The History of Swingline by yku91514


									                                   SWINGLINE® Backgrounder
                              Leading Brand in Stapling and Paper Punches

        For more than 75 years, Swingline has combined design and technology excellence to provide the
best in stapling and paper punch products. Driven by its early motto, “Where Tradition and Innovation
Are One,” Swingline has become a global leader among consumer and trade audiences by building
innovation, quality and durability into every product. A business unit of ACCO Brands, Swingline
markets a wide variety of workspace tools for the business, home and mobile office through multiple
outlets, including office product superstores, mass retail, warehouse clubs, mail order and business-to-
business channels, and Swingline’ Web site, Swingline is headquartered in
Lincolnshire, Ill., and has operations in the United States and Mexico.
        Following is a timeline of Swingline milestones, highlighting the brand’ evolution and continued
efforts to pioneer workspace solutions for consumers.

1700s           Unknown inventor creates first stapler for King Louis XV of France

1925            Swingline founder Jack Linsky takes stapling quantum leaps forward by inventing
                breakthrough product features, including Frozen Wire Staplers – a row of 25 staples
                held together by adhesive

1931            Under its original name, the “Parrot Speed Fastener Company,” the company opens its
                first manufacturing facility

1934            Swingline introduces the Babe Stapler

1937            Swingline #4 stapler launched
                   • First stapler to carry the “Swingline” name
                   • Featured frozen wire staples and “open channel” design, the latter allowing rows
                       of staples to be easily inserted into staplers
                   • Bottom release mechanism allowed stapler to be used for tacking – the first to
                       offer this feature

1939            Company changes its name to Speed Products

1950            The original mini stapler – the Swingline Tot 50 – comes to market and generates
                widespread recognition for Swingline

1952            The Swingline #27 Stapler (original) premieres, introducing the “ramhead” -- a
                mechanism that moves staples forward which continues to be used in most modern

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Swingline Milestones
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1956           Swingline introduces first electric staplers

1963           Swingline merges with the Wilson Jones® company, adding bindery tools for the office
               and school to its already long list of stapling products

1963-1964                s
               Swingline’ Tacker Series comes to market, offering cost-effective and popular tools
               that became as essential to the family tool box as the hammer

1967           Swingline Plier, a handheld stapler designed for high demand businesses such as grocery
               stores and supermarkets, florists and carryout restaurants, debuts

1970           American Brands, Inc. acquires Swingline

1970           Swingline launches the 747 Desk Stapler, designed for offices and recognized as the
               most popular stapler ever introduced

1982           The high end, high capacity Executive Desk Stapler premieres, geared for the
               “demanding executive”

1986           American Brands acquires ACCO

1987           American Brands merges ACCO and Swingline as ACCO Brands

1999           Swingline introduces the TOT® Grip Mini, a revised version of the TOT available in
               various translucent colors

2000           Swingline brings innovation to Paper Punches, introducing products such as the Lever
               Handle Punch and the Notebook Punch

2001           Swingline launches the Light Touch Heavy Duty Punch, combining improved
               leverage design and professional fashion in a top-of-the-line heavy-duty paper punch

2002           Swingline launches the E-Z Use Stapler, with vivid color combinations and soft-grip
               features targeted to teens who value style and self-expression


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