Hamlet Comic Strip Project

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					Hamlet Comic Strip Project
CP English IV
Mrs. McKenna / Dr. Faigle

Goal: The class has been broken up into 5 groups. Each group will be responsible for
producing a comic strip for one act of Hamlet. When each group has submitted its comic
strip, the 5 acts will be put together to create a comic book for the entire play.

    Once in your groups, review the entire act using your Lit. Logs as a reference.
    Decide how many images you will need to provide an accurate portrayal of the
      most important parts of that act.
    Once you know how many images you need to complete your comic strip, plan
      the photos that will be taken to copy to the comic strip.
    The group should take photos of themselves enacting the most important parts of
      the act. You can take pictures using your own camera and download them to the
      laptop, or you may use the Photo Booth function on the Mac. It is suggested you
      make your photos dramatic and use costumes, props, etc. Import your pictures
      to iPhoto (create a Hamlet photo album). You may use the "effects" option to
      manipulate the temperature, sharpness and look of your picture so it resembles a
      comic book. Once you have your pictures saved (remember to click “done” after
      you finish each picture), open "Comic Life" in applications.
    Choose a template from the pull-down menu (make sure the template(s) you
      choose fits the number of photos you will be shooting). The entire comic strip
      should be 3-5 pages in length.
    Click and drag a page template to your workspace. Then click and drag your
      pictures from iPhoto into the boxes. Similarly, click and drag the bubbles into the
    Find the important quotes from your Lit. Log that match the pictures you have
      taken. Type the important quotes into the bubbles for each image. (Note: not
      all important quotes need to be used)
    Make a cover page for your comic strip with the names of the group members
      and a picture of the entire group, as well as the Act of the play being depicted.
    Comic strips MUST be printed out and handed in. In addition, they must be
      dropped into the “Hand In” folder for the respective class on the Data Exchange.

All work should be shared and each member has to have a part in the process. You will
be given ample class time to work on this. Please have at least two people in the group
use a USB device (jump drive) to save and share the work with all members of the

                             DUE DATE: WEDNESDAY, 2/13