50 p&p) (See pic top left)

                                Hot VWs magazine’s ‘Ride the Wave’ T-shirt All-new design in seven-colour print showing
                                Beetle Cabriolet at the beach with surfboards. Very few – M only. Just £12.95 (+ £2.50 p&p)

                                                                     BASEBALL CAPS
                                                  These are all good quality, low-crown 100% cotton hats.
                                Hot VWs magazine baseball hats. Beige, black or navy with Hot VWs logo. £10.95 (+ £1.50 p&p)
                                Flamed Hot VWs hat. Navy with Hot VWs logo on front and flames along each side. Cool!
                                £14.95 (+ £1.50 p&p) (See picture above left)

                                                VW & PORSCHE COLLECTORS’ MODELS
                                                      Hand-made in England for VW Collectibles
                                Beautifully finished, highly-detailed 1/92 scale pewter-look resin models at £5.50 each (+ £1.50 p&p)

                                AS1    Split-window Beetle
                                AS1a   Oval-window Beetle                                           AS12 Porsche 356 Coupé
                                AS1b   1960s’ Beetle (approx 1964)                                  AS12aPorsche 356 Speedster
                                AS2    Late-model (flat-screen) Beetle                              AS13 Porsche 550 Spyder
                                AS2a   VW Beetle 1303 Cabriolet                                     AS14 Porsche No1 prototype
                                AS3    Split-screen Bus                                             AS15 Porsche 914
                                AS4    Split-screen Bus with roof-rack & surfboards                 AS16 VW Golf GTI Mk1
                                AS5    Split-screen Camper with elevating roof                      AS17 Porsche 924
                                AS6    Bay-window Bus                                               AS18 Porsche 944
                                AS7    Bay-window Bus with roof-rack & surfboards                   AS19 Porsche 928
                                AS7a   Bay-window Camper with elevating roof                        AS20 VW Golf GTI Mk2
                                AS8    Volkswagen Type 4 411 4-door saloon                          AS21 New Beetle
                                AS9    Karmann Ghia Coupé                                           AS22 Porsche Boxster
                                AS9a   Type 3 (Razor Edge) Karmann Ghia coupé                       AS23 Porsche 2/4 Carrera
                                AS10   Karmann Ghia Cabriolet                                       AS24 Porsche 993
                                AS11   Porsche 911 (pre-’74 model)                                  AS25 Porsche 996
                                AS27   VW Type 3 Fastback (See picture above left)                  AS26 Type 25 Bus
                                                                                                    AS28 Bay-window Crew-cab
                                LATEST MODELS IN 1/92 Scale:
                                Type 25 Bus pewter-look model – great detail and one of the few models available of this popular vehicle.
                                Exclusive to VW Collectibles – £5.50 each (+ £1.50 p&p)
                                Bay-window Crew-cab pewter-look model – again, great detail and one of the few models available of
                                this sought-after vehicle. Exclusive to VW Collectibles – £5.50 each (+ £1.50 p&p)
                                Available in the same finish, but in the larger 1/32nd scale, is a superb Split-window Beetle at
                                £24.00 (+ £2.50 p&p)
   ▲ Autosculpt VW models       Also 1/43rd scale Type 4 412 Variant at £20.00 (+ £2.50 p&p)
                                1/32nd scale ‘NO MERCY’ PRO TURBO BEETLE drag racing model – fantastic detail! Each model
‘No Mercy’ drag race model! ▼   is individually cast and carefully assembled. Ideal Christmas or birthday present!
                                A real collector’s item! £34.95 (+ £3.50 p&p)
                                Beautiful approx. 1/22nd scale WHITE PORCELAIN SPLIT-WINDOW BEETLE, made in Germany.
                                Special offer price – Just £12.95 (+ £4.50 p&p)

