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									                                A PTA Publication of North Shoreview Montessori Art & Music School

                                The Montessori Messenger
                                Volume 12, Issue 6              April 2006

Principal’s Letter from Phyllis Harrison
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Great news! North Shoreview Montessori Music and Art School has received a prestigious honor.
We have been selected from 131 candidates from across the nation for a Magnet Schools of America
Merit Award as a Magnet School of Excellence. This is the top category of awards given to magnet
schools by Magnet Schools of America. We will celebrate this great honor with a presentation on
May 1, 2006. Information about this presentation will be distributed later.
North Shoreview’s second through fifth grade students will participate again this spring in the
Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) assessments. The purpose of the STAR Program is to
measure how well students are learning the knowledge and skills in the California content
standards. The content standards describe what students at each grade level should be able to do in
English-language arts, mathematics, history-social science, and science. Students in grades three
and seven also take the CAT/6 Survey. This test is included with the CST materials and
administered during the same window as the CST.
Test results for both the CST and the CAT/6 Survey will be sent to each student’s home address in
one STAR Student Report. STAR Program reports provide valuable information about your
student’s academic achievement. Please plan to keep these reports for use when talking with the
teacher about ways to support your student’s academic progress.
As parents and guardians, you play a very important part in your child’s education. Encouraging
                                                                                                                   Our Peace Pole. Message of peace in
students to do their best work in school and showing positive attitudes toward completing school
                                                                                                                   English, Spanish, Hindi, and Tongan.
assignments well and on time can provide a positive learning environment for your student.
Research about how students learn shows that a great deal can be done at home to increase a
student’s academic performance.                                                                       Inside this Issue...
Most important of all is to let your student know how important their work at school is and how       Principal’s Letter                              1
interested you are in what they are doing every day. Following are some suggestions for helping
                                                                                                      Carta de la Director                            2
your student in reading, writing, and mathematics.
                                                                                                      Earthwalk / Field Day                           3
In Reading and Writing                                                                                Help Wanted                                     4
    • Read, Read, Read! Reading increases cognitive skills, as well as reading skills.                Dinner Night Out                                4
    • Listen to your child read and read stories aloud to and/or with them.                           National Award                                  5
    • Talk about what you and your child are reading and words they do not understand.                North Shoreview Yearbook                        5
    • Read an array of materials such as books, magazines, newspapers and poems.                      Book of the Month                               5
    • Encourage your child to read and write – lists, notes, thank-you notes, requests, journals,     District Sick Child Guidelines                  6
         menus, and recipes.                                                                          Safety Drop-Off Zone News                       7
    • In fiction pieces, ask your child to repeat the plot, identify the characters (including the    North Shoreview School Gear Sales               8
         main character) and to note the setting. Ask them to tell what happened in the beginning,    PT A President Message                          9
         middle and end.                                                                              Music Man Play Fundraiser                       10
    • Use these techniques after watching a television show or a movie as well. Set a limit on        Ed Foundation Baseball Game                     10
         the amount of television your child watches.                                                 Spring Break Child Care                         10
    • Work on increasing your child’s vocabulary by using and defining more difficult words in        Phone Bank Update                               11
         everyday speech.                                                                             Spring Carnival & Quilt Raffle                  11
    • Practice using antonyms and synonyms.                                                           Historian’s Corner                              11
    • For writing assignments, talk with your child about what the assignment requires. Take          Science Fair                                    12
         your child to the library or help them use the Internet if more information is needed.       Attendance Notice                               12
    • Pay attention to correct spelling and reinforce spelling patterns, prefixes and suffixes.       Ice Cream Sales                                 12
    • Assist your child with editing and revising first drafts of written work.                       Class Field Trips                               12
    • Review and practice punctuation and capitalization with your child.                             Editor’s Note                                   12
                                                                                                      Dates to Remember                               12
                                                                     Continued on page 2...

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                             1
Principal’s Message: continued from page 1….

In Mathematics                                                                      Testing Dates for 2005-2006
    • Check with your children every day to make sure homework
        assignments are completed.                                                  Grade 1: Math Quiz #3                                5/22 – 5/26
    • Attend parent/guardian classes about mathematics to prepare for
                                                                                    Grade 2: STAR testing (including make-ups),
        questions that your students might have when doing their
                                                                                             CST                                         4/24 – 5/22
                                                                                             Math Quiz #3                                5/22 – 5/26
    • Show your children how you use mathematics in what you do every
        day –cooking, shopping, crafts, home building projects, etc.                Grade 3: STAR Testing (including make-ups),
    • Help your children read charts or graphs in newspapers and                             CAT/6, CST                                  4/24 – 5/22
        magazines and read maps when going on a trip. It’s important to                      Math Quiz #3                                5/22 – 5/26
        help your children apply what he/she are learning.
    • Along with computation, standardized tests emphasize spatial                  Grade 4: STAR Testing (including make-ups),
        skills, patterns, sequencing and reasoning. Notice patterns in                       CST                                         4/24 – 5/22
        everyday life.                                                                       Math Quiz #3                                5/22 – 5/26
    • Encourage your child to learn to count by twos, threes and fives,
        etc.                                                                        Grade 5: STAR Testing (including make-ups),
                                                                                             CST                                4/24 – 5/22
    • Create graphs based on family activities and work on telling time
                                                                                             Math Quiz #3                       5/22 – 5/26
        and using money.
                                                                                             Physical Fitness                February – April
    • Spend time reading and solving word problems and learning how
        to solve problems involving two or three steps.                             Thank you for your assistance!
    • Use flash cards to build fluency with math facts. By the end of                                                       Sincerely,
        second grade, your student should have memorized their addition                                                     Phyllis Harrison
        and subtraction facts through 12 and by the end of fourth grade,
        they should know their multiplication and division facts through
    • Math activities for families in English and Spanish can be found on
        the following web site:

To Help Your Children Do Better on Tests
Research clearly indicates that successful test takers tend to be students                     Earthwalk/Field Day
with good attendance, homework and study habits. Following are some key                   “Living Healthier on a Cleaner Earth”
ways you can support and develop your child’s test taking abilities:
                                                                                                Friday, April 21st, 1:00 pm
    • Know as much about the test as possible. The tests are organized
         around subject areas.                                                          Our school’s annual Earthwalk fundraiser will be
    • Know the test schedule. Don’t schedule appointments on testing                    taking place on Friday April 21st. This year students
         days. An exact testing schedule will be made available from your               will not only be walking laps to raise money for our
         child’s teacher. Below is a schedule for the testing windows.                  school. We are expanding the event to be a Field Day
    • Support success with proper rest and nutrition. Make sure your                    where students can also raise money by doing sit-ups,
         child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a high protein breakfast              jumping jacks and push-ups.
         before testing. A well rested child is more alert, is ready to listen to
         directions and is more focused on the test itself. You may want to             We will also be hosting a recycling program and hope
         provide your child with a nutritious snack to eat during a break               everyone can bring a bag full of aluminum cans.
    • Reducing testing anxiety. Reduce your child’s anxiety by                          There will be prizes for the kids who are the top
         explaining the importance of the test, but also put the test in                fundraisers.
         proper perspective. Let your child know that the test is just one
         measure of ability, and that he has many other opportunities to                Look out for Information Packets coming out soon!
         show his/her strengths. Make sure your child understands that you
         expect him/her to put forth his/her best effort, but you don’t expect
         perfect scores. Be a cheerleader for your child.
    • Help your child maintain good study habits through homework.
         Make homework support a priority. Closely monitor homework to
         see that it is completed and turned in on time. It is also helpful to
         establish a homework routine that matches your child’s learning
         style. Some children are able to come right home and start in on
         homework. Others need time to relax after school and are better
         after a snack or dinner. Still others need to do homework in small
         amounts with time in between for physical activity.

Finally, research indicates that students do better in school when parents
and guardians get involved. To find additional information on the STAR
Program, please go to the California Departments of Education Website:

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                              2
Carta de la Director Phyllis Harrison                                        •    Practiquen usando antónimos y sinónimos.
                                                                             •    Para las tareas de escritura, platiquen con su niño sobre lo que se
                                                                                  requiere para hacer la tarea. Lleve a su niño(a) a la biblioteca o
Queridos padres / tutores,                                                        ayúdele a utilizar el Internet si más información es necesaria.
¡Buenas noticias! La escuela North Shoreview Montessori con Música y         •    Presten atención al deletreo correcto y refuercen los patrones de
Arte ha recibido un premio prestigioso. Nos han seleccionado de 131               deletreo, prefijos y sufijos.
candidatos a través de la nación para las escuelas especializadas, para      •    Asistan a su niño(a) para corregir y editar los borradores del
un premio para Escuelas Especializada de América, como una Escuela                trabajo escrito.
Especializada de la Excelencia. Ésta es la categoría superior de             •    Revisen y practiquen puntuación y capitalización con su niño(a).
premios dada a las escuelas especializadas de América. Celebraremos
este gran honor con una presentación el 1ro de mayo, 2006.                   En matemáticas
Información sobre esta presentación será distribuida más adelante.           • Cerciórense todos los días que su niños termina las tareas para la
North Shoreview, a través de los estudiantes del segundo al quinto           • Asistan a las clases para padres/ tutor sobre matemáticas, para
grado, participa otra vez esta primavera en la prueba de evaluación y              prepárese con las preguntas que sus estudiantes pudieran hacerles
divulgación estandardizadas (STAR). El propósito del programa de la                cuando hacen las tareas escolares.
STAR es medir cómo los estudiantes están aprendiendo el                      • Demuestren a sus niños cómo usted utiliza las matemáticas con lo
conocimiento y las habilidades en los estándares de contenido de                   que hace cada día - cocinando, haciendo compras, arte, proyecto
California. El contenido de los estándares describe, lo qué los                    de construcción, labores, etc.
estudiantes en cada nivel del grado, deben poder hacer en lenguaje en
inglés, matemáticas, ciencia, estudios sociales y ciencia. Los estudiantes
                                                                             • Ayuden a sus niños a leer tablas o gráficos en periódicos, revistas y
                                                                                   lean los mapas al ir en un viaje. Es importante ayudar a sus los
en los grados tres y siete también toman el examen CAT/6. Esta prueba
                                                                                   niños, para que apliquen lo que están aprendiendo.
está incluida junto con los materiales del CST y es administrada
durante el mismo periodo de tiempo que CST.                                  • Junto con el cómputo, las pruebas estandardizadas acentúan
                                                                                   habilidades espaciales, patrones, ordenando y razonando. Ven
Los resultados de la prueba CST y la encuesta CAT/6 de cada                        patrones en la vida de todos los días.
estudiante serán enviados a la casa con un informe del estudiante en un      • Animen a su niño(a) que aprenda a contar de a dos, tres y cinco,
informe STAR. Los informes de STAR proporcionan la información                     etc.
valiosa sobre el logro académico de su estudiante. Planeen por favor         • Creen los gráficos basados en actividades de la familia y trabajen
guardar estos informes para cuando platican con el maestro(a) acerca               diciendo la hora y usando el dinero.
de maneras de apoyar el progreso académico de su estudiante.                 • Tomen tiempo para la lectura y solucionando problemas y
                                                                                   aprender cómo solucionar los problemas de palabras que implican
Como padres y tutores, ustedes son una parte muy importante de la                  dos o tres pasos.
educación de su niño(a). Animando a los estudiantes para hacer su
mejor trabajo de la escuela y demostrando actitudes positivas para           • Utilicen mostrando las tarjetas, para tener más fluidez con las
terminar las tareas de la escuela bien y a tiempo, puede proporcionar              combinaciones matemáticas. Para el final del segundo grado, su
un ambiente positivo para el aprendizaje de su estudiante. Las                     estudiante debe haber memorizado las combinaciones de sumas y
investigaciones sobre cómo los estudiantes aprenden muestran que una               restas hasta el 12 y para el final del cuarto grado, deben de saber
gran parte se puede hacer en la casa, para aumentar el rendimiento                 sus tablas de multiplicaciones y divisiones hasta 12.
académico del estudiante.                                                    • Las actividades de la matemáticas para las familias en inglés y
                                                                                   español pueden ser encontrado en la siguiente pagina
Lo más importante es dejar saber a su estudiante como de importante                Web: HTTP://
es su trabajo en la escuela y como les interesa a ustedes lo que ellos
                                                                             Para ayudar sus niños a mejoran en las pruebas
hacen todos los días. Las siguientes son algunas sugerencias para
                                                                             Las investigaciones indican claramente que los niños que toman
ayudar a su estudiante con la lectura, escritura, y matemáticas.
                                                                             pruebas de manera exitosa tienden a ser estudiantes con buenos
                                                                             hábitos de asistencia, tareas escolares y estudio. Los siguientes son
En la lectura y la escritura
                                                                             algunas ayudas con las que ustedes puede apoyar y desarrollar las
• ¡Lean, Lean, Lean! La lectura aumenta las habilidades                      habilidades de su niño(a) para tomar pruebas:
      cognoscitivas, como también las habilidades para la lectura.
• Escuche a su niño(a) leer y lean las historias en voz alta con o a         •    Sepan tanto sobre la prueba como sea posible. Las pruebas son
ellos.                                                                            organizado alrededor de temas.
• Platiquen acerca de lo que ustedes y su niño(a) han leído y las            •    Sepan el horario de prueba. No programar las citas en el día de la
      palabras que no entienden.                                                  prueba. Un horario de prueba exacto estará disponible del maestro
• Lean una variedad de materiales tales como libros, revistas,                    (a) de su niño(a). Debajo hay un horario para los periodos de
      periódicos y poemas.                                                        prueba.
• Animen a su niño(a) que lea y escriba - las listas, notas, notas para      •    Ayuden al éxito, con descanso y alimentación apropiada. Estén
      dar gracias, pedidos, diarios, menús, y recetas.                            seguros que su niño(a) descansa a la noche y toma un desayuno
• En lectura de ficción, pidan que su niño(a) repita la trama,                    alto en proteína antes de tomar la prueba. Un niño(a) que ha
      identifique los personajes (incluyendo el personaje principal) y ver        descansado bien está más alerta, está listo(a) para escuchar las
      donde transcurre. Pidan que diga qué sucedió en el principio,               direcciones y tienen más oportunidades para concentrarse en la
      mitad y final.                                                              prueba. Ustedes pueden proveer a su niño(a) con un bocadillo
• Utilicen estas técnicas después de mirar un programa de la                      nutritivo para comer durante el recreo.
      televisión o una a película. Fijen un límite en la cantidad de         •    Reducción de ansiedad de la prueba. Reduzcan la ansiedad de su
      programas de televisión que su niño(a) puede mirar.                         niño(a) explicando la importancia de la prueba, pero también
• Trabajen en el aumento del vocabulario de su niño usando y                      poniendo la prueba en la perspectiva apropiada.
      definiendo palabras más difíciles en el habla de todos los días.                                                Continued on page 4...

