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					The Plan is a work in progress and will continue to be updated.

             Accessibility Plan 2005-2006

                A response to the
        Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001

          Office of the University Advisor on Equity
                   Room 130, Dunning Hall
                      Queen’s University
                  Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

Questions, comments and feedback on the
Queen’s University Accessibility Plan can
be directed to:

Jeanette Parsons, M.Sc.
Program Coordinator (ODA)
Human Rights Office/Office of the
University Advisor on Equity
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, extension 78984
TTY: (613) 533-2755

As part of ongoing obligations under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, Queen’s
University prepares and ensures public availability of its annual Accessibility Plan that
identifies and plans for the removal of barriers to people with disabilities. While
implementation of the requirements under the new legislation, Accessibility for
Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 gets underway, the University will continue on its
course of action in identifying and removing barriers.

This commitment to increasing accessibility for people with disabilities at Queen’s is
reflected in many efforts that the University has made in removing barriers. Some of
these include:

 A completely redesigned University website (home page and several other web
  pages –, launched on September 16, 2005) in which accessibility
  was a key consideration. Staff at Marketing & Communications and Information
  Technology Services worked closely with other University members and consulted
  with WATS.CA to ensure accessibility was a top ingredient in the redesign. This
  redesign helps to ensure improved access, regardless of hardware or software used
  to navigate the site. This work also resulted in a set of web site creation standards
  and guidelines that will be promoted for University-wide use and implementation in
  coming months.
 A peer mentoring program, developed and delivered by staff of Health, Counselling
  and Disability Services, was highlighted at the Canadian Association of College and
  University Student Services Conference (June, 2005) as a successful program that
  teaches students to respond appropriately to peers with mental health concerns.
  Qualified volunteers are trained in appropriate communication skills and correctly
  identifying when peers ought to seek the support services of health care
  professionals. Results from the program indicate an increase of awareness in mental
  health issues among general student population.
 Disability and accessibility awareness was incorporated in all aspects of training for
  student staff working within programmes offered through Residences.
 Funding from 2004-2005 Women’s Safety Fund was earmarked to update the
  Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children Campus
  Safety Guide to include accessibility considerations and to audit select sites on
  Campus in determining how these features might impact on the safety of women
  with disabilities at Queen’s.
 The lead architect for the Queen’s Centre, Bregman & Hamann, met with people with
  disabilities at Queen’s in April to discuss accessibility features incorporated into
  current construction plans for the Centre and to receive additional recommendations
  for plan improvement. Another initiative for the Queen’s Centre included a site visit
  of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in Toronto by Bregman & Hamann to
  experience first-hand the difference accessibility features can make. Ongoing
  consultation and discussion keeps accessibility a high priority for this facility.

 A part-time disability specialist was appointed on an interim basis to the University’s
  Human Resources Department to assist with responding to accommodation requests
  by staff and faculty with disabilities.

Ongoing projects for this current year include launching an online training course on
successfully accommodating students with disabilities for faculty in the School of
Medicine, the implementation of construction standards to be used in all capital projects
and reviewing admissions policies/procedures in Residences to assess for accessibility
considerations. Many other areas of planning are contained in the following Action
Plan, which lists accessibility goals the University has set for itself since its first
Accessibility Plan in 2003, an update on those goals and action steps, as appropriate, for
progressing towards those goals this year.

Since the Ontarians with Disabilities Act was enacted in 2001, accessibility has captured
more attention and consideration by many sectors of the Queen’s University
community. This is reflected in an increased interest of corporate and private donors in
improving accessibility. Accessibility is also beginning to emerge as a consideration in
Homecoming plans, training for members of the Senate and Board of Trustees,
applications for visitorship funds, security policy and room reservation procedures.

Our efforts in this regard reflect that Queen’s recognizes the important contribution
people with disabilities make to the life and work of the University. Queen’s is
committed to improving accessibility and achieving equitable representation of people
with disabilities in its workforce and student population. The University understands
that removing barriers is a foundation to this commitment and is an essential means of
ensuring that people with disabilities are given the fullest opportunity to exercise
individual potential within the context of maintaining the highest standards in
academia, employment and research.