                                                    Bug Me Maintenance DVDs
                                                            Note new low prices! Please add £2 p&p
                                Volume 1: General engine tune-up; brakes; clutch; a d j u s ting the valves, carb care, set timing, etc.
                                Volume 2: How to remove the engine and replace the clutch; fit new clutch cable, clutch release bearing;
                                main oil seal replacement etc.
                                Volume 3: The full engine rebuild! Strip down, check and rebuild the Type 1 engine (2hr 38min).
                                Volume 4: Brake system rebuild. The full story on how to get the best from your brakes.
                                Volume 5: Transmission replacement. Removing and replacing the gearbox in your Volkswagen; replacing
                                CV joints; rear oil seal replacement etc.
                                Volume 6: Complete how-to on removing and bracing the body and carrying out full floorpan repairs.
                                Volume 7: Heater channel replacement. Full details on how to carry out this tricky body repair!
                                Volume 8: Type 4 engine rebuild. How to strip-down, check and rebuild your Type 4 motor (3hr tape).
                                Volume 9: Full info on VW electrical system – how to rewire your Beetle.
                                Volume 10: Electrical Trouble-shooting – solve all of your electrical problems, plus 6v to 12v conversion.
                                Volume 1: £14.95         Volume 2: £14.95    Volume 3: £19.95           Volume 4: £14.95
                                Volume 5: £14.95         Volume 6: £14.95    Volume 7: £14.95           Volume 8: £19.95
                                Volume 9: £14.95         Volume 10: £14.95
                                            Schuco Limited edition 50 Years of the VW Transporter. Five vehicle set comprises De Luxe Bus,
                                            Police Bus, and three sign-written Transporters in heavy die-cast metal, together with Schuco
                                            ‘Piccolo’ lapel pin in presentation box. A true collector’s item! Special offer price £59.95 (+ £5.00

                                                                        YEAR DECALS (1950 to 1978)
                                            EXCLUSIVE! Superb reproductions of original VW decals with the year of your car and the VW logo
                                            in white on a blue background. The finishing touch to your restoration! Note these are quality water-
                                            slide decals, not cheap screen-printed stickers. Size: 27mm x 40mm. State the year(s) you require.
                                            1950 to 1978 – only £2.00 each (+ 50p p&p for up to six decals)
                                            (Regret 1964–66, 1971–73 and 1979 are presently out of stock)

                                                              JEWELLERY (See separate list for full range)
                                            See separate list for our full range. Here is a small selection:

                                            STERLING SILVER CUFF-LINKS – BAR STYLE
                                            Sterling silver Split-screen Bus cuff-links £29.95 pair (+ £1.50 p&p)
                                            Sterling silver New Beetle cuff-links £29.95 (+ £1.50 p&p)

                                            Sterling silver VW Earrings from £5.50 (+ £1.50 p&p)
                                                     ER1      VW Logo stud earrings (6mm diameter) £5.50 pair
                                                    ER8       Tiny VW Beetle stud earrings – approx 8mm long £6.50 pair

                                            Also Sterling silver charms – Beetles, Buses, VW logo, Dome Hubcap etc from £7.95.
                                            See separate list.
                                            (Add £1.50 p&p up to 3 items). Sterling silver chains supplied from £3.50 each, if required.

                                            Please note that many items of jewellery are almost sold out – so please check availability
                                            before ordering.

                                                              Superb enamelled pins with metal stud fixing, not cheap plastic.

                                            Special Offer – all at just £3.50 each (+ £1.00 p&p)

                                                     PN3       Slammed Karmann Ghia Cabrio against palm tree
                                                     PN5       New Beetle – black or silver; Concept yellow

                                                                                        BRM Pins
                                            Super quality enamel pins . White with BRM logo £4.95 each (+ £1.00 p&p)

 Please see our separate Jewellery list
for full details of our rings and charms.                                 POSTCARDS & DECALS
                                            We have a large selection of decals (too many to list here!), such as Hot VWs, Fat Performance,
                                            Heads Up, Rimco, A-1, Bugpack etc. Also ‘Ovals Only’, VW logo, cartoon Mr/Mrs Bubblehead. Let us
                PINS                        know what you are looking for, or why not catch us at one of the shows and check them out?

                                            VW Classic Postcards 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004. Also Hot VWs Drag Day and Bug-In 32
                                            postcards. All 5 0 p each plus 50p p&p for up to four cards.

                                            ‘Endangered Species’ posters. Three designs: Split-window Beetles, Classic Type 1 VWs
                                            (’60s’ Beetle, Cabrio and Karmann Ghia), Type 2s (Split-screen Van, Bus and Single-cab Pick-up).
                                            Special price: £2.95 each (+ £2.50 p&p for up to three posters – supplied in tube)

                                                                 VINTAGE PERFORMANCE DECALS
                                            Superb water-slide decals for the vintage speed enthusiast. Available as ‘positive’ (to go on the
                                            outside of the glass) or ‘negative’ (to go on inside of glass). These should not be confused with
                                            cheap screen-printed stickers!
                                            EMPI logo (small) – £3.50             EMPI logo (large) – £4.95
                                            Okrasa logo (small) – £3.50           Okrasa logo (large) – £4.95
                                            Postage and packing on all decals – 50p for up to six decals at a time.