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                                3
Carta de la Director: Continued from page 3...

     Dejen saber a su niño(a) que la prueba es apenas una medida de                                 Help Wanted
     capacidad, y que él/ ella tiene muchas otras oportunidades de
     demostrar su fuerzas. Cerciorasen de que su niño(a) entiende que             Safety Drop-Off Zone Volunteers: We could really use a
     usted cuenta con el mejor esfuerzo de él/ ella, pero que no espera           few more parents to volunteer to help with the safety drop-
     resultados perfectos. Sean los animadores para su niño(a).                   off zone any morning that you are available. Your time
•    Ayuden a su niño(a) a mantener buenos hábitos de estudio con las             commitment would run from about 7:55 - 8:15 in the
     tareas para la casa. Hagan que sea una prioridad la ayuda para las           mornings and would make a huge difference in the safety of
     tareas para la casa. Supervise de cerca para ver que están terminadas y      our children. Please contact Cari Rotoli 638-1534 or Leslie
     se regresan a tiempo. También es provechoso establecer una rutina            Lopez 340-7078 if you could help or if you have further
     para hacer las tareas para la casa que ajustadas al estilo de aprendizaje    questions.
     de su niño(a). Algunos niños pueden venir directamente a la casa y
     comenzar sus tareas para la casa. . Otros necesitan tiempo para              Science Fair Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to help
     relajarse después de escuela y rinden mejor después de un bocadillo o        supervise during the science fair on Wednesday May 17th.
     cena. Todavía otros necesitan de hacer las tareas en cantidades              There are several shifts that you could help with. Parents are
     pequeñas con tiempo entremedio para la actividad física.                     needed to help set up tables the morning of May 17th before
                                                                                  school starts. At least 2 to 3 parents are needed during the
Finalmente, las investigaciones indican que los estudiantes rinden más en         school day of May 17th from 8:30 – 12:00 noon to patrol
la escuela cuando los padres y los tutores están involucrados en el               during the science fair (monitoring displays, and making
aprendizaje. Para encontrar la información adicional para el programa de la       sure that visiting students are being respectful of the
STAR, vaya por favor a la página Web del Departamento de Educación de             displays). And MOST importantly volunteers are needed in
California: HTTP:// .                                     the evening about 8:30—9:00 pm following science fair night
                                                                                  to help wash tables (after all the multiple volcano
Fechas de prueba para 2005-2006                                                   eruptions!) and put the tables back. If you can help with any
                                                                                  of these needs, please contact Alyssa Moore at
Grado 1:      Prueba de matemáticas # 3                         5/22-5/26 or (650) 238-4249.

Grado 2:      Prueba STAR (incluye recuperación), CST           4/24 - 5/22       Spring Carnival & Quilt Raffle: Volunteers are needed to
              Prueba de matemáticas #3                          5/22 - 5/26       help with our school’s annual Spring Carnival and Quilt
                                                                                  Raffle that will take place on Saturday June 3rd from 11 am to
Grado 3:     Prueba STAR (incluye recuperación), CAT/6,                           3 pm. There are many jobs that need to be filled. Some need
             CST                                        4/24 - 5/22               to be done in advance of the Spring Carnival, such as
             Prueba de matemáticas #3                   5/22 - 5/26               organizing games and food donations and selling game and
                                                                                  raffle tickets. Other help is needed with set-up the night
Grado 4:      Prueba STAR (incluye recuperación), CST           4/24 - 5/22       before and clean-up following the event. Still other help is
              Prueba de matemáticas #3                          5/22 - 5/26       needed the day of the carnival, to staff a game booth or the
                                                                                  food sales area. Please read the more detailed article on page
Grado 5:     Prueba STAR (incluye recuperación), CST            4/24 - 5/22       11 of this newsletter and contact: Margaret Williams at 578-
             Prueba de matemáticas #3                           5/22 - 5/26       8908 or Or Cari Rotoli at 638-1534.
             Educación física                                   Febrero - abril
                                                                                  Spring Carnival Games Needed: Are you looking for an
                                         ¡Gracias por su ayuda!                   opportunity to put your creative and/or carpentry talents to
                                                                                  good use? We could use some new carnival games for our
                                         Phyllis Harrison                         school’s annual family fun event on Saturday June 3rd. In the
                                                                                  past we’ve had Face Painting, Fish Pond, Basketball game,
                                                                                  Lollipop pick, Golf game, Spin art, Duck hunt, Baseball
                                                                                  throw, Cake Walk, Surprise Wall. WE ARE OPEN TO ANY
                                                                                  NEW IDEAS! Please read the more detailed article on page
                                                                                  11 of this newsletter and, if you can help, contact: Margaret
    Experienced Labor – Please Help Us                                            Williams at 578-8908 or Or Cari Rotoli at
                         By Bonnie Thomas
Our school has three projects which are at a halt for lack of
knowledgeable guidance:
•    Constructing a concrete pad approximately 30 square feet as a
         base for garden benches (so they won’t get stolen)
•    Design and installation of an automated irrigation system for the
         raised classroom beds
•    Construction estimate on additional raised garden beds for
         classroom studies.

