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									                                         Auditory Oral Lesson Plans
                                             Week of May 27-30

Unit Plan: Things that Float, Boats and Pirates
Literacy Link: Tough Boris and The Little Red Lighthouse

Student Targets

Vocabulary Words
Basic           Sailboat, ship, hook, dig, pirate, bury, patch, parrot, sea, spyglass
Proficient      Bury, buried treasure, patch, parrot, pin, jewel, coin, barrel, chest, beard, sea, skull,
                spyglass, anchor

Advanced jewel, buried treasure, crow’s nest, rhinestone, rigging, Jolly Roger, compass, beard,
                mustache, scar, cargo, barrel, chest, Blackbeard, matey, skull and crossbones,

                     Language                              Speech                            Auditory

            Introducing “Why did he?             Using initial /dr, tr and kr /   Recalling details to answer where
            Why didn’t he _____?” and            blends                           did, why did, and how come/how
            answering the question forms                                          did questions after listening to a
            connecting more than one idea                                         short story about Tough Boris and
                                                                                  participating in classroom
Child       Bound morpheme /z/ to show
 A          plurality, jewels, rhinestones,
            and barrels                                                           Following directives with 3 critical
                                                                                  elements containing early spatial
                                                                                  and early quantitative concepts
                                                                                  above and below

            Simple sentences                   Using initial /bl/ consonant       Recalling 3 vocabulary words for
                                                 blends + vowels of               our unit
            Using the copula verb IS to
Child                                            alternating heights
            mark present tense                                                    Listening to a 2-3 word
                                               Using final /l/                    description and identify the
            “Tough Boris is a pirate.”
                                                                                  object by drawing a circle around
            “His beard is red.”                                                   it

            Using none, nothing to describe      Using medial /n/ and /r/         Close the line of a familiar song
            a quantity
Child                                            Colored vowels in                Recalling 3 vocabulary words for
 C          Zero to describe when                multisyllabic words              our unit;
            answering “How many?”
                                                 Accenting proper syllable in     Listening to a 2-3 word
            Making 3 word semantic               multisyllabic words              description and identify the
          combinations agent+action+                                            object by drawing a circle around
          location                                                              it

          “The blue jay flew far away.“
          “The kite broke outside.”

          Target vocabulary expressively
          and receptively with rapid

          Initiating the use of “where”      Using initial consonant clusters   Close the line of a familiar song
          questions expressively and         /sk/ /st/ and /str/                including…
                                                                                “This pirate has a hat,
Child     Continuing particle verbs; pick                                       Where a skull and crossbones sat,
 D        up, put away, pull on, take off,
                                                                                With an AR AR AR and Aye Matey.
          put on
                                                                                This pirate sailed upon the sea.”
          Using TARGET vocabulary to
          make a verbal description

        Using sound associations; “ut        Detecting /sh/, /ah/, /mm/         Discriminate between 2 songs…
        oh,” “caw caw” says the bird, shh,   producing early bilabial sounds,
                                                                                “Row Row Row Your Boat”
        ooh, ee, ARR ARR ARR, and MMM!       vocalizing on request
                                             decreasing use of physical         “Happy Birthday to You”
Child Intonational contours                  gestures to comment
 E    increasing his ability to gain
        attention and comment through
        purposeful vocalizations

        Using did and didn’t to answer the   Using initial /bl, fl, and pl/     Close the line of a familiar song
        questions, “Why did he say that      blends and marking the
                                                                                Recalling details to answer where
        ?” and “Why did he do that?”         allomorph /z/ to show plurality
                                                                                did, why did, and how come
Child                                                                           questions after listening to a
 F    Continuing to work towards using
                                                                                short story
        irregular past tense verbs
                                                                                Following directives with 3 critical
                                                                                elements containing early spatial
                                                                                and early quantitative concepts