                                            Hot VWs magazine decals (large) – £1.00 each (+ 70p p&p for up to six decals)

                                            For our full range of decals, why not visit our stand at the next major VW show?
Volkswagen DVDs!                                          DRAG RACING DVDs
                                               Just arrived! HOT VWs DRAG DAY 15 DVD
                                The debut of the new Outlaw Turbo class at Fontana’s Drag Day 15 was mind-blowing, with no
                                fewer than 17 cars trying to qualify for an eight-car field. The class was limited to VWs with
             NEW!               draw-through turbos (but no intercoolers) and normally-aspirated engines with nitrous (but no EFI);
                                ‘twin power adders’, like running a turbo with nitrous, were also outlawed. £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).
         Get the latest
         US Bug-In 33                                           NEW! PRA 2007 DVD
             £14.95             Three hours of 2007 action from the PRA racers. See Eric Calabrese set new records in the ‘Red
                                Baron’ in the Pro Mod class and the fastest side-by-side PRA pass at the final in Las Vegas, plus
          + £2.00 p&p           the Madsen ‘Pro Mod Wheelstand of the Year’. Watch all the action in the Super Street class with
                                Roger Crawford, Ron Fleming, Mike Hunsaker and Steve Tims and witness the first 9-second
                                pass ever seen in this class. £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).

                                                                     BUG-IN 33 DVD
          VW Speed              All the action from the reincarnated California Bug-In! Race action all the way from Fontana’s
        Scene 4 – the           famous strip in April 2008. You can’t afford to miss this one! £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)

        All-Dyno DVD.                                NEW! DRAG-IN, Fontana 2008 DVD
             See the Dyno       Want to see what the quickest and fastest VW drag racers in the world look like in full flight?
         Shootout at JayCee     Look no further – this is the DVD for you! Since the Auto Club Speedway at Fontana is the
           Performance, as      home track for many of the PRA drivers, this was the biggest race car turnout of the year.
        featured in March ’07   Super Street was on fire, and there was a good turnout of Pro Mod cars and the Index classes.
                                £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)
          issue of Ultra VW!
                                                                      PRA 2006 DVD
                                Five hours of action from the 2006 PRA race series. This double-DVD set covers five hours
                                of racing from the 2006 PRA series. It features heads-up action from the Pro Mod and Super Street
           PRA 2006             classes, along with hours of the killer index racing. See Eric Madsen set a new ET record in Pro
         Five hours of          Mod and also lots of action in the Super Street class, with David Stark fighting to retain his title
                                against former DRKC racer Joe Maestas. Plus see legends like Ron Fleming, Mike Hunsaker and
          PRA racing            Roger Crawford in action! Double DVD set – just £19.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)
          Just £19.95
         + £2.00 p&p                                      HOT VWs DRAG DAY 13 DVD
                                All the action from the Hot VWs latest Drag Day in October 2007. Over two hours of eighth-mile
                                strip action from Irwindale, CA. Drag Day 13 featured the popular Powder Puff class for the
                                ladies, a race won by Dee Berg! Great footage and loads of action for £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).

          Drag Day 15                                     HOT VWs DRAG DAY 12 DVD
                                All the action from the Hot VWs Drag Day in March 2007. Over two hours of eighth-mile strip
             Tons of            action from Irwindale, CA. Drag Day 12 had the most spectators ever at a Drag Day meeting –
                                see all the race cars in action, plus three rounds of Der Renn Kafer Cup racing. There’s also
            hardcore            bonus footage from the Drag Day 8 event in 2005. £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).
          race action!
             £14.95                                VW SPEED SCENE 4 – the Dyno DVD
          + £2.00 p&p           This DVD covers four different dyno tests: Robert Hamphill and his turbocharged EFI street Bug;
                                the Chico Performance Engine Builder Showdown (featured in Feb 2007 issue of Hot VWs); the
                                Dyno Shootout at JayCee Performance (featured in March 2007 issue of Ultra VW) and then the
                                last VW Trends Dyno Day. Finally, we have a tour of Roger Crawford’s dyno room at Heads Up
                                Performance. A real feast of dyno runs for just £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)