If you can provide guidance or know someone who can, please contact
Bonnie Thomas at 650-347-6210 or

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                           4
                                        North Shoreview Montessori Music and Art School
                                                            Receives National Award
      North Shoreview Montessori is pleased to                                           candidate magnet schools. The award is based on
      announce that our school has been selected as a                                    our school’s commitment to high academic
      Magnet School of Excellence by Magnet Schools of                                   standards, curriculum innovation, successful
      America (MSA). Magnet Schools of America is a                                      desegregation/diversity efforts, student
      non-profit organization dedicated to providing                                     achievement, and parent/community involvement.
      leadership for innovative instructional programs
      and academic excellence for students in public                                     The award will be presented at the 24th annual
      school programs.                                                                   MSA conference in Omaha, Nebraska in late April.
                                                                                         Further information on the Magnet Schools of
      North Shoreview Montessori was selected as a                                       America organization can be found at
      Magnet School of Excellence from a national field of 131                 

                                                                                 North Shoreview Yearbook
                                                                      Last Chance to Preorder Yearbooks — $10 Until April 15th

                                                              Preorder forms for this year's yearbook were sent home in January and again
                                                              in April. Additional forms are also available in the office.

                                                              The preorder price for this year's yearbook is $10.00 if ordered before April 15;
                                                              otherwise the price will be $12.00.

                                                               DON'T FORGET TO ORDER YOURS TODAY -- THERE ARE ONLY A
                                                                   LIMITED NUMBER OF YEARBOOKS, DON'T MISS OUT!!

                   Book of the Month for April 2006
                                       From Lava to Life
                                    Written by Jennifer Morgan
                               Illustrated by Dana Lynne Anderson

Settle in with your favorite pillow while the               In the first book, Born with a Bang, the universe
Universe tells the thrilling story of Earth. It’s a         becomes stars, galaxies and Earth. This second
story about the beginning of life, and how                  book begins with formation of Earth and ends
Earth triumphs over crisis to become bacteria . .           with dinosaurs. In the third book, mammals
. jellyfish . . . flowers . . . dinosaurs! It’s a science   rise and humans appear.
story that is your story too; the story of your
living Earth and the unbroken chain that                    This book was selected by our fifth grade teachers.
connects you to the very first life that began to
twitch in the sea four billion years ago.                      Please read this book with or to your child.

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                       5
                                   Illness Symptoms to Keep a Child at Home
BECAUSE WE CARE….                                                                 •     EAR INFECTIONS WITHOUT FEVER – do not need to be
                                                                                        excluded, but the child needs to get medical treatment and
We coordinate with the San Mateo County Department of Health in                         follow up. Untreated ear infections can cause permanent
protecting children from certain symptoms of communicable                               hearing loss.
diseases.                                                                         •     LICE, SCABIES – children may not return to school until they
                                                                                        have been treated and are free of lice and nits (eggs). Children
If your child has any of these symptoms, please keep him/her home,                      with scabies can be admitted after treatment.
or make appropriate child care arrangements.
                                                                                  *IF YOUR CHILD SHOWS ANY OF THE ABOVE SYMPTOMS AT
•    APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOR – unusually tired, pale, lack of                        SCHOOL, IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO PICK HIM/HER UP
     appetite, difficult to wake, confused or irritable. This is                  FROM SCHOOL.
     sufficient reason to exclude a child from school.
•    EYES – thick mucus or pus draining from the eye and “pink                    ◊     Bringing a child to school with any of the above symptoms puts
     eye” (conjunctivitis).                                                             other children and staff at risk of getting sick.
•    FEVER – temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.                     ◊     If all parents keep their sick children at home, we will have
•    GREENISH NOSE DISCHARGE, AND/OR CHRONIC                                            stronger, healthier, and happier children.
     COUGH – should be seen by a health care provider. These                      ◊     While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, in the long
     conditions may be contagious and require treatment.                                run this means fewer lost work days and less illness for parents
•    SORE THROAT – especially with fever or swollen glands in                           too.
     the neck.                                                                    ◊     Hand washing is still the number one way to prevent the
•    DIARRHEA – 3 or more watery stools in a 24 hour period                             spread of germs.
     especially if the child acts or looks ill.
•    VOMITING – vomiting 2 or more times within the past 24                                                 THANK YOU,
     hours.                                                                                      San Mateo/Foster City School NURSES
•    RASH – body rash, especially with fever or itching. Diaper
     rashes, heat rashes and allergic reactions are not contagious.