                                                             Attitudes & Beliefs
            Goal              Individuals/Groups/Offices                       Update – 2005                              Action Steps: 2005-2006
Use diversity column in The      Health, Counselling           IDC incorporates “7 Principles of                   Upcoming submissions to The
Gazette to expand                 Disability Services            Undergraduate Education” in training                 Gazette to highlight principles of
knowledge of                      (HCDS)                         progra ms                                            UID
accommodation strategies         The Gazette                   Regularly researches and incorporates               Assess application of UID in
in teaching                      Centre for Teaching and        universal instruction design (UID), a style of       improving accessibility
                                  Learning (CTL)                 instruction that improves accessibility in the      CTL to assess mechanisms to ma ke
                                                                 classroom and curriculum, in programming             progra m/information a vailable to
                                                                 for faculty and teaching assistants                  all faculty & teaching assistants
Explore options for a            Human Rights Office           PC completed course in WEB CT (online               Glean feedback from test module
disability awareness             Progra m Coordinator           training vehicle) – Summer, 2005                    Determine topic/major issues for
progra m                          (PC)                          Master of Education Candidate – developing           separate modules
                                 Office of the University       curriculum for online training program –            Determine resources needed to
                                  on Equity (UAE)                Summer/Fall, 2005                                    launch and promote online training
                                 HCDS                          1 st test module being created (Fall, 2005),         progra m
                                                                 focusing on accommodating Students with             Assess possibilities for mandatory
                                                                 Disabilities in medical school                       accessibility training – managers
                                                                                                                      and faculty
                                                                                                                     Develop and launch a poster
                                                                                                                      campaign aimed at improving
                                                                                                                      general awareness

Incorporate images of            Marketing and                 Queen’s websites assessed for ima ges – 3           Determine resources needed to
people with disabilities in       Communications                 images located                                       compile bank of appropriate images
marketing materials              Recruitment                   No additional images added to websites this         Determine processes needed to
                                 Human Resources                year                                                 ensure images are included in
                                                                Item deferred: 2005-2006 Plan                        appropriate materials, particularly
                                                                                                                      in recruitment materials

                                                        Attitudes & Beliefs
          Goal             Individuals/Groups/Offices                    Update – 2005                              Action Steps: 2005-2006
Improve understanding of      HCDS                        Column in The Gazette, April 2005                  Assess gaps in awareness
mental health issues          Alma Mater Society          Director and Disability Services Advisor,          Determine resources/avenues for
                               (AMS) (student               HDCS – training to Queen’s Accessibility            incorporating awareness strategies,
                               government)                  Committee                                           developing a short term and an
                                                           AMS and HCDS partnered to train student             ongoing strategy for raising the
                                                            peers in recognizing and responding                 profile and understanding of mental
                                                            appropriately to mental health issues –             health issues
                                                            ongoing progra m
                                                           Results presented to Canadian Association
                                                            for College and University Student Services –
                                                            June 2005
                                                           Director, HCDS – delivers training sessions
                                                            to student volunteers every term

                                                                Attitudes & Beliefs
           Goal                Individuals/Groups/Offices                    Update – 2005                              Action Steps: 2005-2006

Develop & maintain            Queen’s Accessibility         1 st electronic bulletin – Human Rights Office       Determine gaps in awareness
campus-wide community          Committee (QAC)                – focused on disability and accommodation.           Determine positions/offices in
applicable awareness          UAE                            Distributed to all senior administration              need of training
progra m aimed at             HCDS                          Various awareness training sessions:                 Determine elements of
improving understanding       HRO                               Board of Trustees – Fall, 2004                    awareness progra m needed for
about                         Relevant faculties                New Department Heads – March 2005                 Queen’s (QAC)
disability/accessibility                                         Booth – New Faculty Orientation                  Determine available resources
issues                                                           Course – Disability Policy in Canada              for in vestment, including
                                                                      (Master of Public Administration)             partnerships
                                                                 Accessibility Week (AMS, Accessibility
                                                                      Queen’s) March 2005
                                                             Associate Dean of Student Affairs to
                                                                incorporate “The Changing Work
                                                                Environment” and “Respect in the
                                                                Workplace” into its professional
                                                                development program
                                                             Parents’ newsletter (from Residences) to
                                                                include article on accessibility
                                                             Residence Life Office incorporated
                                                                disability and accessibility awareness in all
                                                                aspects of student staff training, including
                                                                the importance of making information
                                                                available in alternate formats

