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									AMERICAN CRAFT Magazine Plans Major Relaunch

New York, NY (March 6, 2007) – AMERICAN CRAFT, the 66-year-old national bi-
monthly publication, will relaunch in October 2007, the first significant redesign of the
magazine in more than 15 years. Former executive editor and founding managing editor
of Dwell magazine, Andrew Wagner, recently relocated from San Francisco to New York
to steer the magazine’s new direction with former Dwell creative director, Jeanette
Abbink. Together, Wagner and Abbink helped Dwell to win the coveted General
Excellence Award from the American Society of Magazine Editors in 2005.

Mr. Wagner replaced Lois Moran, editor-in-chief of AMERICAN CRAFT, in December
2006 when Ms. Moran retired after 29 years at the helm. He is the seventh editor of the
magazine since its inception in 1941.

The first issue of the all-new AMERICAN CRAFT – the October/November 2007 issue –
will feature new typography, new photography, and a new editorial voice. It will reflect
the current, rapid convergence of craft, architecture, art, design, and fashion, and the
magazine will push these connections to the forefront of cultural conversation.

Carmine Branagan, executive director of the American Craft Council, the nonprofit
organization that publishes the magazine, said: “While the new AMERICAN CRAFT will
be different than its previous incarnation in many ways, it is the same in one essential
facet: our overall mission continues to be to promote understanding and appreciation of
contemporary American craft – across all disciplines, and beyond all conventional
borders. The way in which we’re going about fulfilling that mission via the magazine is
what is entirely new and different,” she added.

AMERICAN CRAFT magazine is navigating the converging worlds of craft, art, design,
architecture and fashion, and initiating new dialogue by presenting the work of both
undiscovered makers and innovative leaders to the growing audience of craft enthusiasts.

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