         Los Sintomas De Un Nino Enfermo Que Necesita Quedarsa En Casa
                                                                              •   INFECCIÓN DE OIDOS SIN FIEBRE- no necesitan estar
DADO A QUE NOS PREOCUPAMOS....                                                    excluidas, pero el niño(a) necesita tratamiento médico y
                                                                                  supervisión. Las infecciones de oídos que no son tratadas
Hemos coordinado con el Departamento de Salud del Condado de San                  pueden causar perdida permanente de audición.
Mate, para proteger a los niños de ciertos síntomas de enfermedades           •   PIOJOS, SARNA – los niños no pueden regresar a la escuela hasta
contagiosas.                                                                      que han sido tratados y están libres de piojos o liendres (huevos).
                                                                                  Los niños con sarna pueden ser admitidos después del tratamiento
Si su niño(a) tiene algunos de estos síntomas, por favor deje a él/ ella en
la casa, o haga los arreglos apropiados para su cuidado.                      SI SU NIÑO MUESTRA EN LA ESCUELA ALGUNO DE LOS
                                                                              SÍNTOMAS MENCIONADOS ARRIBA, SERÁ NECESARIO
•    APARIENCIA, CONDUCTA – generalmente cansado, pálido, falta               RETIRARLO DE LA ESCUELA
     de apetito, dificultad para levantarse, confundido, irritado. Esta es
     una razón suficiente para excluir al niño(a) de la escuela.                  ♦      Traer a su niño(a) a la escuela con cualquiera de los síntomas
•    OJOS – mucosa espesa o pus saliendo de los ojos u ojos rozados                      mencionados arriba pone a otros niños y el personal a riesgo de
     (conjuntivitis).                                                                    enfermarse.
•    FIEBRE- temperatura de 100 o más grados Fahrenheit                           ♦      Si todos los padres dejan a sus niños que están enfermos en la
•    MUCOSA VERDE DE LA NARIZ, Y /O TOS CRÓNICA – deberá                                 casa, nosotros tendremos niños más fuertes, saludables y
     de ser visto por un especialista de la salud. Estas condiciones                     felices.
     pueden ser contagiosas y requieren tratamiento.                              ♦      Si bien lamentamos cualquier inconveniente que esto puede
•    DOLOR DE GARGANTA - especialmente con fiebre y glándulas                            causar, en tiempo, esto quiere decir menos días perdidos de
     inflamadas en el cuello.                                                            trabajo y menos enfermedades también para los padres.
•    DIARREA- 3 o más defecaciones acuosos durante un periodo de 24               ♦      Lavarse las manos sigue siendo la manera principal para
     hrs. Especialmente si el niño(a) actúa o se ve enfermo.                             prevenir la propagación de gérmenes
•    VOMITO- vomita 2 o más veces dentro de las 24 hrs.
•    SARPULLIDO- sarpullido en el cuerpo, especialmente con fiebre o
     picazón. Sarpullido de pañales, sarpullidos del calor y reacciones                            MUCHAS GRACIAS
     alérgicas que no son contagiosas.                                                Los ENFERMEROS de escuelas en San Mateo y Foster City

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                               6
                                              Safety Drop-Off Zone News
                                          It has been noticed that some parents are allowing their children
                                          to ride in the front seat of their cars. While it might seem like a
                                          harmless thing to allow your children to ride in the front seat,
                                          you should know that not only is this practice unsafe, it is illegal.

                                          On January 1, 2005 of last year, California passed a new law
                                          requiring that all children ride in a properly secured child safety
                                          seat until they are at least 6 years old or weigh 60 pounds. This
                                          same law also requires children under the age of 12 to occupy the
                                          back seats of your car.

                                          There are a few exceptions. Your child may ride in the front seat
                                              • Your vehicle has no rear seat (i.e., a truck).
                                              • Rear seats are side-facing jump seats.
                                              • The child restraint system cannot be properly installed
                                                  in the back seat (i.e., back seat has only lap belts and
                                                  your need a lap and shoulder belt to properly use a
                                                  booster seat).
                                              • All other rear seats are already occupied by children
                                                  under the age of 12.
                                              • Medical reason (written by a pediatrician explaining
                                                  why the child cannot sit in a back seat).

                                          The danger in allowing your child to ride in the front seat is that
                                          if you are in an accident and your car’s airbags are deployed, the
                                          force of the airbag hitting your child can seriously injure or even
    March 15th
                                          If your child must ride in the front seat, move the seat as far back
 Pajama Storytime                         as possible, and (if you can) turn off the airbag. These two steps
      Night                               will reduce your child’s risk for injury.

Thank you to all who joined us for PJ
Storytime Night at the school on
March 15th. The turnout was great
and everyone had a fun time.

A special thank you goes out to those
parents who read stories and
organized crafts and activities for the
kids. They include: Eber Aguillar,
Mara Grimes, Michelle Lobitz, Julie
Mamis, Jeff Philliber, Cari Rotoli,
and Mike Williams.

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                      7
North Shoreview Montessori School Gear                                 North Shoreview Montessori Ropa para la Escuela

                                                                       CAMISETAS DE LA ESCUELA!
Fill out this form. Make check out to North Shoreview Montessori
Student Council.                                                       Llenen esta forma. Escriban el cheque a la orden de Montessori
                                                                       Student Council
Take your form and check to the school office and put it in the Stu-
dent Council box.                                                      Lleven su forma y cheque a la oficina de la escuela y póngala en la caja
                                                                       del Concilio de Estudiantes.
Orders are available: For pick up before and after school in the
office or can be sent home with your child.                            Hay ordenes disponibles: Para recógalas antes o después de la escuela
                                                                       de la oficina o se las podemos enviar a la casa con su niño(a).
         *Please indicate below your delivery preference.
          Questions? Call Margaret Williams @ 578-8908.                        *Por favor anoten abajo la manera de enviarla o recogerla
                                                                              ¿Preguntas? Llamen a Margaret Williams @ 578-8908.

                                                                         FORMA PARA ORDENAR DE LA TIENDA DEL ESTUDIANTE
  Sweatshirt: adult sizes XXL ___XL N/A L ___ M N/A S___
                                                                         Sudaderas: talla adultos XXL ___XL Nada L __M Nada S__
  Kid Size L__ M __ S __ $18.     Each x _____=$______
                                                                         Tamaño para niños L__ M __ S __ $18. c/u x ___=$_____
  T-shirt: adult sizes XXL ___XL ___L ___M ____S____
                                                                         Camisetas: talla adultos XXL ___XL ___L ___M ____S____
  Kid Size L__ M __ S __ $12. Each x _____=$______
                                                                         Tamaño para niños L__ M ___ S ___$12.
  (Indicate Number of shirts desired next to the size.)
                                                                                             Cada una x_____= $_____

  School Folder-----$1.00 each x____=$________                           (Indique el número de camisetas donde dice el tamaño)

  School pencil keeper…$3.00 each x____=$_______                         Carpeta de la escuela c/u $1.00 x____= $_______

  School Wrist Pouch… $2.25 each x____=$_______                          Caja de la escuela para lápices $3.00 c/u x____= $______

                                                                         Bolsa de la escuela para la muñeca… $2.25 c/u x____= $______
  TOTAL ORDER………………………..$

  NAME_____________________________________                              TOTAL DE LA ORDEN………….$

  PHONE #___________________________________                             NOMBRE_____________________________________

  CHILD’S NAME______________________________                             TELÉFONO #__________________________________

  Rm. # _____                                                            NOMBRE DEL NIÑO________________________

  *Delivery Preference: pick up @ school office_______                   Salón # _____

  Send home with child_______.
                                                                         *Preferencia para el envío: retirar en la oficina_______

  Payment by: check #_______amount $____________,                        Enviarlo a la casa con el niño(a) _______.