                                                             Attitudes & Beliefs
           Goal               Individuals/Groups/Offices                    Update – 2005           Action Steps: 2005-2006
Departments to become            All departmen ts              New Goal                      Information accompanying
more aware of accessibility      VP (Operations &                                              invitation for
needs and to make                 Facilities)                                                   upgrades/improvements to be
appropriate requests for         QAC                                                           assessed for accessibility
infrastructure upgrades                                                                         considerations
when invited to do so                                                                          Accessibility audit guide to be
                                                                                                developed and distributed to
                                                                                                trigger recognition of physical
                                                                                                barriers (using Ca mpus Safety
                                                                                                Guide as model)
                                                                                               Departments encouraged to consult
                                                                                                with people with disabilities in
                                                                                                determining n eed for upgrades
Provide awareness training       PC – UAE                      New Goal                      Determine appropriate training
to all Senate members,           Human Rights Office                                           approaches and timelines
senior Administration and        HCDS                                                         Develop and deliver training, as
Board of Trustees                Human Resources                                               needed, especially wh en new
                                                                                                individuals join Queen’s
Ensure Ca mpus tours             Office of the University      New Goal                      PC, Office of th e University
include accessibility             Registrar                                                     Registrar to review current training
considerations and               PC – ODA                                                      and service practices, applying
appropriate accommodation        Human Rights Office                                           accessibility lens as appropriate
                                                                                               Recommendations – Fall 2005,
                                                                                                Winter 2006

                                                        Natural and Built Environments
            Goal                    Individuals/Groups/Offices                      Update – 2005                          Action Steps: 2005-2006
Continue to improve                Physical Plant Services (PPS)      Major renovations – Gordon Hall –             Improvements to building entrances
wheelchair access into &           Departments (request                include accessible main entrance and           and interiors to continue as
around buildings                    upgrades)                           elevator                                       needs/priorities are identified
                                                                       Richardson Hall renovation plans
                                                                        include an improved accessible entrance
                                                                        and improved elevator
Continue identifying               Departments (request               Gordon Hall renovations include            
washrooms needing                   upgrades)                           accessible washrooms on every level
accessibility upgrading,           PPS                                Washroom in John Deutsch University
with consultation as                                                    Centre – upgraded (studen t government-
appropriate                                                             funded)
                                                                       Richardson Hall renovation plans
                                                                        include improve access to washrooms
Ensure snow removal                (PPS                               Snow removal concerns are regularly           Determine information gaps, if any,
practices meets accessibility      City of Kingston                    evaluated and addressed between                about snow removal on and around
needs                                                                   Residence Facilities Services, Residence       curb cuts
                                                                        Admissions and PPS                            Consider installing signs around
                                                                                                                       curb cuts to reduce inappropriate
                                                                                                                       use of designated parking in winter
Clarify changes in elevation       Departments (request               Entrance to Dupuis Hall renovated to          Remove trip hazards and install
with improved visual                upgrades)                           remove trip hazards                            visual markers when identified and
markers (e.g., high contrast)      PPS                                Various walkways/sidewalks around              funded
and remove trip hazards as                                              Campus upgraded to remove trip
identified                                                              hazards
Improve Campus Signage             Campus Planning                    Draft Policy prepared and submitted –         Policy to be reviewed by
                                   PPS                                 Associate Vice Principal (Operations and       Administration Fall, 2005
                                   Environmental Health &              Facilities) – Winter, 2005
                                   Associate Vice Principal -
                                    Dean of Studen t Affairs
                                   Director, JDUC

