CPC4646646128 ASCII Table by hrs16503

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									              CPC464/664/6128 ASCII Table
ASCII Table                Hex to Dec to Hex Look-up Table
                          CPC464 Keyboard
CPC464 Keyboard: Layout
CPC464 Keyboard: Characters
CPC464 Keyboard: ASCII Codes
                          CPC664 Keyboard
CPC664 Keyboard: Layout
CPC664 Keyboard: Characters
CPC664 Keyboard: ASCII Codes
                           CPC6128 Keyboard
CPC6128 Keyboard: Layout
CPC6128 Keyboard: Characters
CPC6128 Keyboard: ASCII Codes
                                        Made by ...
Bert Post Uiterweer

Long-time lover of the

    Amstrad Arnold CPComputer (the poor man’s Macintosh),

and of the

    Apple Macintosh Computer (the rich man’s Arnold).


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