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									                                             Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Enterprise Messaging Solution Supports
                                             Construction Firm’s Paperless-Office Plans

Overview                                     ―We find the push e-mail capability in Microsoft
Country or Region: Malaysia
Industry: Construction
                                             Exchange 2007 really convenient. Our managers have
                                             access to their e-mail all the time, and this allows
Customer Profile
Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, UEM
                                             them to speedily respond to important messages.‖
Builders Berhad is a leading engineering,    Azman Abdullah, Information and Communication Technology Manager, UEM Builders Berhad
construction, and infrastructure-
maintenance company. It employs nearly
2,500 workers.
                                             UEM Builders Berhad is a leading Malaysian engineering and
                                             construction firm that includes seven major operating companies.
Business Situation
UEM Builders wanted to upgrade its
                                             With employees located throughout Malaysia and in several other
enterprise messaging system to improve       countries, the company’s e-mail system has become the primary
operational efficiencies, and enhance
employee mobility to support a strategy of
                                             tool for corporate communications and the backbone of the firm’s
moving toward a paperless office.            messaging infrastructure. UEM Builders continually seeks to apply
                                             new technology to improve operational efficiencies and its
UEM Builders worked with Microsoft           competitive edge. The company recently deployed Microsoft®
partner Max Solution to deploy Exchange
Server 2007 running on Windows Server®
                                             Exchange Server 2007 in part because the software offers
2003 x64 Edition, on HP ProLiant DL380       enhanced mobility features. Employees who access the system
G5 Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5160
servers. System access is through
                                             through Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Access enjoy a richer user
Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Access.        experience, and push e-mail technology has helped mangers
                                             become more productive. Exchange Server 2007 will also
 Paperless-office support                   contribute to the company’s strategy of transforming UEM Builders
 Enhanced mobility features
 More efficient IT management
                                             into a paperless organization.
 Richer user experience for Outlook Web
Situation                                         running on the Windows Server® 2003
Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, UEM                operating system for the past couple of years.
Builders Berhad is a leading Malaysian            For individual computers, the company uses
engineering and construction firm with seven      Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
major operating companies. In addition to         running on the Windows® XP operating
engineering and construction, UEM Builders        system. ―By using Exchange Server 2003 as
is involved in infrastructure maintenance,        our e-mail server, we benefit from having an
facilities management, and toll concessions;      excellent unified platform that is reliable,
and it operates quarries and concrete plants.     robust, and easy to maintain,‖ says Azman.