          Using none, nothing to describe      Using medial /ZH/ + vowels       Close the line of a familiar song
          a quantity….or zero to describe      of alternating heights (i.e.
          when answering “How many?”           treasure)
                                                                                Recalling 3 vocabulary words for
          Making 3 word semantic               Increasing the number of
Child                                                                           our unit;
          combinations agent+action+           vowel repetitions same place
 G        location                             on a single breath               Listening to a 2-3 word
                                                                                description and identify the
          “The blue jay flew far away.”
                                                                                object by drawing a circle around
          “The kite broke outside.”
          Using so as an intensifier
           Using none, nothing to describe      Increasing use of                     Close the line of a familiar song
           a quantity                           developmentally appropriate
                                                                                      Recalling 3 vocabulary words for
           Zero to describe when                                                      our unit;
                                                linguistic means of
           answering “How many?”
                                                communication, mature facial          Listening to a 2-3 word
           Making 3 word semantic               expression, and intonation            description and identify the
 Child     combinations agent+action+                                                 object by drawing a circle around
  H        location                                                                   it

           “The blue jay flew far away.“
           “The kite broke outside.”

           Target vocabulary expressively
           and receptively with rapid

                 Monday                Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday               Friday
8:40             HA/CI checks          HA/CI checks       HA/CI checks          HA/CI checks           HA/CI checks
Hearing Aid CI

8:45             Gross Motor           Gross Motor        Gross Motor           Gross Motor            Gross Motor
Pledge           Activity:             Activity:          Activity:             Activity:              Activity:
                                                          “Jumping Bean”
9:00             Listening for the     Jumping over       This one is           Say, "Elbow!" the      Late last night"
Gross Motor      alligator clicker.                       focused on David      kids have to find      have all the
                                       the river--use a
Whole Group      Island hopping.                          and Nicholas.         a partner and          kids lay down
                                       blue blanket                             touch elbows.
                 Children will wait    start with it                                                   and pretend to
                 until they hear the                      Make a deck of        Then say walk.         be asleep.
                 “alligator” Watch
                                       being narrow       cards. Some of        Then call out          Then you
                 out for the           and the kids       the cards will        another body           sing/say "Late
                 alligators…           jump over it       have a bean.          part. Once the         last night while
                 photocopied           with two feet      Some of the           children master        you were
                 pictures of the       make it wider      cards will have a     this, I call out two   sleeping,
                 clicker. When you     and they try to    bird.                 body parts. For        somebody
                 hear the alligator                                             example, I'll say      came and put
                                       jump over with
                 jump to the next                         Turn over a card.     "Knee to hip!"         skipping shoes
                                       out falling into                         and one child has
                 island.               the "water”        If it‟s a bird, the                          on your feet,
                                                          older children will   to put his knee to     get up and
                 Skill work:                              name the bird.        his friend's hip.      skip, skip, skip,
                 detection             Basic concept                                                   skip" you can
                 Plurality in          work Children      If it‟s a bean, we                           vary the type
                 spontaneous           A and F: make      all                   IEP                    of shoes such
                 production            it wider           shout…”jumping        goal…following 2       as "bunny
                 Meghan/Will           Abby over          bean” and we          step directives        shoes"
                                       Child E            jump up and                                  "dancing
                 ISLAND                imitation skills   down.                                        shoes"
                 hopping                                                        Coloring fish at       "galloping
                                                          Child G:              the table.             shoes" after
                                                          jumping               Everybody color        they skip tell
                 Hop from island
                                                                                the fish‟s fins.       them to lay
                 to island. Circles                       Search until we                              back down and
                                                                                Color following
                 on the floor in our                      discover the          directions. Cut        do it again with
                 classroom. Don‟t                         pirate‟s parrot in    out the fish.          a different pair
                 let the alligators                       the deck of           Place all of the       of shoes.
                 get you. Did the                         cards.                fish on a blue
                 alligatorz get                                                 piece of paper         Meghan/Will
                 you? Yes, it did                         Count all of the      collaboratively        take turns
                 or no it didn‟t get                      birds. How            creating a sea         choosing what
                                                          many in all?          scene. Place our       kind of shoes
                                                          Were there            DEEP water             we found.
                                                        more parrots?         under the 3”
                                                        Were there            balance beam.         Skill
                                                        more blue jays?       Walk the plank.       development:
                                                        Which bird did                              following
                                                        we find the                                 directions
                                                        most? The             Learn: “Walk the      Gross motor
                                                        least?                Plank” This is        skills
                                                                              sung to the tune
                                                                              of “Row Row
                                                                              Row Your Boat.”
                                                                                                    RING TOSS
                                                                              Can anyone            with a pirate
                                                                              identify a familiar   patch covering
                                                                              song after            just one eye,
                                                                              listening to me       not two
                                                                              hum the tune?         eyes….
                                                                                                    AR AR AR!

