TRY OUT TEACHING PLANS by rockandrolldreams


									                             TRY OUT TEACHING PLANS

Step 1:       WRITE a Lesson Plan using one of the formats/models provided. You
              may teach whatever you choose, using whichever model you choose.
              However, consider this as an opportunity to be at your learning edge.
              You’ll have 20 MINUTES to teach and about 5 minutes to receive
              feedback from your peers.

              COPY to OVERHEAD transparency.

Step2:        Come prepared to TEACH your lesson to a small group on the
              designated day. (See table below for your group and the week you will be

              Bring OVERHEAD transparency to hand in.

Step 3:       Prepare a rubric or set of questions your group can use to offer you written

Step 4:        Using the written feedback provided by your peers, WRITE a reflection
              and REVISE your lesson plan based on feedback.

Step 5:       SUBMIT to Sherry on Tuesday of the following week, a packet of:

                     Original lesson plan
                     ALL peer feedback
                     Reflection and Revised lesson plan

          NOTE: Those teaching in Week 10 need to submit the packet on Friday.
                   TRY OUT TEACHING GROUPS

              WEEK 7          WEEK 8         WEEK 9      WEEK 10
          Lauren F.        Ryan           Don         Joshua
GROUP 1   Katie A.         Karen B.       Lauren G.   Nathan
          Heather          Emma           Nora        Bailey

GROUP 2   Kate O’Brien     Nanci          Sacha       Alissa
          Anna             Mark           Karyn A.    Todd
          Ben              Sara B.        Connie W.   Krissy

GROUP 3   Derek            Michael        Linda       Molly
          Julie            Julia A.       Mac         Emily
          Susan            Katherine R.   Candi       Adeena

GROUP 4   Erin             Hannah         Connie M.   Nicole
          Sara del Moral   Kelly          Sally       Kristin S
          Hilary           Steve          Seamus

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