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Prep for teachers
   o Study and select activities for your students.
   o Prepare to tape the documentary “Two Birds, One Stone” so that students
      may recheck information.
   o Preview websites used.
   o Copy necessary materials from this curriculum. If necessary, print website
      information cited for research.
   o If students are not proficient in utilizing primary sources, lesson plans and
      ideas may be obtained from the following website.

Introductory activities
Materials needed: stone, copies of Discussion Guide (one copy per student)

Before watching the documentary “Two Birds, One Stone” develop a learning
focus by discussing meanings behind the title:
   o Explain to the students that they will soon be watching the video “Two
       Birds, One Stone.”
   o Hold up a stone and ask students what they think “Two Birds, One Stone”
       means. (Accomplishing two things at one time from the phrase “killing two
       birds with one stone”) Have students give examples of accomplishing
       “two birds with one stone.”
   o What is the meaning of each of the words: Civilian/Conservation/Corps?
       Civilian = non-military
       Conservation = careful preservation and protection of something
       Corps = a military group
       Why is this an oxymoron or combination of contradictory terms?
   o Have students complete the chart in “Two Birds, One Stone” Discussion
       Guide comparing military groups with non-military groups.
   o Students should preview the remaining questions so that they can
       thoroughly complete the Discussion Guide after viewing the documentary.
Learning Activities

Activity Set One: Multi-Media Presentations
Step 1: Watch and discuss the documentary
Materials needed: documentary “Two Birds, One Stone” and students’ partially
completed copies of the Discussion Guide
   o Watch the documentary “Two Birds, One Stone.”
   o Complete and discuss “Discussion Guide.” See suggested responses in
       “Teacher’s Discussion Guide. “

Step 2: Divide into teams for research and media presentation
Materials needed: Each group will need at least one copy* of the
   o appropriate CCC Discovery Guide
   o Media Presentation Development Guide
   o Media Presentation Scoring Guide
*Teacher may elect to give copies to each student rather than each group.
Copies of Guides are in the Appendix.

The students now have a broad ideas of the purposes and accomplishments of
the CCC. To gather and share more information about the CCC, students will
   o divide into six teams to research and prepare media presentations. Each
      of the teams will address one topic: Who/What/When /Why/Where/ or
   o The students will use the appropriate “CCC Discovery Guide” to organize
      their research and presentation.
   o Presentations may be in the form of a newspaper article, power point,
      webpage, poster, journal, or any other type of media.
   o Students will use the Media Presentation Development Guide to plan their
   o Presentations may be scored using the “Presentation Scoring Guide.”

Activity Set Two: Economic Role Play
Effects of CCC on personal, local, & larger economies
Materials needed
     o Play money, $30 per ½ students of the class
     o paper clips
     o Reflection sheet for the Economic Role Play, one copy per student

Step 1: Divide students into groups
   o Approximately 1/3 of the group will be CCC men.
   o Approximately 1/3 of the group will be families of the CCC men.
   o Approximately 1/3 of the group will be businesses, about ½ of these being
      from local businesses and ½ being suppliers to the local businesses.
Step 2: Explain directions for the role play to students.
   o Each CCC member will pair with his “family” member.
   o $30 will be given to each CCC member.
   o The CCC member will mark each bill of play money with a paper clip.
   o Each CCC member will give $25 to his family.
   o Each time anyone in the role play touches a bill of play money, the
      money is marked with a paper clip.
   o Anyone wth money may go to a “business” and purchase goods or
   o Local businesses will need to buy some goods from large suppliers.
   o Family members may be hired for wages if more labor is needed in the

Step 3: Students plan and set up businesses.
   o CCC men and families will need to decide what types of items they will
   o Local businesses will need to plan their inventory and prices.
   o Suppliers will need to plan their inventory and prices.

Step 4: Students role play the game attaching a paper clip to each bill as
they handle the money.

Step 5: Reflection sheets
After a reasonable amount of time the game is stopped, and students complete
and discuss the reflection sheet.

Activity Set Three: Debate
Debate the question: After World War II, should the CCC have become a
permanent government agency?
   o Divide students into two teams: one team for the proposal and one team
       against the proposal.
   o Each team will meet to plan their debate strategies. Each team will elect
       three debaters from their team. The remaining students will be the
       audience for the debate.
   o Set a time limit for the debate. There will be an initial statement by the
       first team, a statement by the second team, and a reply by the first team.
       After the debate, there will be a short question and answer period.
       Suggested time limits for each of the four segments is five minutes or a
       total of 20 minutes.
   o At the end of the debate, each student will complete the Debate Reflection
Activity Set Four: Developing a CCC Model Project for the local community
Materials needed:
   o Project Plan Worksheet
   o Poster paper and art supplies OR computer

Step 1: Divide students into small groups.

Step 2: Give each group a copy of the Project Plan Worksheet so they may plan
their community project based upon information gathered about the CCC. If
additional project ideas are needed, study ideas at

Step 3: Using their plan, students prepare an oral presentation AND a choice of
   o a recruitment poster
   o a brochure or
   o a Powerpoint
Step 4: presenting their plan to a mock city council. .

Learning Extensions
    Recording the location and history of local CCC projects
      This information can be posted by contacting the CCC Museum at
    Recording the oral histories of CCC service
      Tips for conducting an oral history can be found at
      A good example of an oral history is located at
    Research present day youth conservation groups at
    Take a field trip to the CCC Alumni Museum in St. Louis. Many artifacts
      are housed at the museum.
    Create a Powerpoint of condition of Missouri’s resources in early 1930’s
    Creating or designing a flag, poster, or shoulder patch for the CCC