                                                                              Walk, walk, walk,
                                                                              the plank,
                                                                              plunging in the       AUDITORY:
                                                                                                    Hide a
                                                                                                    treasure in the
                                                                                                    Each child
                                                                                                    dresses up
                                                                              Walk the              with an eye
                                                                              plank….walk across    patch and
                                                                              a board with          pirate pants
                                                                              footprints 1-10       and looks for

                                                                                                    When the
                                                                                                    pirate gets
                                                                                                    close to the
                                                                                                    hidden chest,
                                                                                                    MATEY‟s clap

9:10-9:30   Literacy: Debbie        Math: Pam           Art: Veles            Sensory: Caitlyn      Speech with
Centers                                                 Make a pirate         Water table           Meghan and
            Read books about        Sorting coins       flag by using a       becomes a             Will
            the ocean….what         found inside a      white small           pirate‟s cove.
            is found inside the     treasure chest.     kitchen garbage       We‟ll add the         Monday:
            sea? Make a                                 bag. Have the         bulletin board        draw jewels
            diorama. Expand         Can you find the    kids cut out a        fabric and then       and coins ,
            oral labels of          ones that are the   rectangle. Put a      have the kids tear    then put in the
            animals that can be     same?               skull and             long pieces of        treasure box
            found in the sea.                           crossbones on         black fabric that
            Given a verbal          Weighing…count      the rectangle.        we‟ll hang from       blow the ships
            description, identify   out a set of 10     Staple.               the ceiling. They     across the
            the sea animal          pennies, a set of                         can dig in the        water to the
            described.              10 nickels, a set   Add the flag to a     treasure chest to     shore.
                                    of 10 dimes.        straw.                see what kinds of
            High Tide:              What would          Display the flags     buried treasures
            Textured Soft           weigh the same      around our room.      that they find.       Tuesday: Dig
            Shapes                  amount in our                                                   for the
            Sea Animals             classroom?          Paint rocks gold.     Sort objects that     treasures in
                                    Equal weight        Stick on sequins,     they find. Find a     drifts of sand.
                                    concept             jewels and glitter    set of different
            Children A, C, and      development.        to put later in the   types of
            F:                                          week in the sand      seashells. Sort       Wednesday:
Opposite pair deep                        bin so that we     the shells that      Use a
and shallow            Children A, C,     can look for and   they find into       compass to
Read aloud             F:                 dig for buried     groups identifying   locate the
Grandma and the        Sorting            treasure.          similarities         buried treasure
Pirate                 Plurality                             between the          hiding under a
                       Weight                                shells.              tree in drifts of
Manipulate Lego        estimation                                                 sand. Use
pirates in water.                                                                 irregular past
Change water                                                                      tense verbs
levels and discuss                                                                when
deep/shallow                                                                      describing
water. What might      Child G/Child B/                                           actions
you find in really     Child E                                                    performed.
deep water???          Finding
Link to theme          Using a pencil                                             Thursday:
based vocabulary.      make a rubbing                                             glue coins and
A pirate                                                                          jewels found in
ship….what                                                                        the sand on
happens if the         Child C/Olivia:                                            picture of
pirate ship gets a     Sorting like                                               treasure chest.
big hole? It sinks     coins….weight
in deep water. Link    activity.
to the “Little
Mermaid” when          .
she swims near the
sunken ship and
finds a fork in the
treasure chest.