Established in 1976, UEM Builders is a            UEM Builders is always looking at ways to use
member of UEM Group, a Malaysian                  technology to improve operational
conglomerate in infrastructure development        efficiencies and gain competitive advantages.
and a partner in nation building. The             For example, UEM Builders has integrated a
company has nearly 2,500 employees                Short Message Service (SMS) application into
nationwide as well as in Britain, India, and      Exchange Server 2003 that enables mobile
Qatar. UEM Builders is involved in major          employees to send and receive e-mail
infrastructure projects in Malaysia such as       messages using their mobile phones.
the electrified double-track rail system and
the second Penang Bridge.                         In addition, UEM Builders plans to implement
                                                  a paperless office environment in the next
With employees spread across the country          year, and the company expects Exchange
and overseas, the company’s e-mail system         Server to be an integral part of that strategy.
has become a critical means of
communication and the backbone of the             Solution
firm’s messaging infrastructure. In addition to   UEM Builders took the opportunity to be
internal communication, staffers use e-mail       among the first companies in Malaysia to
to communicate with business partners,            deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. ―We
contractors, vendors, and service providers.      heard a lot of good things about Exchange
―E-mail messages constitute about 60 per          Server 2007—about its new and enhanced
cent of our company’s daily                       features,‖ says Azman. ―And we wanted to
communications,‖ says Azman Abdullah,             take advantage of this new release to
Information and Communication Technology          increase efficiency and productivity in our
Manager at UEM Builders Berhad. ―We have          company.‖
a number of site offices where our quantity
surveyors and planners send various               He adds, ―At UEM Builders, we desire be the
documents by e-mail to the headquarters or        first to implement technologies that will
contractors. Any disruption in e-mail services    benefit our employees and the company.
will usually result in a flurry of irate phone    Having the latest technologies, such as
calls to the IT Department.‖                      Exchange Server 2007, will help keep us
                                                  ahead of our competitors.‖
Given the importance of having a reliable and
secure e-mail system, UEM Builders has built      UEM Builders selected Microsoft partner Max
its messaging infrastructure on Microsoft®        Solution to assist in setting up Exchange
software since 1999 and has been using the        Server 2007. The server environment
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003                    consists of two HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Dual-
communication and collaboration server            Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5160 server
                                          computers, each running Windows Server             documents through Office Outlook Web
                                          2003 x64 Edition.                                  Access. The latest version of Outlook Web
                                                                                             Access supports accessing SharePoint site
                                          ―As a native 64-bit application, Exchange          documents, securely, without having to use a
                                          Server 2007 is able to access more memory,         virtual private network (VPN).
                                          ensuring high performance and reliability,‖
                                          says Poo Ching Loong, Senior Consultant,           UEM Builders also plan to use the Resource
                                          Consulting Services Group at Max Solution.         Booking facility in Exchange Server 2007 to
                                          This combines with Dual-Core Intel® Xeon®          centrally manage the booking of resources
                                          5160 processors to give best-in-class              including meeting rooms and other
                                          solutions, and create a more efficient and         equipment.
                                          responsive enterprise messaging system that
                                          offers up to three times the performance of        Enhanced Mobility Features
                                          previous single-core based servers – and new       New and enhanced mobility features in
                                          levels of price performance and an improved        Exchange Server 2007, particularly push e-
                                          cost per mailbox.                                  mail technology, is proving to be a boon for
―As a native 64-bit                                                                          UEM managers. With the direct push feature,
application, Exchange                     Setup proceeded smoothly without any major         managers with Windows Mobile® powered
                                          glitches. ―The installation process is even        devices can receive new e-mail, calendar
Server 2007 is able to                    more straightforward and faster in Exchange        details, contacts, and tasks as soon as they
access more memory,                       Server 2007 than in the previous version,‖         arrive on the server.
                                          Azman says.
ensuring high                                                                                ―We find the push e-mail capability in
performance and                           Benefits                                           Microsoft Exchange 2007 really convenient,‖
                                          Exchange Server 2007 supports the UEM              says Azman. ―Our managers have access to
reliability.‖                             Builders strategy to move toward a paperless       their e-mail all the time, and this allows them
Poo Ching Loong, Senior Consultant,       office and makes IT management more                to speedily respond to important messages.
Consulting Services Group, Max Solution   efficient. Enhanced mobility features improve      Even our Chief Executive Officer is using push
                                          employee productivity, and improvements to         e-mail, and he’s happy with the technology.‖
                                          Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Access give
                                          users a rich experience when they’re out of        Azman also acknowledges the versatility of
                                          the office.                                        other mobility features in Exchange Server
                                                                                             2007 that deliver anywhere access to e-mail,
                                          Paperless-Office Support                           voice mail, calendar, and contacts from a
                                          Exchange Server 2007 is set to become an           variety of clients and devices. ―Even when our
                                          integral component of the UEM Builders             employees are on the move, they can still
                                          strategy to transform the company into a           access their business information,‖ he adds.
                                          paperless organization. The plan to establish
                                          a paperless office environment will go into full   More Efficient IT Management
                                          swing in 2007.                                     In terms of administration and maintenance
                                                                                             of its messaging system, UEM Builders is
                                          Implementing the paperless office will also        seeing improved operational efficiencies. The
                                          entail using Microsoft Office SharePoint®          company uses the new Local Continuous
                                          Server 2007 to set up a portal that will be        Replication (LCR) feature to make backup
                                          integrated with Exchange Server 2007. Staff        and restoration easier.
                                          working outside the office will be able to
                                          access SharePoint Server 2007 files and
LCR increases availability and reliability by
continuously replicating data across multiple
disks on a single server. In the event of a disk
failure or data corruption, switching to the
copy provides a simple and fast recovery
solution. Previously, it would have taken four
to five hours to restore the group’s e-mail
databases. ―In the event of disk failure, we
can now to switch to a copy of the database,
and the e-mail system can be up and running
within five minutes,‖ says Loong.

Azman notes that his three IT support staff
members easily familiarized themselves with
the system without formal training. He adds,
―It is definitely much easier to manage the
Exchange Server 2007 system than
Exchange Server 2003.‖

Richer User Experience for Outlook Web
The latest version of Outlook Web Access
provides UEM Builders staff with a richer
experience, even when they are outside of
the office. ―The new Outlook Web Access
looks and feels like the Office Outlook client.
For example, we can now search the Global
Address List and get information on contacts,
and check if a particular person is available
for a meeting. This is definitely very useful,‖
says Azman.

Azman is also pleased with Outlook
Web Access Light, a version of Outlook Web
Access that runs with fewer features but
performs better over dial-up and other slow

Additionally, staff can securely access their
personal files or shared folders using
LinkAccess, which will make the company’s
VPN systems available for other applications.
―Compared to a VPN solution, LinkAccess is
very simple to administer and configure.‖
says Azman. ―We can see its benefits, and we
envision more of our staff will be making use
of it.‖
For More Information                                                                                          Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
For more information about Microsoft                                                                          For more information about the Microsoft
products and services, call the Microsoft                                                                     server product portfolio, go to:
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                                                                        www.microsoft.com/servers/default.mspx
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                                                                       For more information about Microsoft
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                                                                      Exchange Server, go to:
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                                                                    www.microsoft.com/exchange
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and
Canada, please contact your local
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information
using the World Wide Web, go to:

For more information about Max Solution
products and services, call 6 (012) 334
0896 (Malaysia) or visit the Web site at:

For more information about UEM Builders
products and services, call 6 (03) 7623
0888 (Malaysia) or visit the Web site at:

                                                                Software and Services                     Hardware
                                                                 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio         HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Dual-Core Intel
                                                                  − Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition           Xeon processor 5160 servers
                                                                  − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                                                  − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server    Partners
                                                                    2007                                     Max Solution
                                                                 Technologies
                                                                  − Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published October 2006

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