Parks Commissioner Plans To Drive Out Dog Owners by rockandrolldreams


									                                      Help Save Off-Leash
                                      Rights At Coindre Hall

   Parks Commissioner Plans To Drive Out Dog Owners
In a disturbing and unwelcome development, Suffolk Parks Commissioner Ron Foley has informed
County officials and LI-DOG that off-leash activities at Coindre Hall are an "inappropriate" use of
the park and he plans to eliminate such activities at Coindre Hall.

   If you care about your right to enjoy Coindre Hall, then you need to email or call
                      Steve Levy’s office and voice your concerns.

Let Steve Levy know:
      How much you love Coindre Hall.
      That we care about, and take good care of Coindre Hall.
      Animals ARE historic at Coindre Hall/West Neck Farm. Dog owners have been coming to
       Coindre Hall for thirty years or more.
      Coindre Hall is a BIG park that can easily accommodate dog owners and other users. We are
       all taxpayers and deserve equal consideration.
      Dog owners have worked to responsibly to create a solution that works for everyone at
       Coindre Hall.
      It is not fair to try to eliminate the park’s most dedicated supporters without working fairly
       towards a solution first.

                 Call County Executive Steve Levy at 631-853-4235 or email

               Call Parks Commissioner Ron Foley at 631-854-4984 or email

                    Call Suffolk Leg. Jon Cooper whose district includes
                   Coindre Hall/West Neck Farms at 631-854-4500 or email

            For more information visit the LI-DOG website at:

                   Or email us at

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