Child C/Olivia:
Read aloud Tough
Boris by Mem Fox.
Make statements
about Tough Boris.
“Tough Boris is
tired.” “Tough
Boris is sad.” using
the copula verb is +

Compare and
contrast Tough
Boris to their
fathers. How is
Boris like their
dads? How is
Boris different than
their dads?
Venn diagram with
two dads in each
circle and
similarities in the
connecting circle.

Child G and Child
Read aloud
Grandma and the
Open up a beach
bag and discover
things that you
could take and
things that you
could not take to
the beach.

Child D:
Read aloud
Grandma and the
Dig for gold rocks
in the sand bin.
Under each gold
rock have a picture
of a fish, an
octopus, and eel.
Sort the pictures
into three groups.
Given a grid,
identify the word
9:30-10:00      Read aloud The       Sequence 4          Target               Vocabulary Bingo     Whole Group
Whole Group     Little Red           pictures from the   Vocabulary work:     with Proficient      Activity:
Language        Lighthouse           story The Little    Mustache, Scar       words on a ring
Mrs. Schrader                        Red Lighthouse.     and Beard            from our Pirate      Play “Sink the
Mrs. Duffek     CHILD A and Child                                             theme.               Ship”
                F                    PowerPoint…         Read aloud How
                                     taking a look at    I Became a                                Divide the
                Make an island       different           Pirate               All play…..          children and
                with the kids and    lighthouses                                                   adults into two
                introduce the                            Find pictures of     Barrier coloring     teams.
                concepts of deep     Everyone!           pirates through      game. Color
                and shallow water.                       the story and        different parts of   Using a box
                                                         note all of their    a pirate ship.       create a pirate
                Find non-fiction                         different            Color a              ship. Each
                books about                              mustaches.           mustache, draw a     team makes
                lighthouses and                                               scar and color a     their own ship.
                expand their                             Each child can       beard on a given
                knowledge of the                         become a pirate.     pirate. Following    Empty oatmeal
                purpose of a                             Color a              2 step directions.   containers for
                lighthouse. Find                         mustache above                            a canon.
                WI lighthouses on                        their lip and        Reread aloud a
                the internet.                            under their nose.    book How I           Tire? For a
                                                                              Became A             ship‟s wheel.
                Finish their                             Add a mustache       Pirate.
                lighthouses with                         to each child.                            Toss Nerf balls
                Mrs. Graf this                                                                     into each other
                week.                                    Add a scar and                            teams ship.
                                                         let them identify                         The ship with
                                                         where they want                           the MOST Nerf
                                                         their scars.                              balls will
                                                                                                   sink…All the
                                                         Will\/Meghan:                             pirates sink
                                                         How did you get                           down deep!!
                                                         your scar?

