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					Eli for Delegate
Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

I hope that you and yours are all doing well. As you know, I would like to become a member of the Maryland
House of Delegates representing the 20th Legislative District. It is an honor and privilege to live within the
most diverse community in Maryland and possibly the mid-Atlantic region. Yesterday, I attended the 6th
Annual Democratic Summer Fest sponsored by the Greater Silver Spring Democratic Club. Midway through
the event, elected officials and candidates were asked to speak before the crowd of guests. Regrettably, my
unexpected speech was less stirring than the other speeches. However, it was plain, simple, and to the point.
The bottom-line is this…We “need” me, at this time – RIGHT NOW – on our team of Delegates to help ALL
members of our dynamic community, not simply a select few. This is a true “call-to-serve” and I will add value
to our Delegation. I love our community. My bio that appears on the website reflects that fact. We are living
under very unusual circumstances. Folks need help right now. I can not speculate what conditions we will be
under 4, 6, or 8 years from now. Fortunately, my contribution of bringing pragmatic solutions to our team of
Delegates is what we need TODAY! Don’t let me decide for you…You can download my solutions and discern
for yourself:
Navigate to
Enter the website
Click on “more issues”

You may vote for up to three candidates:
               Strongly Agree                                           Slightly Agree
    El, Elihu Eli                                         El, Elihu Eli
                                                            Any two of the candidates listed below
        Estrada, Robert J.                                Estrada, Robert J.
        Hixson, Sheila E.                                 Hixson, Sheila E.
        Hucker, Tom                                       Hucker, Tom
        Mizeur, Heather R.                                Mizeur, Heather R.
        Stoughton, Chris                                  Stoughton, Chris

I am the father of a 14-year-old daughter, Democratic newcomer, and living on a working man’s salary that
allows me to contact only a few hundred of our friends. There are over 59,000 registered voters in our district.
So, I need your help. Please share this letter with your relatives, co-workers, neighbors on your street, local
business owners, doctors, hair stylist, etc. Your vote lets the rest of Maryland know that The People of Takoma
Park & Silver Spring care about the less able, believe that intelligence & ambition should be rewarded, and
diversity builds HOPE. Your vote also lets the world know that smear campaigns, misleading information, and
cynical cronyism have no place in Takoma Park & Silver Spring, Maryland. Technology is evolving at a very
rapid pace. I plan to bring legislation up-to-speed with technology in a way that is pragmatic and make
common-sense. Competition is entrenched within American society. However, our zeal for competition should
not compromise the well-being of our families, jobs, or children. I am a critical thinker. Out of respect to the
residents of our distinct, I have placed my resume on the website. So, how do you know when to add a critical
thinking person to the team and when to count on the aid of that individual? As a critical thinking team-
member, my contributions to the team will be greatly appreciated when addressing hard-lined, technological,
and divisive issues.
My compassionate and pragmatic approach to enacting legislation is useful for handling the following cases:

      To assess situations – I will be effective in assessing situations by providing data and opinions that help
       our team to understand the larger context in which legislation is to be introduced or a problem is to be
       solved and the interrelationships among multiple issues.
      To analyze problems - When budget issues are part of culturally diverse or complex systems (as is
       usually the case), my effort will be useful in collecting, sorting, and evaluating the data that are needed
       to analyze and solve the root cause of the problem.
      To advise on or make decisions - By providing breadth and depth of coverage; by offering the balance
       of diverse ideology; literally, lives are in the balance. Civility, protecting fundamental rights, and the
       urgent need to help those less fortunate rises far above traditional alliances, political favors, smear
       tactics, and “what’s in it for me” attitudes. Many financially struggling college students, under-
       employed neighbors, and vulnerable friends have lost confidence in our political system. I plan to revive
       the confidence of all 20th District neighbors.
      To anticipate potential problems and opportunities - By being accessible to everyone and effectively
       evaluating their problems, I can apply my creative and analytical insights to mend broken dreams and
       spirits. A diverse team is more likely to foresee all future possibilities, both positive and negative.
       Putting diversity into action means doing away with the old-fashioned notion of getting people to fit a
       particular mold. With your vote on September 14, the district will celebrate the differences among our
       residents, exhibit empathy, and tap into their diverse insight and views.

As one of three members of our Delegate team, I plan to focus on subjective analyses, where there is no single
right answer. Subjective analyses include assessing situations, making decisions, and predicting future problems
and opportunities. In the spirit of collaboration, I will also encourage the buy-in of my fellow team members. I
will guarantee that they have a stake in all team's decisions and actions that implement those decisions.

With your support, I will offer diverse viewpoints to subjective analytical approaches that will enable the team
to identify systemic problems that can be overcome. Also, we can work together to discover what the residents
of our ever changing community want? If the team consistently remains aware of what we want, we could
address those wants in a strategic manner.
The "five F's" of what we want include:
Feelings: The emotional state or well-being of every member of our community.
Finances: I will establish budget priorities that preserve confidence in our team.
Freedom: Your vote for me helps us preserve our power to act, speak, or think without externally imposed
Function: Function refers to my ability to meet the needs of our district. As a team, we will address issues in
terms of purpose, best practices, customs, traditions, and institutions.
Future: Everyone has dreams…including myself. Opportunities must be open to everyone. Challenges can
come from anywhere and opportunities are not only for a select few individuals.

With me on the team, our delegation would be able to respond to the sweeping demographic and social changes
which bring new languages, cultures, values, and attitudes into our district. Diversity leaders forecast a dim
future for communities that do not incorporate diversity initiatives into their strategic plan. I can bring balance
to our delegation. By voting for me to be a part of our team of Delegates, every resident in the district wins. I
am a friend. Feel free to contact me anytime. I can be reached via my website or by dialing 301-906-1292.

Thank You,

Elihu E. El
Elihu Eli El

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