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									Issued in May 2009                                                                                           For professional investors and advisers only

Schroder ISF* Global Managed Currency
Fund Focus
                                                         But aren’t currencies very volatile?                     Is there a limit to how much you can invest
                                                         You’re quite right – currency movements                  in any single currency?
                                                         can, indeed, be extremely volatile – and we              To be honest, the limits we’ve set ourselves are
                                                         actually think that is only going to intensify           pretty generous. This was because we wanted
                                                         going forwards. This is the precise reason why           the flexibility to be very aggressive or very
                                                         investors should start thinking about currencies.        defensive depending on market conditions.
                                                         Where there is significant volatility, there is an       We look at exposures across the portfolio on
                                                         opportunity for strong returns.                          both a regional and an individual currency basis
                                                         How will the fund be run? There are many                 with the set limits reflective of liquidity. So, for
                                                         currency funds already open to investors                 example, we can hold a maximum of 50% of
                                                         – how is your fund different?                            the portfolio in euros but only a maximum of
                                                         Our fund is an actively managed, long-only               10% in Thai baht or Chilean pesos.
                                                         vehicle which invests exclusively in multiple            What returns are you targeting? How do
                                                         currencies and forward currency contracts.               you know that the strategy works?
                                                         I suppose it could be described as a ‘World              We are targeting a return of 3% above our
                                                         Cash Fund’.                                              proprietary index over a market cycle and
Clive Dennis, Fund Manager                               There are, indeed, a great number of currency            we spent a long time testing the product to
                                                         funds available. However, there are some very            make sure that this was achievable.
Currencies have been hitting the                         significant differences between our fund and             We back-tested the index and a model portfolio
headlines all around the world.                          the majority of what’s already out there.                to 1993 and, over that period, we’ve seen a
Over the past year alone, sterling                       For a start, most other currency vehicles only           risk/return profile which is comparable to that
has experienced its worst slide                          invest in a very narrow band of currencies –             of government bonds. However, with yields
                                                         generally speaking, the G101 currencies.                 on government bonds expected to rise going
since 1931, questions have been                          We strongly believe that this approach is                forwards, we believe currencies are the better
raised about the cohesion of the                         limited as, historically, a lot of value has been        bet for future returns.
European monetary union, and                             generated by emerging market currencies.                 In what environment would you expect the
                                                         As such, we wanted to ensure that our fund
the US dollar soared as global                                                                                    portfolio to perform best?
                                                         has the flexibility to invest in any currency in         Well, the trend we observed during the back-
stockmarkets plunged.                                    the world. We want to be able to move where              testing was that in years when the US dollar
                                                         we see the very best opportunities.
On 2 June 2009, Schroders is                                                                                      performs well, we could expect the fund to
                                                         The other thing that sets us apart from the              return about -5%. However, when the dollar is
launching Schroder ISF Global                                                                                     weak, we would anticipate returns somewhere
                                                         competition is that most other currency funds
Managed Currency (with EUR, GBP                          are run as hedge fund strategies and are highly          in the range of 15-20%.
and USD share classes available).                        leveraged. We do not believe it is necessary             I think it’s important to say at this point that we
We spoke to the fund’s manager,                          to use leverage within this strategy in order            do have a very negative view on the dollar.
                                                         to achieve returns.                                      The Federal Reserve has expanded its balance
Clive Dennis, to find out more.
                                                         So, do you use derivatives at all?                       sheet dramatically and recent reports suggest
                                                         We don’t use any complex derivative                      that it could double from current levels.
What are the attractions of investing in
                                                         instruments but we do use options either to              In our view, the extent of leverage within the
                                                         hedge a position, or to gain exposure to a               US economy has extremely worrying implications
Many people today are holding their assets in
                                                         currency where that is the best way of                   for the long-term strength of the currency.
cash deposits but, with interest rates as low as
                                                         doing so. For us options are about insurance             So, where are the best opportunities
they’ve ever been, that’s not a terribly attractive
                                                         and access, not leverage.                                for currency investors today?
option. Moreover, with inflation expected to rise
again in the future, the value of those deposits         Will the fund be measured against                        We think that many of the most exciting currency
risks being steadily eroded over time, destroying        a benchmark?                                             opportunities are arising in the developing world.
an individual’s purchasing power.                        When it came to researching how we would
                                                                                                                  So, we are currently overweight eastern
                                                         reference performance, we found that existing
We want to offer clients an alternative to cash                                                                   European currencies such as the Polish zloty,
                                                         currency benchmarks are extremely limited in
deposits and government bonds that can deliver                                                                    the Czech koruna and the Hungarian forint. It is
                                                         terms of the number and range of currencies they
a higher yield, the potential for capital gains                                                                   true that these currencies collapsed dramatically
                                                         are exposed to. This isn’t really surprising as, as
and, most importantly, help them to preserve                                                                      in 2008 – there were a lot of concerns about
                                                         I’ve already mentioned, most other vehicles only
their global purchasing power. For people who                                                                     the health of the eastern European economy.
                                                         invest in a narrow range of (chiefly, developed)
are looking to begin re-investing their capital,                                                                  However, we think the extent of the collapse was
                                                         currencies. So, we asked JP Morgan to build
currencies are the cheapest and most liquid                                                                       somewhat overdone and, since it appears that
                                                         us our own benchmark which consists of 34
way to re-enter the market.                                                                                       the worst of the crisis in the region is now over,
                                                         currencies – including many emerging market
                                                                                                                  these currencies are looking extremely cheap.
It’s probably also worth pointing out that               currencies. What’s great though is that we do
currencies have a very low correlation to                have the freedom to invest in any currency in the        We also think the appreciation of the Chinese
other asset classes, making them a useful                world – not just those dictated by our benchmark,        renminbi has further to go. Don’t forget that the
diversification tool.                                    as the fund is benchmark unconstrained.                  Chinese government slammed the brakes on