                                                                         Pago por: cheque #_______cantidad $____________,
  cash_______amount $_________________________.

                                                                                        MUCHAS GRACIAS POR SU ORDEN
                  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                     8
                        North Shoreview T-Shirts & Sweatshirts On Sale Now
                                                                                                             Note: Some sizes are limited.
                                                       Check out what they look like in                      Unfortunately we are currently out of
Hopefully the weather will                             the display window outside the office!                Adult size Med and Adult size XL in the
clear up soon and it will be                                                                                 sweatshirts. (And we have only ONE
short sleeve T-Shirt weather!                          Make checks out Payable to NSMS                       Adult size Large sweatshirt left!). All
                                                       Student Council. The Student Council                  other Adult and Youth sizes in T-shirts
                                                       uses profits to fund several community                and sweatshirts are available as shown on
Do you need a New North                                service projects and also school projects.            the order form. We will order more when
Shoreview T-Shirt or                                   Ask your child about it!                              we have a large enough order to place.
Sweatshirt?                                            Sweatshirts                   $18
                                                       T-Shirts                      $12
On the facing page is an order form you
                                                       School Folder                 $1.00
can send back to school with your child to
order items with our school’s North                    Pencil Keeper                 $3.00
                                                       Wrist Pouch                   $2.25
Shoreview Montessori logo. You can also
purchase items from the office or after
school on Fridays by ice cream sales.

                           PTA President Message                                                                       “

                             By Cynthia Drechsler and Julie Marquart                                                  EDUCATION
                                                                                                                     THROUGH 100%
Spring has sprung and we are through the second         earth science…? If they aren’t sure what they
trimester of the school year. I can hardly believe      would like to do, have them talk to their teachers              PARENT
that summer vacation is just around the corner!         or check out the science books in the library.              PARTICIPATION”
We have had amazing events this year: Movie             On May 24th we will have the Art and Book Fair.
night was a huge success! We had the largest            Come see and enjoy that artistic talents of your                   17th District
turn out ever for a movie night and that weekend        children and pick up a book or two to take home.
“Wallace and Gromit” won an Oscar for “Best
Animated Film”! Pajama Night was a lot of fun           The PTA is looking for people to join the Board.
with great stories, crafts and tasty treats for the     The primary focus of the PTA Board is to create/             everychild.onevoice
end of the evening. Thank you to all who                support/run the programs that help our children
participated and helped with these events. We           to learn and grow everyday. We are looking for
couldn’t have done it without you.                      people to fill the following positions:
                                                                                                                  A PTA publication of North
Thank you to Cindy Freshour and her crew of                       President                                       Shoreview Montessori Art
volunteers who helped make the book fair a                        Treasurer                                           & Music School
success. The book fairs raise money for the                       Auditor
                                                                                                                   1301 Cypress Avenue San
Library and other programs that we have                           VP of Fundraising
throughout the year. They also allow us to help                                                                        Mateo, CA 94401
teachers and the librarian purchase books that          We are also looking for people who think they                 (650) 312-7588 office;
they would like the children to use during their        might want to be on the board at some point and
D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) time.               would like to learn about a specific position.               (650) 312-7587 24-hour
                                                        Most of the positions are staffed by two people,                    voice mail
In the coming months we have a number of                one being the primary contact and the other
events that need to go on your calendars:               learning and serving as the back up person. This    
                                                        is a good way to get involved with the PTA and                 northshoreview/.
Spring Break is the week of April 10-17. Let’s hope     be involved in putting on our events and
we have sunshine!                                       programs.

EarthWalk is April 21st – Teresa Iriartborde is
                                                                                                                        Phyllis Harrison,
                                                        Thank you for all the volunteering and
working on a great program for the kids and             participation in our events. If you haven’t                        Principal
adults alike! Be on the look out for details in the     completed your hours, don’t hesitate to ask for
Thursday packet.                                        something to do. We have some big events
                                                        coming up and will need all the help we can get!            Cynthia Drechsler and
Once again Magic Night is upon us. Please join us
for Pasta and Magic on May 10th. This is also the
                                                                                                                      Julie Marquart,
                                                        We hope everyone has a happy and safe Spring
General Meeting and election of the new PTA             Break! Remember, no matter where you go or                    PTA Presidents
board!                                                  what you do during your break, enjoy your family
                                                        and friends and don’t forget to share a book with               Newsletter Editor:
The Science Fair is in May 17th! What project will      your children, whether they read to you or you                    Helen Sellers
your child be entering in the fair; animal, mineral,    read to them.

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                            9
                                                                                                              Need Child-Care
                                                                                                             over Spring Break?
          The Music Man Helps Our SMFC Music Programs                                                           Jungle Safari at the
                                 Saturday, April 29 7:30 pm                                                      Children’s Annex
Pied Piper Players, a volunteer-based, non-profit family theater company will host a special               The Annex has planned a five day
performance of The Music Man on Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 7:30 pm at the Bayside Performing Arts         Jungle Safari for students K
Center. When you purchase a ticket to this performance, you help raise money for the SMFC music            through 8 on Spring Break to enjoy.
programs. Just use the special flyer distributed to all the schools (also available on the website,        The Safari expedition meets at two and Pied Piper Players will donate 10% of ticket sales to the SMFC music         Annex locations, Meadow Heights
programs. These funds will be used to help repair instruments and to buy new sheet music.                  and Audubon, from Monday April
                                                                                                           10th through Monday April 17th .
So come enjoy an evening of The Music Man and help support SMFC music programs and Pied Piper              (Please note we’re closed Friday
Players in our effort to teach and share the joy of music!                                                 April 14th.) The Safari’s itinerary
                                                                                                           includes a balloon artist who will
                                                                                                           teach the explorers how to create
                                            The Music Man
                                                                                                           balloon animals on Monday April
                                       April 28 - May 7, 2006
                                                                                                           10th. Amazing Happy Birds, from
                                   Bayside Performing Arts Center
                                                                                                           jungles around the world, perform
                     Friday & Saturday Evenings April 28, 29, May 5, 6 at 7:30 pm
                                                                                                           on Tuesday April 11th. Our safari
                    Saturday & Sunday Matinees April 29, 30, May 6, 7 at 2:00 pm
                                                                                                           students sally forth to the Oakland
                              $15 Adults, $10 Seniors/Children under 13
                                                                                                           Zoo to hunt jungle animals with
                                                                                                           their cameras on Wednesday April
North Shoreview Montessori’s own Isabela Cortwright (Mrs. Neilson’s Kindergarten class) and her
                                                                                                           12th. The fee is $180 for the 5 days,
mom are part of the cast of 20 adults and 57 children.
                                                                                                           and you can collect your registra-
                                                                                                           tion forms from the school office.