                                                         I did it when                             Spyglasses
                                                         ________.                                 from paper
                                                         Expanding their                           towel tubes.
                                                         early imaginative                         Walk around
                                                         thinking skills!                          the halls and
                                                         Mrs. Duffek                               note pictures
                                                         models the                                from our words
                                                         structure. Input                          on a ring.
                                                         structure.                                Look through
                                                         Add beards.                               spyglasses!
                                                         Take digital                              What can we
                                                         pictures with the                         see. “There is
                                                         camera.                                   a spyglass.
                                                                                                   There is a
                                                         Plug camera into                          ____.”
                                                         the television and                        Through our
                                                         review with the                           hallways.
                                                         children target
                                                         words,                                    TREASURE
                                                         mustache, beard,                          HUNT:
                                                                                                   Lunch bags
                                                         David: HAS                                with a picture
                                                         “Evander has a                            of a colored
                                                         scar.”                                    pirate chest.
9:30-9:45         Fine Motor:            Fine Motor:          Fine Motor:           Fine Motor:
Activity  with    Blowing paper dolls    Peg boat             Coloring within       Make a boat           Go on a
Nicholas          down with his          patterns             the lines. Stand      using a walnut        treasure hunt
                  classmates             Complete the sail    up and color with     shell, a toothpick    using our
9:45-10:00        pictures. See if       boat and then        a marker a set of     and a mini sail.      spyglasses to
Activity   with   they can use a         count how many       starfish.             Crack open the        find hidden
David             straw to blow the      red pegs used,                             walnut shell with     buried treasure
                  man down!              how many                                   a nutcracker.         all around the
                  Nicholas….             orange pegs                                                      school.
                  Listening for a        used, how many
                  name….detection        purple pegs          Gross Motor:          Gross Motor:
                  and then blowing       used…                Toss bean bags        Toss bags of
                  given a point                               from different        coins into hula
                  prompt to support                           distances at a        hoops.
                  early auditory         Gross Motor:         pirate….tape a
                  identification.        Pulling each         pirate face to a
                  WAIT until he          other on scooter     cone, Bluebeard,
                  recognizes that        boards down the      Redbeard,
                  he‟s heard…then        hall.                Blackbeard….
                  help him select the                         Each cone is a
                  right pirate and       Lift up a cone       different distance
                  blow it down.          and find a picture   from where they
                  David: following       of something         stand
                  directions and         found in the sea     .
                  using a straw          or not found in
                  appropriately          the sea. Sort the
                                         pictures that they
                  Gross Motor:           find. Print
                  Bowling with           beneath the
                  targeted               pictures for
                  vocabulary taped to    David.
                  pins. Increasing
                  word approximation
9:30-10:30        ChildA:      where     Child A:     hide    Child          A:     Child           A:    Child A: Use
Speech            question      forms    vocabulary           Memory       with     Continue to play      sabotage with
Rotations         targeted       while   pictures around      vocabulary            memory        with    the dollhouse.
                  playing with the       the room. Elicit     pictures. David       vocabulary            Tell David to
                  dollhouse (familiar    „where‟ question     will use written      pictures.   David     put the ___ in
                  vocabulary)            forms from David     sentence strip to     will independently    the room. The
                                         using      written   produce where         produce     where     furniture item
                  Child E: detection     cloze phrase.        questions       in    questions in order    will be missing.
                  of /sh/, /m/, /ah/                          order to find the     to find the other     In order to get
                                         Child          E:    other pair.           pair.                 the     furniture