1 The G10 or Group of Ten countries are: Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the UK, the US, Germany and Sweden.

*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF throughout this document.
Schroder ISF Global Managed Currency Fund Focus

credit growth about five years ago which meant that the Chinese economy
                                                                                            Correlations to Global Currency Index (10 years to March 2009)
was pretty well contained during the credit boom. The Chinese have also
taken steps to diversify their enormous foreign exchange reserve – the                      Global government bonds                                                         0.73
world’s largest – away from the US dollar.
                                                                                            EMBI+                                                                           0.62
How is the team structured and how do you conduct your research?
Our team is part of Schroders’ Emerging Market Debt, Commodities and                        Commodities                                                                     0.30
Currencies Team which is headed up by Geoff Blanning. As head of the                        US Equities                                                                     0.53
currency team I will be the lead manager of the fund and will be supported
by another specialist currency analyst.                                                     Japanese Equities                                                               0.44

In terms of the research, we will be drawing on both the team’s global                      US REITs                                                                        0.17
network of local analysts and the views of the Schroders economists                         Emerging Market Equities                                                        0.26
based here in London.
                                                                                            European Equities                                                               0.20
                                                                                            Global High Yield                                                               0.60
  Fund Manager biography
                                                                                            Euro Government Bonds                                                          -0.18
  Clive joined Schroders in 2009 having previously worked for seven
  years as an Executive Director, Foreign Exchange Sales at Morgan                          Euro Corporate Bonds                                                           -0.21
  Stanley. Prior to this, Clive spent 15 years at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell                  Euro High Yield                                                                 0.05
  Investment Management, where he was Chairman of the Currency
  Committee and a member of the Group Investment Policy Committee.                         Source: Schroders; Bloomberg; Saloman Smith Barney; Morgan Stanley;
                                                                                           Lehman; Standard & Poor’s; Index calculated by JP Morgan.

Currency             Exposure % Benchmark
US Dollar                       5.0          27.8
Canadian Dollar                 3.0           2.9
Brazilian Real                  4.0           2.6
Mexican Peso                    4.0           2.1
Argentinean Peso                1.1           0.5
Colombian Peso                    –           0.4
Chilean Peso                    1.3           0.3
Peruvian Sol                      –           0.2       Americas
                                                                                                                 Europe         Currency              Exposure % Benchmark
                                                                                                                                EURO                           15.0          24.6
                                                                                                                                UK Pound                         8.0          5.7
                                                                                                                                Russian Ruble                    4.9          2.6
                                                                                                                                Polish Zloty                     5.0          0.9
                                                                                                                                Swiss Franc                        –          0.9
                                                                          Schroder ISF Global                 45.0%             South African Rand                 –          0.6
                                                                          Managed Currency                                      Czech Koruna                     2.0          0.4
                                                                           (Model portfolio)                                    Egyptian Pound                     –          0.3

Currency              Exposure % Benchmark                                                                                      Hungarian Forint                 5.0          0.3

Japanese Yen                     9.0          8.8                                                                               Romanian Lei                     2.0          0.3

Chinese Renminbi                 5.0          6.6                                                                               Turkish Lira                     3.1          1.3
Indian Rupee                     3.0          2.2
South Korean Won                 6.0            2
Australian Dollar                3.0          1.8
Indonesian Rupiah                2.9          0.9
Taiwan Dollar                    2.0          0.8
Thai Baht                        2.0          0.5                                                                                Average duration                      1 month
Hong Kong Dollar                   –          0.4                                                                                Average credit quality                     AAA
Malaysian Ringgit                2.0          0.4
                                                                                                                                 % Emerging Markets                      56.0%
Philippine Peso                    –          0.3
Singapore Dollar                 1.7          0.3                                                                                Portfolio implied yield                 4.03%

                                                                                                                               Source: Schroders.

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