  The Music Man Ayuda A Nuestro Programas de Música en el Distrito                                         El Children’s Annex ha preparado
                                                                                                           un Safari a la Jungla por cinco
Pied Piper Players, una compañía de teatro familiar sin fines de lucro patrocinará una función especial    días, para los estudiantes del Kal
de The Music Man el sábado 29 de abril del 2006 a las 7:30 p.m. en el Centro de Artes Escénicas Bayside    8vo grado para que ellos disfruten
Bayside. Cuando usted compre un boleto para esta función, usted ayudará a recaudar fondos para los         durante las vacaciones de
programas de música del Distrito Escolar San Mateo Foster City. Simplemente use el volante especial        primavera. La expedición del
que se distribuyó a todas las escuelas (también disponible en el sitio Internet                            Safari se reunirá en dos direcciones y Pied Piper Players donará el 10% de las ventas de boletos a los programas      del Annex, Meadow Heights y
de música del distrito. Estos fondos se usarán para ayudar a reparar instrumentos y comprar hojas de       Audubon del lunes, 10 de abril al
música nuevas.                                                                                             lunes, 17 de abril. (Por favor noten
                                                                                                           que el viernes, 14 estaremos
Vengan a disfrutar una noche de The Music Man y ayuden a apoyar a los programas de música del distrito     cerrados) El itinerario del Safari
y a Pied Piper Players en nuestro esfuerzo de enseñar y compartir la alegría de la música.                 incluye un artista con globos que
                                                                                                           enseñará a los exploradores a crean
                                            The Music Man                                                  animales con los globos, el día
                                      Abril 28 - Mayo 7, 2006                                              lunes, 10 de abril. Fantásticos
                                 Centro de Artes Escénicas Bayside                                         Pájaros Felices, de las junglas del
                      Viernes & Sábados Abril 28, 29, Mayo 5, 6 a las 7:30 pm                              mundo, representarán el martes, 11
                   Matinés Sábado y Domingo Abril 29, 30, Mayo 6, 7 a las 2:00 pm                          de abril. El miércoles, 12 de abril
                   Boletos: $15 Adultos y $10 Ancianos/Niños menores de 13 años                            los estudiantes de nuestro safari
                                                                                                           irán al zoológico de Oakland, para
Nuestra propia alumna de North Shoreview Isabela Cortwright (Clase de Kindergarten de Mrs.                 cazar animales de la jungla con sus
Neilson) y su mamá forman parte del elenco de 20 adultos y 57 niños.                                       cámaras. El arancel es de $180 para
                                                                                                           los 5 días. Ustedes pueden recogen
                                                                                                           las formas en la oficina de la
    Ed Foundation “for kids” -- SM/FC Schools Baseball                                                     escuela.
       Night Out: Giants vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
                                          Friday, April 28th 7:15 PM
                            Come out to AT&T Park to see the Giants       Place your order by sending (or dropping off) $25 per ticket to:
                           battle NL West Division Rivals Arizona                                 “for kids Giants Game”
                           Diamondbacks and support the San Mateo                                      51 W. 41st Ave.
                           – Foster City Schools. Our schools will                                San Mateo, CA 94403
                           receive $7 for each ticket you purchase to     **Make sure to include your phone number and address so we can mail
                           support after school sports, libraries, and    the tickets to you.** For additional information you can call the SMFC
                           music programs. View level reserved seats      Education Foundation at 650 313-7777 x7770 or order tickets online at
                           are priced at just $25 per ticket.   

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                        10
                                                                                                 and they will forward it to the Ed Foundation desk at
                                Phone Bank A Big Success!                                        the District office. Checks should be made out to the
                                     By Leslie Lopez & Margaret Williams                         SMFC Education foundation, and all donations are tax
                                                                                                 deductible. Thank you so much for your consideration.
                              The Ed Foundation for kids sponsored our first ever
                              district wide phone bank last month. We used parent                We would like to thank the wonderful volunteers who
                              volunteers to personally call 90% of the households in             ran the phones for our schools phone bank. They did
                              our district! Our goal was to inform parents about all of          such a wonderful job; they were able to make calls for
                              the wonderful programs we fund and to ask if they                  two other schools as well as our own. All together they
                              would like to contribute to our efforts.                           made almost 900 calls! Not all of our volunteers were
                                                                                                 comfortable with this task but they put aside their
                              We are desperately trying to get parent participation              feelings and made the calls FOR our KIDS!
                              increased so we can receive matching funds and double
                              our money! Right now, we have so few parents                       A big thank you goes out to: Phyllis Harrison, Bessie
                              contributing that it is hard to convince the                       Stewart-Ross, Julie Marquart, Mrs. Lettie Tau,
                              organizations with the matching funds to contribute.               Cecilia Munoz, Cynthia Drechsler, Eugene Burns,
                                                                                                 Donna Hazzard, Webster Colcord, Michael Brock-
                              So, please whether you have pledged or not, consider               Alexander, Cynthia Zucker, Miguel Tejada, Michele
                              making a donation to the Education Foundation For                  Lobitz, Cari Rotoli, Teresa Iriartborde, Saili Gosula,
                              Kids. You can drop your check off at the school office             Cynthia Newton, Mara Grimes, and Terri Samujh.

