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									STUDENT LOAN -
                          having problems?
Check below to see if they can be resolved simply by trying these suggestions - if not contact us
for further advice. Please try and ring the relevant authorities before you come to see us as we’re
very busy and unable to phone on your behalf in the first instance.

Common problems:
   •	 Have you sent in your ID (eg. passport, birth certificate) and/ or NI number?
   •	 Have you checked your bank details and other details are correct on the Student Finance
      Direct website?
   •	 Have they got your correct contact details- address/ telephone number etc?
   •	 If you applied online did you send in the signed form?
   •	 Have you registered? (The loan won’t be paid until 3 working days after you have registered
      at the University).
   •	 If you applied late (a long way after the deadline) it’s likely your loan is held up in a backlog.
   •	 If you haven’t got the student support you expected, eg. only the basic loan you may have
      ticked the wrong box- check your application/ ring your Local Authority or the Student Loan
      Company’s (SLC) Customer Support Office.

   •	 Call your Local Authority or SLC’s Customer Support Office - if it’s an issue about your
   •	 Call Student Finance Direct - if it’s an issue about payment.
   •	 If you’ve forgotten your password and/ or secret answer to check online you can click the
      ‘forgotten your details?’ button on the Student Finance Direct website.
   •	 If you’ve forgotten everything, including your ART ID you’ll need to phone Student Finance

General tips:
Remember that this is an extremely busy time of year for anyone dealing with student support-
you’re likely to be on hold for a long time if you try to ring and are likely to have to wait longer for a
response to emails than at other times of the year.

   •	 Be patient and keep trying.
   •	 Once you get through be assertive but not rude.
   •	 Be clear about the nature of your question and what you want.
   •	 If relevant, acknowledge any contributions you have made to the problem (eg. applying
   •	 Rather than getting frustrated and shouting, state that you are confused/ don’t understand
      etc and get them to explain again.
   •	 Remember it’s not necessarily the fault of the person on the phone, so shouting at them
      isn’t going to help!
   •	 If you’re not happy with the service ask to speak to a supervisor or ask to complain (if you
      feel you’ve been badly treated).

           TOP TIP
                                               ak to, note the date and time you ring
           Take the name of the person you spe
                                                 versation for future reference.
           and write down the outcome of the con

Student Loans Company Customer Support Office - 0845 607 7577

Student Finance Direct –

No cash?
If you have no money whilst you’re trying to sort stuff out, you may be able to get one of the loans
below from the University to tide you over until your student loan comes through-

VC Loan-
Cash emergency loan of up to £100 if you’ve registered and are not in debt to the University.
Available via the Student Advice Centre and Student Advisors in your school of study.

Bridging Loan-
Up to £200 if you’re living on campus and £400 if you’re in private rented accommodation.

Available via the Scholarships & Bursaries Office located in the Admissions Office, Sussex House.
You must have applied for the maintenance loan but not received it yet.

                                  USSU Student Advice Centre
                                  1st floor, Falmer House, Brighton.
                              tel: 01273 877038 | fax: 01273 873501
                                    website:                       September 2008

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