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									                                                                     Appendix 2

                Estate Action Plans 2007/08 - Summary
The Estate Matrix approach was launched in 2007 and enabled us to look at a
number of factors around each estate: -

•     Turnover of tenancies
•     tenancies less than 3 years
•     percentage of void stock
•     average weeks void
•     numbers of anti-social behaviour cases

The estate performance was measured against the borough average and then
traffic lighted against these. However the matrix is intended to be used as a ‘can
opener’ to indicate where there maybe issues around the sustainability in a
particular area. The local knowledge of staff and customers compliments the
estate matrix in identifying particular areas of concern or explaining reasons for
performances that fall below the borough average.

Where estates show 2 or more ‘reds’ Area Housing Managers worked with other
services, partner agencies and customers to identify and understand key causes
and develop solutions to address and improve the sustainability on these estates.

The solutions developed ranged from the development of local lettings plans,
security and environmental improvements, approaches to tackling anti-social
behaviour, etc. However in a number of areas full estate action plans were
developed, where there was a wide range of issues impacting on estate

In 2007/08 a number of plans were developed including:-

•    Redheugh and Eslington Court
•    Clasper Village
•    Beacon Lough multi storey blocks
•    Chandless
•    Bleach Green

The development and use of the estate matrix contributes to the company’s Business

1.    Become an excellent organisation by
      •   Continuous review and improvement of services
      •   Involving customers in all we do
      •   Achieving customer satisfaction
      •   Demonstrating value for money

2.    Improve the sustainability of neighbourhoods by
      •    Working with partners and the community
      •    Investing in local projects that regenerate the environment and enhance
      •    Developing initiatives that engage local people

4.   Demonstrate value for money and efficiency in all we do by
     •   Meeting customer requirements
     •   Achieving customer satisfaction
     •   Improving working practices

Review of Estate Action Plans 2007/08

The action plans are managed and monitored by the Area Housing Managers and
key stakeholders. They underwent an annual review in July 2008 to look at the
impact the plans have had in improving sustainability and the outcomes and
differences made for communities over 2007/08.

Outcomes/Impacts 2007/08

As a result of the action plans being implemented there have been a number
of outcomes arising from the actions that were undertaken. This has resulted
positively in some areas of performance improving, improvements in the
security and environmental appearance of estates, reduced ASB and fear of
crime. These outcomes contribute to the sustainability of our estates and will
continue to do so

Redheugh and Eslington Courts

•    The number of reported ASB cases have reduced by 48% and reported
     crime has reduced by 70%, resulting in a more stable community to live in
     and reduced fear of crime
•    Reduced turnover of tenancies from 30.24% in April 2007 to 22.75% in April
     2008, resulting in a more stable community and an increased demand for
     vacant properties.
•    Significantly reduced voids from 79 in June 2007 to 13 by the end of June
     2008 since the implementation of a local lettings plan in July 2007. This has
     also resulted in 15% reduction in void loss.
•    There has been an 81% reduction in damage within both blocks resulting in
     improved appearance of the environment. Additionally a reduced amount of
     43% was spent on responsive maintenance repairs, a VFM saving of
     £17,094.97 in 2007/08.
•    99% customer satisfaction in the improvements made to both blocks and for
     the continuation of the local lettings plan

Clasper Village

•    The number of reported ASB cases have reduced from 14 per 100
     tenancies in April 2007 to 12.6 in April 2008
•    Awarded best improved estate via the Northumbria In Bloom awards in
     September 2007
•    There has been a reduction in garden cases being dealt with as a breach of
     tenancy from 15 to 11 by April 2008
•    The sustainability of tenancies has improved – the percentage of tenancies
     under 3 years has reduced from 40.33 to 37.66
•    We are working in partnership with Neighbourhood Management and the
     Estate Management Board to implement a housing management agreement

•       We have worked in partnership with Local Environmental services to
        improve landscaping of open areas and introduce recycling within the
        communities, to improve the appearance of the estate

Beacon Lough East multi storey blocks

    •    Improved the security access to the blocks and extended CCTV within the
         lifts, reducing anti-social behaviour and providing a safer environment for
    •    The turnover of tenancies within the blocks has reduced in 2007/08 from
         23.78% to 16.78%, creating a more stable community. Work will continue
         in 2008/09 to further improve this.
    •    Funding was received through Wrekenton Community Matters to work
         with customers and agencies to develop the first Neighbourhood Charter,
         due to be launched on 22 September, 2008

Chandless estate and multi-storey blocks

•       We worked with the Police, Neighbourhood wardens and the community to
        tackle ASB and illegal drug issues. Operation Hound resulted in 36 arrests.
        We evicted the first tenant from Monk Court on the grounds of racial
        harassment and nuisance behaviour
•       Between April 2007 and April 2008, the number of ASB cases reported per
        100 tenants dropped significantly from 16.3 to 4.9 in the multi storeys and
        23.8 to 3.3 for the rest of the estate.
•       A police community office was established in Monk Court in 2007 and
        weekly police surgeries are held with tenants to improve relationships and
        reduce the fear of crime.
•       New arrangements were established for the collection of refuse, including a
        recycling initiative in the multi-storeys, leading to a more cleaner environment
        and improving customer satisfaction
•       A number of neighbourhood pride schemes around environmental
        improvements including the removal of street furniture, creation of a new
        flower bed and cutting back foliage around the play area, led to improved
        appearance of open space areas
•       The turnover of tenancies has reduced on the estate over the last year from
        10.69% to 7.64, resulting in a more settled community. Similarly the number
        of voids has reduced from 3.77% to 3.18%.

Bleach Green

•       An estate clean up day was held in December 2007 with the community,
        resulting in 33 tonnes of rubbish being removed from the estate. This led to
        an improved appearance of the area.
•       Through partnership working to improve the appearance of the area, £6000
        has been identified for security and environmental schemes.
•       Between April 2007 and April 2008 the turnover of tenancies has
        significantly reduced from 15.68% to 8.29% and the number of voids has
        reduced from 5.95% to 1.66% of the stock on the estate.
•       Between April 2007 and April 2008, the number of ASB cases reported per
        100 tenants dropped significantly from 14.7 to 7.3, resulting in a more stable
        community to live in and reduced fear of crime


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