                                                         Natural and Built Environments
            Goal                     Individuals/Groups/Offices                   Update – 2005                              Action Steps: 2005-2006
Increase availability of            Campus Planning                 Parking spaces throughout Campus are              Snow removal practices to be
designated parking spaces           PPS                              swiftly designated for employees/                  reviewed to ensure designated
                                                                      students with disabilities as requested,           parking is kept as clear as possible
                                                                      either temporarily or permanent as                Future parking developmen ts to
                                                                      required, upon approval by the Parking             consider the n eeds of people with
                                                                      Office                                             disabilities, including students,
                                                                                                                         faculty, sta ff and visitors to th e
Improve accessibility               Human Rights Office             Benching in several labs modified                 Consider adopting safety audit
overall in buildings on             UAE                             Visual fire alarms installed in several            mechanism for use in a gen eral
Campus                              Relevant departments             locations                                          accessibility audit
                                    Campus Security                 Improved ligh ting in several locations to        Determine resources needed to
                                    Health & Safety                  aid communication accessibility                    complete ca mpus-wide physical
                                    Physical Plant Services         Women Ca mpus Safety Fund awarded                  accessibility audit
                                                                      to assess campus for safety for women             Alternative storage for mobility
                                                                      with disabilities (Winter, 2005)                   equipment being reviewed in
                                                                     METRAC Ca mpus Safety Guide being                  Leggett and Watts Halls (for
                                                                      modified to include relevant accessibility         security and safety purposes)
                                                                      considerations (Summer, 2005)
                                                                     Safety audit completed for select sites –
                                                                      Fall 2005, results available, late Fall 2005
Determine applicability of          Human Rights Office             A review of European legislation, the             Director, Human Rights Office to
accessibility to International      UAE                              Ontario Human Rights Code and the                  meet with Vice Principal
Study Centre (ISC)                  Vice Principal (Academic)        ODA by the Director, Human Rights                  (Academic) to review current
                                                                      Office, indicate that accessibility                accessibility planning practices for
                                                                      planning is an operational requirement             the ISC and determine course of
                                                                      of th e In ternational Study Centre                action for including the ISC and it’s
                                                                                                                         environs in the University’s Annual
                                                                                                                         Accessibility Plan

                                                         Natural and Built Environments
           Goal                   Individuals/Groups/Offices                     Update – 2005                             Action Steps: 2005-2006
Ensure elevator                  PPS                               Curren t elevator maintenance practices          Residences to conduct a
maintenance addresses            Department (reporting              meet requirements under Th e Safety               comprehensive audit of elevators
accessibility needs               problems, etc.)                    Standards Association.                            and develop a plan for upgrading
                                                                    Buildings where us ers with mobility              all elevators over next 5 years
                                                                     disabilities are identified receive
                                                                     particular attention
                                                                    Preventive maintenance program
                                                                     developed and implemented in
                                                                     Residences to assist in avoiding shut-
Monitor planning for             PPS                               Lead Architect, Bregman & Ha mann met            Planners for Queen’s Centre to
Queen’s Centre to ensure         Executive Committee,               with group of people with disabilities            continue consulting with people
optimal accessibility             Queen’s Centre Project             discuss accessibility features (April 2005)       with disabilities throughout all
                                 Technical Review Committee        Curren t accessibility features in plans –        phrases of the project
                                 QAC                                see attached list at end of table i
                                                                    Various recommendations received
                                                                    Recommendations to be considered by
                                                                     Planning Committees
Online classroom inventory       PPS                               See note below for website locations 1           Inventory to be updated to include
(location and accessibility      UAE                               Classrooms resurveyed – Summer, 2005              other features (e.g., audio-visual
features) & Ca mpus              University Registrar              Only wheelchair or other mobility aid             technology)
Accessibility Guide to be        Room Reservations                  access being surveyed                            Inventory to be linked to UAE
updated and linked to            IT Services                       Update to website – Summer/Fall 2005              website
appropriate web pa ges                                              Terminology on website to be updated –           Inventory to be considered during
                                                                     Summer/Fall 2005                                  Room Reservations Review