                  Using pom pom in       detection of /sh/,                                               item, David will
                  a cup                  /m/, /ah/ using      Child           E:                          need to ask for
                                         pom pom in a         continue       with   Child E: begin to     it    using     a
                  bilabials in blowing   cup                  detection of /sh/,    target                where
                  bubbles.                                    /m/, /ah/ using       discrimination        question form.
                                         sustaining   /ah/    pom           pom,    between       „pop‟
                  Child Br:      Use     while     pushing    continue         to   and     „oh     no,   Child        E:
                  blank paper to         plane across the     sustain /ah/ while    daddy‟s going to      discrimination
                  make flags for blue    table.               pushing airplane      be very angry”        between „pop‟
                  ships.                                      across       table.                         and „oh no,
                                         Child B:      Put    Plane        stops    Child           B:    daddy‟s going
                  Child C: collecting    flags on the blue    when                  Continue to play      to be very
                  coins and putting in   ship. Have pirate    vocalization          with blue beard.      angry‟.
                  the treasure chest     ship race by         stops.                Evander               Repeat animal
                  while    producing     blowing      blue    Child B: draw         continues       to    sounds while
                  „eezh‟ with up to      pirate      ships    blue beard on         narrate actions of    putting
                  four productions on    across the sea.      pirate.      Have     blue beard using      together
                  one breath.                                 Evander narrate       auxiliary „is‟.       puzzle during
                                         Child          C:    what blue beard                             discrimination
                  Child G:     target    production     of    is doing during       Child           C:    exercise.
                  vocabulary   words     „ahzh‟ with up to    play         using    Produce      vowel
                  by putting penny on     five productions      auxiliary verbs.     alternations with
                  the picture of the      on one breath.                             /zh/ in the final
                  vocabulary word.        Collect coins and                          position:   ‟eezh,
                  Gabby will need to      put      in     the   Child           C:   ahzh” with up to
                  request the penny       treasure chest.       Produce     vowel    four    repetitions
                  using /n/ in the        Count       coins,    alternations with    on one breath.
                  medial      position.   building         on   /zh/ in the final    Continue         to
                  Produce three term      breath support.       position:‟eezh,      collect coins for
                  semantic relations      Child G: target       ahzh” with up to     treasure chest.
                  to describe location    vocabulary words      four repetitions
                  of penny.               by putting penny      on one breath.       Child G:
                                          on the picture of     Continue        to   Building auditory
                                          the            two    collect coins for    memory to three
                                          vocabulary            treasure chest.      vocabulary items.
                                          words.      Gabby                          This time, Gabby
                                          will    need     to   Child G:             is to put penny
                                          request         the   Building auditory    on/under the
                                          penny using /n/       memory to three      actual vocabulary
                                          in the medial         vocabulary items.    object.
                                          position.             This time, Gabby
                                          Produce      three    is to put penny
                                          term      semantic    on/under the
                                          relations        to   actual vocabulary
                                          describe location     object.
                                          of penny.
10:00-10:30       PLAY CHOICES:           PLAY CHOICES:         PLAY CHOICES:        PLAY CHOICES:         PLAY
Structured Play                                                                                            CHOICES:
Centers           Painting alligators     Painting with         Lacing sea           Pirate puzzles
                  all green at the art    natural sponges       animals                                    Dollhouse
                  easel                   and blue to make
                                          a sea                                                            Lego‟s and
                                                                                                           pirate ship
                  Cutting fringe on a     Bridges and           Sponge painting      Snapping snap
                  palm leaf               lighthouses….         with sea animal      blocks                Blocks
                                          Blue water and        sponges
                                          the train
                  Pirate boats using                                                                       Chalk and
                  blocks and lego         Coloring with         Counting star fish                         chalkboards
                  pirate men!             markers               found in the sand    Jungle gears          writing letter
                                          collaboratively a     bin….Sorting by                            sounds
                                          picture of the        color
                                          sea, treasure
                                          chest, ship and

