Animals Need Shelter by LisaB1982

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									By Denise Andrews

Title I Reading Teacher
North Belmont Elementary School

EQ: What do animals need?

Imagine you are outside on a cold windy night.

The wind blows stronger and it begins to rain.

Would you want to stay outside all night?

You would go inside to get warm and dry!

You would find shelter.

Animals are just like people.

They need shelter to keep them warm and dry.

These birds enjoy swimming in the pond on a sunny day.

But when a storm is coming birds find shelter.

Birds fly up to their nests. They find shelter in trees.

Other animals build nests to use for shelter.

Squirrels build nests in trees.

Squirrels will also take shelter in holes they find in trees.

Where do you think a tree frog finds shelter?
In a tree!
Of course!

Koalas find shelter in trees too.

A beaver spends most of his time working in the water. He works to build his own shelter in the water.

Beavers work
together to

build a dam made of logs, sticks and mud.

Some animals build burrows underground.

The groundhog finds shelter in his burrow underground. Sometimes he needs to find shelter to get away from hungry enemies.

Rabbits live in burrows underground too.

Some snakes take shelter in trees…

…while other snakes will hide in holes they find in the ground.

Where does a bear find shelter to keep him warm and dry in winter time?

He finds a cave to use for shelter.

Bats use caves for shelter.
Can you think of other animals that use a cave for shelter?

All animals need shelter.
Just like people they need shelter to keep them warm and dry. They need shelter to protect them from hungry enemies.

Can you help these animals find shelter?
Where do they need to go to find shelter?

NC Standard Course of Study Science Objective Goal 1: The learner will build an understanding of the needs of living organisms. 1.02 Determine the needs of animals: Shelter

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Beavers building a dam

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