            Inven tory:,
   1 Classroom

   Campus Accessibility Guide:

                                                      Natural and Built Environments
           Goal                   Individuals/Groups/Offices                    Update – 2005           Action Steps: 2005-2006
Building and placemen t of       IT Services                                                     Conference & Hospitality Services
podiums along with               Conference & Hospitality                                          reviewing room set up for meetings,
accompanying                      Services                                                          seminars and conferences,
communication devices                                                                               particular use of podium, to ensure
assessed for accessibility                                                                          accessibility
Departments to become            All departmen ts                  New Goal                      Information accompanying
more aware of accessibility      VP (Operations & Facilities)                                      invitation for
needs and to make                QAC                                                               upgrades/improvements to be
appropriate requests for                                                                            assessed for accessibility
infrastructure upgrades                                                                             considerations
when invited to do so                                                                              Accessibility audit guide to be
                                                                                                    developed and distributed to
                                                                                                    trigger recognition of physical
                                                                                                   Departments encouraged to consult
                                                                                                    with people with disabilities in
                                                                                                    determining n eed for upgrades

                                                       Services, Systems and Policies
                   Goal                      Individuals/Groups/Offices                Update – 2005                       Action Steps: 2005-2006
Develop University accessibility standards      PPS                           Committee struck, Fall/Winter         Standards written – end 2005,
to be applied to all capital projects           Campus Planning                2005                                   available for QAC consideration,
                                                UAE                           Recommendations compiled –             Winter 2006
                                                HCDS                           Associate Vice Principal              QAC to assess application of
                                                                                (Operations and Facilities) –          Accessibility for Ontarians with
                                                                                Winter 2005                            Disabilities Act, 2005 to standards
Explore options/costs for accessible on -       AMS                           AMS confirmed that                    Assess whether th e Society for
campus transportation system                    HCDS                           undergraduate students with            Professional and Graduate
                                                PC – UAE                       disabilities can request support       Students (SPGS) should support
                                                                                from AMS through HCDS for              graduate students with
                                                                                transportation assistance (e.g.,       transportation needs
                                                                                taxis, accessible bus)                Determine if other constituencies
                                                                                                                       ought to make contributions to on-
                                                                                                                       campus transportation needs (e.g.,
                                                                                                                       Human Resources)
Review emerging practices that create           Senate (Senate                Memo sen t to SCAP – Fall 2004        Issue curren t under review by
100% finals, re-weigh ted as a default for       Committee on Academic                                                 SCAP
missing a mid-term                               Procedures: SCAP)                                                    Report to Senate – early Fall, 2005
                                                HCDS
                                                UAE
Review funding a vailable for                   Human Resources               Deferred to 2005-2006 Plan            QAC to review curren t policy for
departmental use in providing                   Vice Principals                                                       responding to requests for
accommodations (employees and                    (Academic, Human                                                      accommodations
students)                                        Resources,                                                           Assess various procedures,
                                                 Operations/Finance)                                                   including assigning financial
                                                UAE                                                                   responsibility to appropriate office
Increase awareness/advertising of               Human Resources               Deferred to 2005-2006 Plan         
available services                              HCDS
                                                Special Readers Services
                                                Adaptive Technology