10:35                                                                                                      10:40-11:10
Bathroom                                                                                                   MUSIC

10:40 Snack       Snack:                  Snack:                Snack:               Snack:                Snack:
                  Captain   Crunch        Peanut butter         Pretzel sticks       Jolly bird banana     treasures….
                  cereal                  Canon balls           Orange slices
                  Apple Wedges            Roll a cup peanut                          Roll banana in        Twinkie cut in
11:00-11:10                               butter                                     fruit juice and       half    topped
Morning Recall    Milk Choice             Rice Krispies                              then     roll in      with      fresh
                                          Coconut together                           crushed Frosted       strawberries
                                          to make a ball.                            Flakes

                                          Refrigerate the
                                          leftover   canon
11:15-11:40       Reread the story,      Continue speech     Introduce the        Speech babble            Continue
Phonemic          The Little Red         babble work for     nursery rhyme        work; alternations       speech babble
Awareness,        Lighthouse. Focus      final /ks/.                              final /ks/ and final     work for final
Early Literacy,   on answering why                           Peas Porridge        /l/.                     /ks/.
&                 did detailed           Final /ks/          hot
Story             questions.             alternations with   Peas Porridge                                 Final /ks/
development                              final /l/           cold                                          alternations
                  Consider the           alternations.       Peas porridge in     Find phonemes            with final /l/
                  Lighthouse as a                            the pot nine days    hidden around            alternations
                  character, and         Introduce the       old.                 the room. Each
                  describe character     phoneme/                                 phoneme will be          Repeat
                  traits in the story.   grapheme            Some like it hot     hidden                   “Peas Porridge
                                         correspondence      and some like it     underneath a             hot and peas
                  Open ended             for X….X marks      cold.                rock that we             porridge cold”
                  question: If you       the spot for a      Peas porridge in     painted gold.
                  were a lighthouse      pirate              the pot nine days    Group the sounds         Open up snap
                  how would you                              old.                 together.                peas and
                  have felt when the     Search n find…                                                    count the
                  bridge was built?      Letter sound        Given a pot,         Review the               number of
                                         review              reach inside and     phoneme.                 peas inside.
                  Sea animal story.                          pick two words
                  Naming different       Circle the sound    as a group we        Which letter             Do all of the
                  types of fish and      that you hear.      will decide if the   sound did we find        peas that we
                  sea animals.                               words rhyme.         the most? The            opened have
                  Identifying the                                                 least??                  the same
                  number of syllables    Bean Bag Letter     Continue speech                               number of
                  after listening to a   Sound Relay         babble work for      Review the               peas?
                  2-3 sentence                               final /ks/.          rhyme “Peas
                  verbal description     Introduce the                            Porridge hot,            Above and
                  about the animal.      following Nursery   Final /ks/           peas porridge            below
                  Name the animal        Rhyme:              alternations with    cold.                    Basic concept
                  and count the                              final /l//                                    work
                  syllables.                                 alternations         Can you identify
                                                                                  the sound this           Read aloud
                                                             Writing letter /x/   word begins              Tough Boris
                                                                                                           By Mem Fox
                                                                                  Initial /p/ or initial
                                                                                  /s/ or initial /l/       Sequence 4
                                                                                                           pictures from
                                                                                  Cut and glue             the story
                                                                                  words on a t-            Tough Boris
                                                                                  chart.                   and retell the

