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									                             Juneau Federal Executive Association
                                        Meeting Minutes
                                        October 19, 2001

Members Present: Laura Furgione-NWS, Ursula Jones-NWS, Tim Essebaggers-GSA, Sandy
Hicks-USPS, Captain Richard Houck-USCG, Peter Jones-NMFS, Maria Lisowski-FS.

Guests: Larry Masurra - Red Cross

Last Meeting Minutes: Approved and seconded with an amendment to be made stating that the
U.S. Postal Service did not receive permission to leave the building on September 11 and that they
stayed and worked. Second amendment is to the spelling of the Interfaith Mediation Room - it
should read Meditation.

President’s Report: The AFEA (Anchorage Federal Employees Association) held a meeting this
spring at which they changed their bylaws to place the JFEA under them. Laura was contacted by
them as told as such. The AFEA has requested that the JFEA join their meetings via
teleconference. At this point in time it is unknown how often they meet and whether this is
something that JFEA can participate in. The JFEA is here to help all Federal agencies in Southeast
Alaska and to address local needs. It was felt that we could participate in the AFEA meetings, but
only to share information and discuss similar issues, but not to be part of them. It was thought that
there was a misunderstanding that prompted the AFEA to change their bylaws last spring to place
us under them. According to the information that we have, the JFEA is under the Honolulu/Pacific
FEB. The general consensus was that it might be a good thing to attend their meetings, but only to
share information; so we aren’t reinventing the wheel every time a unique problem comes our way.
 Laura will be getting more information on this.

Vice President’s Report: No report.

Treasurer’s Report: No report.

Old Business:
CFC: This year’s campaign will be ending November 14.
Inter-Agency Chapel/Interfaith Meditation Room - Tabled until next meeting. From the
information received so far from other agencies, Laura believes that the room would not be used.
Honolulu/Pacific FEB - Tabled until next meeting.

Committee Reports:
GSA Projects: GSA is still addressing the PCB contamination issue while working with EPA.
The PCB within the building is not immediately accessible to the public and it is under several
layers of paint.

The exterior lights have been fixed and now shut off at 10 pm and turn on at 4 am because the
security guards were having a difficult seeing with them on.
Childcare Committee: No Report.

Fitness Committee: No Report.

Building Security Committee:
There will be a Building Security Committee meeting on Monday, October 22 at 1:30 pm in room
150. Tracy Miller will be here from the Federal Protective Service to discuss a new LESO (Law
Enforcement Security Officer).

The Coast Guard and Forest Service have provided enough funds to cover the $12,000 required to
purchase 21 radios for the floor wardens. These radios will be used to communicate in case of an
emergency. GSA will be asking for more money in the future to cover the cost of more radios and
the installation of the repeater with two frequencies.

The U.S. Postal Service is concerned about how to handle Anthrax. The FBI and building security
currently do not have a procedure in place. It was thought that a standard procedure should be in
place to handle suspect packages; i.e. don’t run the package from room to room while trying to
figure out what should be done. Leave the package in one place and then seek assistance. Tim
thinks that a one sheet procedure on how to handle suspect packages would be ideal. Tim informed
us that the air circulating fans within the building can be turned off remotely from Anchorage if
there is a possibility of Anthrax. The Juneau Police have told us that the Federal Building is not
their job, so it looks like it is up to us to design a working standard procedure for handling suspect

NARFE: No Report.

COLA Defense Committee: (Maria) Still looking for nominations for new officers. The officers
needed are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. They are looking for a diverse
representation and new blood because the Forest Service has been President and Vice-President
several times in the past. The COLA Defense Committee is separate from JFEA and not under
them. They have their own set of bylaws and are incorporated. It was felt that there didn’t need to
be a separate COLA Committee in JFEA. The current COLA rate is good until 2004 and by then
they are suppose to have figured out a COLA methodology to figure out what COLA rate to give
where. It was suggested that JFEA prepare a letter for Senator Stevens to show that it is still on our

Diversity Committee: No Report.

Resource Conservation Committee: No Report.

New Business:
8th Floor Conference room:
Peter Jones of NMFS is formally asking for release of room 875, which is a joint-use conference
room, to accommodate NMFS growth. NMFS is currently negotiating with GSA for the rest of the
4th floor, but that still won’t be enough space.

All building occupants currently pay for the rent of the space and if NMFS were to acquire it for
their use, they alone would pay the space rent. JFEA must approve the idea because it is joint-use
space. Tim Essebaggers stated that releasing the conference room would not cause a problem. He
also mentioned that there is space coming open soon on the 2nd floor that would be suitable for a
new joint-us conference room. Sandy Hicks motioned that NMFS could have room 875 as long as
the 2nd floor conference room is available before or soon thereafter the transfer of room 875. It was
suggested that we proceed pending a phone tally to confirm that this space change is okay.

Next meeting: Laura and Tim are to bring goodies to try to improve attendance.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:45 p.m.

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