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             AST Australia Call Rates and Plans – Post Paid (AUD) inc GST

                                                Access                 Included                                         GSM National
                                                 Fee                                           Satellite                   Calls                       Contract
               Call Plan                                               Calls per
                                            (per contract                                    National Calls            (when GSM Service                Term

                                          AUSTRALIAN THURAYA - CALL PLANS (Australian Tariff)

    AST Thuraya Lite 12                   $395 (12 months)                $10*                     $0.90                       $0.25                12 months

    AST Thuraya Premium 12                $595 (12 months)                $10*                     $0.60                       $0.25                12 months

    AST Thuraya Lite 24                   $695 (24 months)                $10*                     $0.90                       $0.25                24 months

    AST Thuraya Premium 24                $795 (24 months)                $10*                     $0.60                       $0.25                24 months

                                                                     $300 of GSM
    AST GSM Cap Plan                        $99 per month                                          $0.65                       $0.30                24 months
                                                                      calls / text
    AST GSM Cap with                                                 $300 of GSM
                                           $179 per month                                          $0.65                       $0.30                24 months
    SG2520 Handset                                                    calls / text

                                    AUSTRALIAN THURAYA - CASUAL PLAN (No set contract period)

    AST Casual Thuraya                      $60 per month                   $0                     $0.70                       $0.60                   3 month

                                                                    Value Added Services

    GSM service added                      $249 (12 mths)                    GSM Service is included with the Cap Plans                             12 months

                              Other Service Costs – Post Paid (AUD) inc GST
                                              Satellite                                                                                        MMS            GSM
                                                              GSM Voicemail
          International calls                Voicemail                           Data calls per 10kb                   SMS                     (per          Video
                                               Access                                                                                        message)        Calling

                Satellite                                                                                       Satellite - $0.45
                 $2.95                                       Deposit - $0.10       Satellite - $0.10
                                               $0.65                                                         GSM National - $0.30               $0.65         $0.65
                  GSM                                       Retrieval - $0.30         GSM - $0.03
                  $1.40                                                                                    GSM International - $0.40

Important Information:
    •     All call charges are per 30 second block
    •     GSM calls made when the Value Added GSM service is not added are charged at double the GSM rate shown
    •     If your invoice is lower then $10 you will not be invoiced for that month ($10 included call plans only)*
    •     All calls incur a Flag fall of $0.40
    •     When the GSM Service is taken as an add on it must be taken for the full term of the contract
    •     For International countries covered by each zone and all other charges not listed above please see the website -
    •     National calls are calls within Australia to any other Australian Landline/Mobile or Optus Thuraya phone
    •     Emergency dialling cannot operate across satellite without a relevant SIM card in the handset
    •     Emergency Dialling may not operate everywhere overseas across satellite mode (as per international roaming)
    •     Satellite calling requires Australian area code for local landline numbers. Eg 02 for a NSW number. Satellite calling requires 00 (not 0011) for dialing
          international numbers in or out of Australia
    •     Receiving SMS is not available from other carriers. Eg Telstra, 3, Vodafone for 0145 numbers until November 2008. Receiving SMS is not guaranteed
          from other satellite or international operators
    •     SMS charges are per 160 characters sent. All SMS services are not guaranteed
    •     Satellite to satellite calls cannot restrict call line identification
    •     GPRS and MMS are not available until 2009
    •     No Video calling is available across satellite
    •     1900 services are not available across the Service as per international roaming
    •     The Service does not offer Restricted Access services (RA)
    •     Satellite service is not guaranteed in any location even while in coverage area
    •     Satellite calling requires clear line of sight to the Thuraya satellite(s). Obstructions such as buildings, bridges, carports, garages may restrict the signal
    •     All charges, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice

Actual pricing and availability may vary as the Thuraya network is maintained and as determined by the Gateway. Origination and termination zones of a
call will be determined solely by the records generated from the Thuraya Gateway. AST Australia reserves the right to change prices at any time without
prior notice. AST Australia will however attempt to provide 30 days notice in the case of a price rise.
NB: Calls are billed in 30 second increments

To allow continued service of your Thuraya account, AST Australia will deduct the annual fee from your credit card up to 1 month prior to the start of the
next contract period. AST Australia will deduct funds from your credit card in line with the amount for the current plan you are contracted to. Contact AST
Australia at least 1 month before your contract period expires if you would like to change to a different plan. The annual fee is not pro-rata and deducted
funds cannot be refunded.

AST Australia requires a minimum of 1-month notice from the next billing cycle to finalise your Thuraya account. De-activation can only be performed
with written permission from the account holder. Please contact AST Australia at least 1 month prior to the end of your contracted period. The annual fee
is not pro-rata and deducted funds cannot be refunded. Casual Plans may be de-activated with a minimum 1 months notice. AST AUSTRALIA reserves
the right to SUSPEND or DEACTIVATE any account should payment of account become overdue. Cost of re-activating will be payable by the account
holder. Any subscription payments received in advance cannot be refunded.

Billing – Period
AST Australia billing period runs from the 28th to the 27th of the following month.

Credit card:        All payments will be deducted in Australian dollars. Valid credit cards accepted are MASTERCARD, VISA CARD and AMERICAN
Account:            For authorised trade accounts all direct deposit payments and cheque payments must be made in Australian Dollars and made payable
                    to AST AUSTRALIA. Such payments should be deposited to AST Australia’s Australian Dollar account. (Details of which are on
                    monthly invoices).
Direct Debit:        All payments will be deducted in Australian dollars via the customers nominated bank at the time the Tax invoice is generated.


PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network (Landline) - | - PLMN = Public Land Mobile Network (Mobile/Cell)


* ($10.00 worth of free calls per month)
If you make less than $10.00 worth of calls per month, AST AUSTRALIA will not issue an invoice/statement, receipt or call records.

If you make more than $10.00 worth of calls, all calls made will be charged to your credit card, including the first $10.00. An invoice/statement, credit card
receipt and call records will be sent to you.
NB. The $10.00 worth of free calls per month is non cumulative.


In any month if an invoice/statement and call records are not issued, but the call records are required, AST Australia will issue your call records on request
at a cost of $22.00 inc GST per request. Call records will be posted to the billing address by standard surface mail. Charges for this service will be deducted
from credit card details associated with the relevant account. A receipt for these charges will be included with the call records.

                                                 All prices quoted on this document are inclusive of GST

Your Authorised Thuraya Service Provider                                                              Your Local Dealer
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