Long Range Plans Grade 3-20072008 by rockandrolldreams


									                                   Long Range Plans Grade 3-2007/2008

           September        October      November      December        January         February        March          April          May           June
             Off to       Celebrating    Incredible     Animal         Voyagers         Smart         Bunnicula/   The Wizard        The        The Little
           Adventure       Traditions     Stories      Habitats                        Solutions      Chocolate      of Oz/       Borrowers      House in
                                                                                                        Touch      Ramona the         /           the Big
                                                                                                                                  The Littles
             Animal        Voyagers       Smart         Grade 4        Grade 4          Grade 4                       Pest                       Woods/
                                                                                                      Grade 4
            Habitats                     Solutions      Theme 1        Theme 2          Theme 3       Theme 4
                                                                                                                                                Fairy Tales
GT Group                                                Journeys       American          That’s       Problem
                                                                       Stories,         Amazing       Solvers
                                                                       and Each
                                                                      Little Bird
                                                                      that Sings
           Place Value,    Algebra,      Adding and    Time, Data,    Multiplication     Division     Geometry/    Measurement    Multiplying     Fractions
              Number      Add/Subtract   Subtracting   and Graphs     and Patterns                   Measurement   and Decimals      and        and Decimals
             Patterns,      Number                                                                                                 Dividing
            and Money        sense                                                                                                 Greater
            What is a                                    Health          Where          Fractions      Living      Many People    Community       Health
 Social                   Econ and       Econ and
           Community?                                   Modules 1     People Start         and        Together        of a        Over Time      Module 3
Studies                      Me            Me
                                                         and 2        Communities      Probability                 Community

Science    Discovering    Discovering      Eco-        Discovering    Discovering      Measurement   Safe Racer    Safe Racer     Discovering
              Earth         Matter       Detectives    Interactions     Energy           area and                                    Space

           Descriptive     How-To         Friendly       Factual        Couplets         Personal        One-      Writing to     Play/Skit
            Paragraph     Paragraph        Letter        Report                         Narrative     Paragraph    Persuade
              (Social       (Social      (Science)      (Science)       Personal       (Homeroom)       Report     (Science)
             Studies)                                                  Narrative                        (Social
                                                                      (Homeroom)                       Studies)

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