   Spring Carnival & Quilt Raffle                                                              Historian’s Corner
         Saturday, June 3rd, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm                                                        By Leslie Lopez
The “Annual Spring Carnival and Quilt Raffle” will be Saturday        For the last ten years our community has recognized some of the outstanding
June 3rd from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you would like to help out      volunteers, teachers, and staff that make our school such a wonderful place to
with it, we could definitely use your help!                           learn.

In the past we’ve had simple carnival games for kids to play for      It is our tradition to award these outstanding contributors during the Spring
prizes, we’ve had a spin art table, we’ve had food for sale and, of   Carnival in June. Please check your Thursday envelopes for the nomination
course, we have continued our long standing tradition of the          forms. We all need to take the time to recognize all the extra time and effort
Quilt Raffle. The quilts from each classroom are always               put forth by so many. WHO DO YOU THINK SHOULD TAKE THE 2006
beautiful, unique, creative and the kids love the drama and           HONORS??
suspense of who will win each one!                                                   Previous PTA Honorary Service Award Recipients:

In addition to all this, we acknowledge volunteers and give out
                                                                      YEAR       TEACHER               STAFF           PARENT         5th Grade FAMILY
awards to staff and families that make a difference at our
school. There is a lot going on that day and we need lots of
parents to make it all work.                                           1996     Judi Bauerlein       Mary Omodt                          David Sharps

Past games have been Face Painting, Fish Pond, Basketball                                                                               Frank & Linda
game, Sucker pick (lollipops), Golf game, Spin art, Duck hunt,         1997     Phil Ekedahl         Fred Garrett    Barbara DuMond
Baseball throw, Cake Walk, Surprise Wall. We can add new
                                                                       1998     Susan Campo          Diane Chism     Mereille McKee    Roy & C. Castillo
Some of the ways you can help are as follows:
• Help set up on Friday night;                                         1999    Susan McKenna                          Susan Martin      Weber Family
• Help set up Saturday morning;
• Organize the carnival games in advance;                                                                                              Cheryl Del Piano-
                                                                       2000    Margo Neilson        Mario Casillas   Susan McComb
• Obtain food donations in advance;
• Ticket sales in advance (Quilt Raffle Tickets & Carnival             2001    Jeanne Schwartz       Don Monjure      Mara Grimes      McComb Family
    Food/Game Tickets) after school from Mid May to June
• On the day of the Carnival taking 1 shift of a game booth;           2002     Krista Mount
                                                                                                                     Lisa Hammond       Nancy Boncore
    or taking 1 shift of food sales; or taking 1 shift of ticket
    sales; or                                                                                                           Margaret        Dean & Barbara
                                                                       2003    Martina Polakis      Carol Cocoles
• Helping with creating quilts that are made in each                                                                    Williams            Nelson
                                                                                                                                       Denise Adami &
                                                                       2004    Heidi Monjure       Victoria Benson    Julie Sweeney      Paul & Lisa
  Please watch for the form to fill out to sign up and                                                                                   Hammond
    send it back to your child’s teacher or contact
  Margaret Williams at 578-8908 or                              Bessie Stewart-
                                                                       2005     Ross(combined                        Cindy Freshour      April Fender
              Or Cari Rotoli at 638-1534
                                                                                 with teacher)

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                               11
                      Science Fair
                       NEW DATE                                                                 Class Field Trips
                     Wednesday May 17th
                                                                               Below are the classes that were fortunate to be able to take
 The North Shoreview Montessori Annual Science Fair has been
 rescheduled for Wednesday May 17th.                                           field trips this past month. Thank you to those parents who
                                                                               were able to chaperone.
 The children’s section of the public library has many, many books
 with science project ideas. Ask the librarian for help locating               On March 9th, Mrs. Neilson’s, Mrs. Monjure’s and Mrs.
 these books. The internet also has many sites dedicated to student            Schwartz’s classes attended the SMFC district’s play
 science fair projects. There are lots of fun ideas for projects.              “Aladdin Jr.”

                                                                               On March 23rd, Mrs. Curry’s and Mr. Ridley’s classes went
                                                                               to the Cantor Art Museum at Stanford to see the special
                                                                               exhibit on childhood depicted 19th century art as well as the
                                                                               rest of the museum’s collection.

                                                                                       Dates to Remember…
              Do Not Miss Attendance                                          Monday, Apr. 3            SIP Meeting, 4:00 pm
                                                                              Tuesday, Apr. 4           RoundTable Pizza, Dinner Out
Our school funding is based on Average Daily Attendance                                                 Fundraiser, 5 - 9 pm
(ADA). Each day a student is absent, the district loses $27 in
revenue. Please make appointments for your children after                     Mon Apr. 10 - Mon Apr. 17 Spring Break (No school)
morning roll call or in the afternoon. Missing the first part of
the school day counts as an absence with respect to the ADA.                  Wednesday, Apr. 19        PTA Board Meeting, 6:00 pm

The District requests that you make a donation of $27 per day                 Friday, Apr. 21           Earthwalk Fundraiser, 1:00 pm
when your child misses school for the purpose of taking a
                                                                              Mon, Apr. 24 - May 22     STAR Testing (2nd through 5th
vacation. Checks can be made out to the San Mateo Foster City                                           Graders)
School District and turned in at our school’s office. Your
donation is tax deductible. Thank you.
                                                                              Wednesday, May 10         Pasta & Magic Night,
                         Editor’s Note                                                                  PTA General Meeting
    I welcome any ideas you may have for the newsletter. Are there
    particular topics you would like to see covered? Do you have              Monday, May 13            SIP Meeting, 4:00 pm
    suggestions for improvement?

    The submission deadline for the May issue of the newsletter
                                                                              Wednesday, May 17         Science Fair, morning during
    will be April 20th. You can email me at                                                             school & 6:30 - 8:00 pm, or you can leave me a message in
    the ‘Newsletter” folder in the PTA crate in the office.                   Saturday, May 20          Swap Sale Fundraiser

                                                                              Wednesday, May 24         School Open House,
                                                                                                        Art Fair & Book Sale, 7;00 pm
      Ice Cream - Fridays, 2:35 - 3:15 pm
                                                                              Monday, May 29            Memorial Day (No School)
Did you know that every Friday ice cream goes on sale after school? There
is a variety of popsicles and ice cream treats for 50¢ each. If you haven’t
joined in, come check it out. It’s a fun social time for parents and kids
alike. A big thank you to Cindy Freshour for overseeing it all.

The Montessori Messenger — April 2006                                                                                                   12

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