         Drag Day 13
                                                       VW SPEED SCENE 3 (2003) DVD
         More hot race          Exclusive to VW Collectibles – Loads of action from the 2003 PRA and RennKäfer Cup drag
          action from           race series. Keep track of the fastest street and race cars in the USA! Tom Simon gives you a
                                comparison of high-performance heads – and more! Double DVD set £19.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).
         + £2.00 p&p                                                 PRA 2005 DVD
                                This action-packed DVD covers the 2005 PRA races at the spring Sacramento meeting and the
                                season finale at Las Vegas. See all the racing action in Pro Mod, Super Street, Super Comp,
                                Super Gas and the Unlimited Street Class! £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)

        Official UK &                                                PRA 2004 DVD
       European agent           This great double DVD set covers the 2004 PRA series in California. See all the racing action in
                                Pro Mod, Super Street, Super Comp, Super Gas and the new Unlimited Street Class!
              for               Great double DVD set – over 3 hours of great racing! £19.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)
        Ocean S t r e e t
         & Bug-Me                                                 SAND MANIA DVD
                                Now available on DVD. Sand duning, Buggies, quads, jeeps, bikes, sand drags – you name it, you’ll
            DVDs                find it on this action-packed DVD. Features spectacular action footage from Glamis, Dumont, Sand
                                Mountain and more. And there’s a fantastic sound track with it, too! £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).
                                                         CARLSBAD DVD (after VW Classic 2003 & 2004)
                                              The last Carlsbad VW Drag Meet! All the action from the very last VW drag race meeting at
                                              the legendary Carlsbad Raceway. See the big names racing, the monster wheelies – action from
                                              start to finish! Just £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p )

                                                                         DKP CARLSBAD DVD (1999)
                                              One of our most popular DVDs, showing the quickest street cars in Southern California at this
                                              great meeting, organised by the DKP Club. £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p).

                                                                             VWs vs IMPORTS DVD
                                              Race action from the amazingly popular Battle of the Imports drag race series. See the VWs take on
                                              the Japanese – and beat them! Some of those Jap cars are pretty impressive – but they’re still not as
                                              good as the Bugs! £14.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)

  Matching                                                                          BUG RUN 2001
                                              All the action from Sweden’s premier VW event. A unique look at the Scandinavian VW scene which
    pen                                       is not available from any other source in the UK.
   holder                                     Special offer price – video just £4.95 , DVD £9.95 (+ £2.00 p&p)
                                                                        GIFTS & NOVELTIES
                                                                               BUS & BEETLE TIES
                                                                    Just right for that wedding or a day at the office!
                                              Superb BEETLE design on grey background. Great fun to wear and very stylish!
                                              £9.95 (+ £1.50 p&p)

                                              EXCLUSIVE! SPLIT-SCREEN BUS TIES! Depict Samba, van and pick-up! Wear your bus with
                                              pride. Attractive grey background with red, blue and green Type 2s. £9.95 (+ £1.50 p&p)

                                                                   BUSINESS CARD & PEN HOLDERS
                                              Beetle Business Card Holder – The perfect desk accessory! Pewter-look moulded resin stand for
                                              your business cards. £8.95 each (+ £1.50p p&p)
                                              Beetle Pen Holder – The perfect match for your business card holder! £8.95 each (+ £1.50p p&p)
                                              VW Postcards – huge selection. Catch us at a show to see the full range – or give us a ring and
 We have an extensive range of official       let us know what model you require. 25p to 50p each (+ £1.00 p&p up to six cards) (see page 4)
 VW repro brochures, covering classic         VW Decals & Stickers – Lots of designs, including Mr & Mrs Bubblehead, new slogans and many
   Beetles, accessories, radios and           period racing decals. From £1.00 each – visit us at a show to see the range.
   special models. Fantastic quality!
 Call for details – prices start from £2.00                                            KEYRINGS
                                              NEW! Super quality VW logo chrome key rings – £5.50 each plus £1.00p p&p
                                              HOT VWs embroidered key fobs – £3.50 plus 70p p&p .


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                                                   We accept most debit/credit/Switch cards but regret we cannot accept
                                                                        American Express cards.

                                                                          OVERSEAS ORDERS:
Classic                                       We are happy to ship overseas, but please enquire about postage costs on all
Christmas cards –                                             orders outside the UK mainland. Thank you!
£1.20 each plus 60p p&p each
(£1.00 p&p for up to three cards)

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