                                                       Services, Systems and Policies
                   Goal                      Individuals/Groups/Offices              Update – 2005                       Action Steps: 2005-2006
Establish a clear process for dealing with      Human Rights Office         Human Rights Office revising          HCDS to rewrite in-house
complaints regarding accommodation by           HCDS                         The Harassment/                        materials to reflect changes in
HCDS through the Human Rights Office                                          Discrimination Complaint               process (commence Fall
                                                                              Policy & Procedure (P/P) to            2005/continue Winter 2006)
                                                                              include relevant sections on
                                                                              disability and duty to
                                                                              accommodate (Summer/Fall,
                                                                             Revised P/P to be presented to
                                                                              a review committee on which
                                                                              HCDS represented (Fall, 2005)
Accessible system of collecting,                UAE                         Website for people with               Assess possibility of adding a link
summarizing and disseminating                   Human Rights Office          disabilities at Queen’s launched       to Human Rights Office website for
input/comments/complaints/suggesti ons          HCDS                         – Summer, 2005 2                       submittin g information about
through website,e-mail, voice mail, snail                                    Town Hall Meeting – March              barriers, etc.
mail, TTY                                                                     2005                                  Add link to HCDS for studen ts to
                                                                                                                     submit concerns about
Evacuation plans for people with                Environmental Health        Evacuation Policy in place for        Determine gaps in current
disabilities to be developed and                 and Safety (EHS)             students in Residences (see            evacuation procedures for people
maintained                                      Security                     attached)                              with disabilities
                                                Fire Departmen t            Evacuation procedures for             Determine feasibility of various
                                                Emergency Medical            employees – deferred 2005-2006         procedures, considering different
                                                 Services                                                            accessibility needs
Off-campus activity policy to be assessed       VP (Academic)               Relevant sections reviewed and
for impact on students with disabilities        EHS                          revised
                                                UAE                         Approved – Winter, 2005
                                                Human Rights Office


                                                      Services, Systems and Policies
                   Goal                    Individuals/Groups/Offices               Update – 2005                     Action Steps: 2005-2006
Examine emerging s ecurity policy and         Campus Security             PC & Director, Ca mpus Security      PC to sit on Security working
recommendations for impact on                 Human Rights Office          met, discussed proposed               group by invitation from Director,
accessibility                                 PC- UAE                      security measures Winter 2003.        Campus Security
                                                                           No new measures to be                Security measures/programs
                                                                            implemented with out                  subject to accessibility “lens” prior
                                                                            accessibility assessment              to adoption/implementation
Queen’s and non-Queen’s events held on        All offices sponsoring      Curren t procedures from Senate      PC to discuss accessible event
Campus to be monitored for accessibility       events                       Office (re: Dunning and               planning with Conference Services
                                              PC                           Brockington Visitorships)            PC to sit on R oom Reservation
                                              Human Rights Office          reviewed                              Review to raise accessibility
                                              Senate                      Accessible Event Planning             planning awareness
                                              Conference Services          Guide – 1 st draft, Summer 2005      Accessibility Event Planning Guide
                                              Room Reservations           Room Reservations Review –            – completed and distributed (2005-
                                                                            commence, Summer/Fall 2005            2006)
                                                                           Queen’s Homecoming reviewed
                                                                            events/plans for accessibility
Senate application procedures to be           Senate Office               Application materials reviewed       PC – follow up on
reviewed for accessibility implications       Human Rights Office          and recommendations                   recommendations – Fall, 2005
                                              PC                           forwarded to Senate office –
                                                                            Summer 2005
Review polices and procedures associated      International Centre        Guidelines and Informa tion          Review and assess current
with Queen’s students studying abroad         Human Rights Office          Sheet prepared and made               processes to determine gaps, if any
for impact on students with disabilities      PC                           available to all students with       Ascertain that new
and accessibility                                                           disabilities traveling a broad        policies/procedures are being
                                                                                                                  considered for accessibility needs

                                                   Services, Systems and Policies
                    Goal                 Individuals/Groups/Offices               Update – 2005                 Action Steps: 2005-2006
Include accessibility lens in internal      VP (Academic)                New Goal                         Determine appropriate application
academic review process                     Departments                                                     of accessibility lens in internal
                                            QAC                                                             academic reviews
                                                                                                            With Human Rights/Equity
                                                                                                             Offices, incorporate relevant
                                                                                                             measures to assess presence of
                                                                                                             accessibility planning and
                                                                                                             development in academic practices
Residences to review admissions             Residences – Admissions      Residences Staff reviewed        Review of
policies/procedures and assess for           Office and                    application document and          documents/procedures/practices
accessibility considerations                 Apartments/Housing            procedures for requesting         to continue, updating as required
                                             Services                      disability accommodation in
                                            HCDS                          housing. Language changes
                                            Human Rights Office           discussed and approved with
                                            PC                            Human Rights Office and

