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									                                           Lesson Plans –
Teacher –    Loren Hord                                                        Unit Name – Using Tools of Geometry
Lesson – 3.7 Constructing Points of Concurency                                 Date: 2-10-05

Today’s Goal (Standard) (Objective):

         Course                                   Lesson Objectives: Apply knowledge of how to construct the
 Goal 1: 2.01, 2.02,                              incenter, circumcenter and the orthocenter of any triangle.

 Goal 2:

                                                  Materials: paper, pencil, compass, strait edge, computers,
 Goal 3:
                                                  Geometer’s Sketchpad, Smart Board.

                                                  Warm-up Activity: Introduce Geometer’s Sketchpad and how to use
 Goal 4:
                                                  the program. Review angle bisectors, perpendicular bisectors and
 Goal 5:

 Lesson: Use Geometer’s Sketchpad to first construct the incenter of a triangle from each of the
 angle bisectors in it. The created concurrent point is the center of a circle that is inscribed in
 the triangle.
        Next construct the circumcenter from the three perpendicular bisectors of a triangle. The
 result is the center of a circle that is circumscribed around a triangle.
        Finally create the orthocenter of a circle from the three altitudes of a triangle. The
 orthocenter is the center of gravity of a triangle.

 Assessment: Previous homework.                                            Homework Assigned: Worksheet

                                                                           Lesson Evaluation/Changes (reflection):
 Esl/Ec Strategies:
           Visual Aids, concrete project clue, repitition, gestures
           Positive, low anxiety environment
           Simplified, slower language
           Emphasize key words/phrases with gestures, voice/pictures
           Highlight important concepts in written assignments
           Demonstrate and act out when possible
           Demonstrate graphic organizers
           Use cooperative learning strategies
           Predictable classroom procedures
           Allow sufficient/extra time
           Group assignments, portfolios, journal and non-print options
           Check for understanding
           Model cognitive strategies
           Summerize and review frequently

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