Richard Block, Arbitrator

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					Richard Block, Arbitrator

Business:     School of Labor and Industrial Relations, 1965 Rutgers, E. Lansing,
Michigan 48813, TX: 517-353-3896. FX: 517-355-7656

Director of School of Labor & Industrial Relations, Mich State
Univ; Assoc. Dir, School of L a b o r a n d I n d ust r i a l R e l a t i o n s, M S U ;
Adjunct Prof of Law, MSU Coll. of Law; Visiting Scholar, Dept
o f I n d . R e l . L o n d o n S c h ool of Economi cs a nd Political Scie nce;
V i s i s t i n g Prof, Cntr for Ind. Rel., U. of Toronto; Visiting Assoc
Prof, Grad School of Bus, Columbia U; Nat'l Exec B d, IRRA , Chair
E x e c C o m m , I n d u s t r i a l Rel. Council on Goals P ublisher o f
numerous articles & papers on labor relations, labor law,
international labor standards, and training. Teach courses & perform
research in collective bargaining & labor relations.
   R O S T E R S : A m e r . A r b . A s so c. ; Fe d M ed & C o nc il S er v; Na t' l
M e d i a t i o n B o a r d ; M i c h C iv il S e r v i c e A d H o c H e a r i n g O f f i c e r ;
P E R M A N E N T P A N E L : A u t o T r a n s p o r t e r s & I B T ; O h i o E d u c Assoc &
Prof Staff Union; Fort James Corp & United Paperworkers International

PhD, Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, 1977;
M S , E c o n o m i c s , 1 9 7 3 , B A Economics, 1971, University of Illinois.


Professional Organizations:
N a t i o n a l A c a d e m y o f A r b it ra to rs ( ap pl ic at io n a cc ep te d, M ay ,
2 0 0 4 ; a d m i s s i o n e x p e c t e d, October, 2004)Industrial Relations
Research Association,                                Canadian Industrial Relations
Association,                International          Industrial       Relations
                            Association,           American         Economic

PER DIEM: $800.00

CANCEL:                           $700.00 if notified prior to departure for hearing.