                                                            Relationships and Supports
                   Goal                        Individuals/Groups/Offices                Update – 2005                      Action Steps: 2005-2006
Establish, train and support staff & faculty      Human Resources               Barbara Roberts, R egistered         Assess need for further resources
advisor/s in Human Resources for both             VP Operations/Facilities       Occupational Therapist,               (e.g., part/time or full/time) to
academic and non-academic employees                                               contracted for 1 day/week with        address accommodation planning
with disabilities                                                                 Human Resources to work with          for employees with disabilities
                                                                                  faculty/staff with disabilities      Determine appropriate
                                                                                                                        policies/procedures for requesting
                                                                                                                        and responding to accommodation
                                                                                                                        needs, particularly costly
Provide a disability specialist on                Human Rights Office           Committee struck to review           PC to consult with University
undergraduate and graduate admissions             HCDS                           application of essential              Registrar and Associate University
committees                                        Admissions                     requirements to accommodating         Registrar to consider the following
                                                  University Registrar           students with disabilities in         goal: Determine if changes are needed
                                                                                  medical school                        to the admissions process for students
                                                                                                                        with disabilities
                                                                                                                       Determine if information gaps exist
                                                                                                                        in processing applications for
                                                                                                                        students with disabilities
Develop and deliver relevant programs to          Queen’s Regional              On-line to Success Progra m –        Monitor and ma ke results available
enhance success for studen ts with                 Assessment and                 launched Winter 2005                 Continue to monitor and enhance
learning disabilities at Queen’s                   Resource Centre               Goal to assist students make          accessibility of program, including
                                                                                  successful transition from high       website accessibility
                                                                                  school to post-secondary
                                                                                  environ ment

                                                     Products and Technology
                   Goal                Individuals/Groups/Offices               Update – 2005                       Action Steps: 2005-2006
Improve accessibility of websites at      Marketing &                 Queen’s University homepage             Ongoing efforts in refining web
Queen’s                                    Communications               completely redesign with a key           creation/maintenance standards
                                          Individual departments       focus on accessibility – launched       Portal/Content Management
                                          IT Services                  September 12, 2005                       system to be developed &
                                                                       University worked with                   implemented to leverage n ew web
                                                                        WATS.CA (Website                         (including accessibility
                                                                        Accessibility Testin g and               requirements) approach
                                                                        Services)                               Ongoing efforts to revise/update
                                                                       Courses offered at Queen’s               standards as advances in
                                                                        (Website Creation ) include              technology and techniques
                                                                        accessibility component                  continue
                                                                       Various departments continue
                                                                        to add links for accessibility and
                                                                        disability issues (e.g.,
                                                                        Residences link to HCDS and
                                                                        Queen’s Accessibility Guide)
Make websites relaying                    PC – UAE                    Review of most relevant (if not         Consult with website owners on
information/services for people with      HCDS                         all) websites completed,                 the results of the search
disabilities easier to locate             Marketing &                  Summer 2005                             Consult with Marketing and
                                           Communications              Some websites are logically              Communications about relocating
                                                                        located, others required diligent        some websites to increase search
                                                                        searching                                success
                                                                       Some websites need to be
                                                                        relocated closer to the
                                                                        University’s Home Page