Wash Hands
Lunch Bunch

12:30-12:45       Calendar: Jolly        Calendar: coins     Calendar: sword      Calendar: jewels         Calendar:
CI/HA Check       Roger                                                                                    spyglass
Wake-up                                  Warm Up:            Warm Up:             Warm Up: Fill in
voices            Warm Up: While         Counting up to      Teacher says the     the missing              Warm up:
                  wearing a bandana      12. Writing         number, and          number. For              Counting to 12
Table             and two patches        numbers on a        students will        example,                 doing different
                  students will pull     number line.        write the            1__3__5 6 7__9.          movements.
12:45-1:45        two number tiles                           numeral.                                      Jump, tap or
Early Concepts    out of a bin of                                                 Students will use        pretend to row
of Number &    sand. Other            Play a pirate        Grab bag: sorting    jewels to make       while counting
Language  of   students will have     board game           types of boats.      patterns. Then       as a whole
Math           the role of making     where students       Given a grab bag     copy the pattern     group.
               groups and work        will have to add     with various         onto a sentence
Vocabulary     collaboratively with   and take away        kinds of boats       strip to             Hide shapes
               the teacher to write   (subtract) gold      students will        demonstrate          outside. Have
Sensory        a number               coins. Add the       have to create a     different types of   students
Activities     sentence.              coins to your        graph by coloring    patterns.            create spy
                                      treasure chest.      a square to                               glasses and
Math Area/     Literacy Link:         Who has the          represent each       Sorting jewels       sashes to
Story Area     Looking at pirate      most coins at the    boat (review         using different      place shapes
               books to find Jolly    end of the game?     plurality).          categories:          on that they
               Rogers                 Who has the                               Children will sort   find outside.
                                      least? Does          Watch and            jewels by shape.     Review shape
                                      anyone have          participate during   Children will sort   names and
               Creating Jolly         equal amounts?       a PowerPoint         jewels by size.      colors for
               Rogers.                (Incorporate         that helps us        Children will sort   Bianca…and
                                      he/she).             review things that   jewels by color.     review basic
               Design a Jolly                              are similar.                              concepts with
               Roger that tells                            “They are similar    Literacy Link:       Will, Evander
               something about        Building the         because they…”       This Little Pirate   and Gabby.
               you. Pick              concept of area:     Do not allow
               something you are      Use our gold         deletion of they.    Make A               Count how
               interested in or       coins to fill                                                  many of each
                                      different kinds of   Talk about things
                                                                                Treasure Map:        shape the
               good at to include
               on your Jolly          shapes (review       that a similar.      Using precut         students
               Roger. For             shape names).        Different boats      clipart pictures     found. Which
               example: if you like   How many will fit    are similar          associated with      shape had the
               to play guitar         inside?              because they all     treasure map,        most? White
               include guitars on     Reinforce the        float. Different     student will         shape had the
               your Jolly Roger       idea that you        kinds of birds are   follow a             least?
               instead of             cannot go            similar because      sequence of
               crossbones. Also       outside of the       they all have        directions to
               include on your        lines. What if we    wings. Given a
                                      used coins that      set of 3 pictures
                                                                                create a
               Jolly Roger pirate
               symbols: skulls,       were smaller?        decide which two     symmetrical
               treasure chest         Would we need        pictures are         treasure map.
               crossbones, jewels,    more or less to      similar and why.     First, children
               and rhinestones.       fill the shape?                           will tear the
                                                           MUSIC 2:05-          perimeter of the
               Learn a new song                            2:35pm               construction
               to the tune of Row,                                              paper. Then,
               row, row your boat                                               students will
                                                                                fold the paper
               “Walk, walk, walk                                                in half to help
               the plank                                                        guide placing
               quickly as can be.                                               the clipart
               Plunging, plunging,                                              pictures
               plunging, plunging                                               symmetrically.
               down into the sea.”
                                                                                Next, the
                                                                                student will
               Discuss other                                                    crumple their
               verses you can                                                   maps. Last,
               make up and
                                                                                students will
               hoisting sails,                                                  dab their map
               digging for                                                      with wet
               treasure, etc.                                                   teabags.

2:00 – 2:30    CENTERS                CENTERS              CENTERS              CENTERS              CENTERS
See Chart      Art:  Paint pirate     Dramatic     Play:   Foam to make         Art: Free paint on   Gym
               flags         with     Students will take   pirate ships         drawing of pirate
               watercolors     to     turns hiding coins                        ships
             reveal    a    skull    around the room.      Art: Make swords
             previously colored      Other     students    from paint sticks.     Collage on paper
             with white crayons.     will search for the   Use one for the        plates of things
                                     hidden treasure.      cross piece. Hot       you find on an
             Coloring      Pages:                          glue, paint, glitter   island.
             Little Critter Pirate   Playdough:            and bejewel.
             Paper Doll              students      will                           Train
                                     search for coins      Have         each
             Puzzles: ships and      (treasure)     in     student describe       Art:    Cut     out
             pirate puzzles          playdough    and      their sword to the     shapes       (semi-
                                     make coins from       other students         circle, triangles,
                                     circular   cookie                            squares,
                                     cutters.                                     rectangles     and
                                                                                  circles) to make a
                                     Block    Center:                             pirate ship.
                                     Legos with Pirate

2:30-2:50    Milk                    Milk                  Milk                   Milk                  Milk
Bathroom     Bananas/Pretzels        Cookies/Fruit         Marshmallow            Popcorn/Carrots       Fish Sticks
Wash Hands   Using a pirate hook                           cream and                                    Students will
Snack        students will get a                           graham crackers.                             eat like pirates
             hookful to see how                            Review                                       and use their
             many they could                               mustache. Have                               hands to eat
             get. Then students                            the students lick                            fish sticks to
             can get a handful                             off marshmallow                              dip in ketchup
             to see which group                            put on their lip.                            or tarter sauce.
             had more.


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