CSCE 515 Computer Network Programming

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					CSCE 210: Computer Hardware Foundations                                             Fall 2007
Homework 5                                                                           11/14/07
1. (1 point) Discuss two major differences between the dots used in printers and the
pixels used in displays. What is the actual resolution of a gray scale picture printed on a
600 dot-per-inch (dpi) laser printer if the gray scale is created with a 3  3 matrix?

2. (1 point) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of master-slave multiprocessing
and symmetrical multiprocessing. Which would you select for fault-tolerance? Why?

3. (1 point)
        a.     Suppose you have a token ring network with 10 nodes. Assume that there
               is a delay of 0.5 microseconds as message passes from one node to the
               next. What is the maximum length of time a sender node will have to wait
               before being able to place a message on the network? (Hint: The case for
               maximum wait occurs when this sender node just releases the token.
               Remember that the token is also passed as a message.)
        b.     Why is token ring less efficient than Ethernet when the traffic level is low?
        c.     The token passing protocol can also be used with a bus topology. What
               additional requirement does a token bus network impose that is not needed
               in a token ring network?

4. (1 point) Discuss the tradeoffs between circuit switching, message switching, packet
switching, and virtual circuit switching.

5. (1 point) Compare the instruction sets, registers, addressing modes, and other features
for the X86 architecture and PowerPC architecture in the specific context of the CISC
versus RISC discussion of Chapter 8.

6. (1 point)
        a.      Demonstrate that a segment in X86 real mode can start at any memory
                location that is divisible by 16.
        b.      Verify that 2345:0FFA refers to the same real mode memory address as
                2321:123A. What is the address in pure hexadecimal form?

This homework accounts for 6 points toward your final grade. You need to submit a
hardcopy of your neatly typed answers for the problems. In order to get the points, you
need to explain your answer when you are asked to. This homework is due on Nov. 19 in