                                                          Products and Technology
                   Goal                    Individuals/Groups/Offices                Update – 2005                       Action Steps: 2005-2006
Increase services offered online (e.g.,       Relevant departments          Queen’s Computerized Access            Information about other available
ordering transcripts, registering with        HCDS                           and Registration Database (Q-           services to be compiled
disability services)                          Human Rights Office            Card) provides a wide variety of       Relevant links a mong websites to
                                              UAE                            online services (registration,          be created/updated as appropriate
                                              Human Resources                applying for financial awards,          (ongoing) to minimize searching
                                                                              course selections) 3
                                                                             Some services available to
                                                                              students with disabilities online
                                                                             Students can contact HCDS via
                                                                              e-mail. For various reasons
                                                                              (e.g., privacy) online
                                                                              registration not appropriate
                                                                             Residences reviewing all online
                                                                              services, assessing for improved
Incorporate accessibility features in         IDC                           Review of current strategies –         PC – consult with Director,
technology strategies, course design and      Library, Special Readers       deferred to Fall/Winter 2005-           Instructional Development Centre
evaluation technologies, including             Services                       2006                                    about current strategies and plans
assistive                                     Adaptive Technology                                                    for future stra tegies
                                              IT Services                                                           Determine current efforts to ensure
                                                                                                                      faculty aware of importance of
                                                                                                                      selecting and using accessible
                                                                                                                     Update ODA Plan with
                                                                                                                      information provided to faculty at
                                                                                                                      New Faculty Orientation Day
Increase number of door openers               Relevant department           Door opener installed – Botterell
                                              Physical Plant Services        Hall
                                              Vice-Principal (O & F)


                                                            Products and Technology
                   Goal                      Individuals/Groups/Offices                 Update – 2005                    Action Steps: 2005-2006
Improve access to printed copies of             HCDS                           Access continues to improve         Further efforts needed to increase
overh eads, blackboard notes, PP slides         Special Readers’ Services       with developments in                 awareness among faculty about
and other course materials in print              (SRS)                           technology and website               lead time needed to ensure access
                                                                                Some improvements in lead
                                                                                 times to order/prepare
                                                                                 alternative-to-print materials
Improve accessibility of course packs,          (SRS)                          Improvements in                     Coordinator of SRS to speak more
notes and class materials                       Campus Book Store               communication between SRS            regularly at departmental meetings
                                                All faculty                     and Campus Bookstore                 and perhaps present to
                                                Instructional                   improves lead time in ordering       Instructional Development Centre
                                                 Development Centre              and preparing alternative-to-        to increase awaren ess among
                                                HCDS                            print materials                      faculty
                                                                                                                     Assess other resources/responses
                                                                                                                      needed to improve communication
                                                                                                                      about alternative-to-print class
Provide assistive technology in Ca mpus         Special Reader’s Services    Purchases made annually to          Technological needs to be assessed
computer sites and other locations              HCDS                          increase availability of             regularly and updated as required
                                                Other relevant                technologies or enhance existing
                                                 departments                   technologies
                                                                              Purchases made 2004-2005:
                                                                                Natural Voices Speech
                                                                                Closed Circuit Television
                                                                                Headphones
                                                                              TTY installed in Leggett Hall
                                                                               and Victoria Hall, front desk
Visual fire alarms to be installed upon         Relevant department
request in residences and other facilities      Physical Plant Services
                                                Residences

                                                              Products and Technology
                     Goal                       Individuals/Groups/Offices                 Update – 2005                       Action Steps: 2005-2006
Improve coordination for assistive                 HCDS                           Clarity achieved around             Further assessment needed about
listening devices (ALD) for                        IT Services                     responsibility for ALD’s for         the use of ALD’s at Queen’s
events/services at Queen’s                         Conference Services             Convocations                        Process for ensuring their
                                                   Other departments, as          Issue to be considered by Room       availability at events needs to be
                                                    appropriate                     Reservation R eview – Fall, 2005     developed and implemented
                                                                                                                        Departmental/individuals
                                                                                                                         responsibility needs to be

   i   Accessibility Features Incorporated in Queen’s Centre Plans (April 2005), subject to change pending reviews, updates:

        All new en trances at grade with sidewalks
        All exterior walkways less than 5% slope, with no cross slopes
        Elevators immediately adjacent to public stairs – all vertical circulation clustered in central cores
        Curbside vehicle drop -off to weather-protected entrance provided at Division Street
        All lecture/classrooms that have tiered seating have accessible seating/teaching positions – both upper and lower levels
        Athletic facilities, change rooms and washrooms accessible for wheelchair users
        Improvements to accessibility in heritage portions inside of John Deutsch University Centre