WAPA Asphalt Design Competition by val48728


									                     2009 WAPA Asphalt Design Competition
The WAPA Mix Design Competition has evolved into the WAPA Asphalt Design Competition. The
WAPA Asphalt Design Competition expands the asphalt engineering beyond just the HMA mix
design to include pavement structure design and project management engineering. The competition
consists of establishing a pavement construction scope, determining a pavement structure,
developing a HMA mix design, planning out the construction process and summarizing all of this
engineering into a unit price and project cost estimate that your project team is submitting as a
construction bid.

Currently there is not a National Competition with a similar structure, so WAPA is modifying
the competition award structure.

           1st Place $1000 to the Team*
           2nd Place $500 to the Team*
                     $100 to each other Team*

           *A team must earn a minimum of 75 points
           to be eligible for prize earnings.

The competition is open to the following schools:
         Marquette University
         Michigan Technical University
         Northeast Technical College
         University of Wisconsin - Madison
         University of Wisconsin - Platteville

The competition team can be composed of undergraduates and graduate students, however
the team will be accessed a 5 point deduction for each graduate student member.
The competition team is limited to a maximum of 5 members.

2009 competition aggregate materials were supplied by Mathy Construction.

An additional competiton format change is the elimination of the video presentation submission.
The new format requires the submission of HMA superpave gyratory compaction specimens,
gyratory compaction data, a written report and PowerPoint presentation and a "live" presentation
to the competition judges via web conferencing and conference calling.
2009 WAPA Asphalt Pavement Design Competition
     Pavement Structural Design
                Technical Content                         10
                Written Report & Presentation              5
                Presentation Question Responses            5
                                            Subtotal      20 pts

     Job Mix Formula Design
                Technical Content                         30
                Written Report & Presentation             10
                Presentation Question Responses           10
                                            Subtotal      50 pts

     Construction Management
                Technical Content                         20
                Written Report & Presentation              5
                Presentation Question Responses            5
                                            Subtotal      30 pts

                                                 Total   100 pts

     Competition Judging Team will consist of:
                WAPA Producer Members
                WisDOT Staff
                WAPA Staff
         2009 WAPA Asphalt Pavement Design Competition
                                            Project Data
Project Information:
                Highway:     STH 1000
                Location:    Town of Wapaville in Blacktop County, Wisconsin
          Project Length:    6.8 miles (Rural highway with no connecting sideroads or field entrances)
           Project Scope:    2-Lane Roadway Pavement Replacement (20 year minimum service life desired)
                             Traffic growth on this section of roadway has exceeded original design parameters.
                             Pavement replacement is required to properly address traffic growth. This segment of highway
                             has a 3% longitudinal grade with gentle side slopes and 100 feet of right-of-way on each side of
                             the roadway centerline. The roadway profile may be raised a maximum of 24". The new pavement
                             is to be 30' paved surface (two 12' lanes and two 3' paved shoulders) with a normal (2%) crown.

                             Existing pavement history:
                                               1975 Original Construction
                                                     22' pavement width, with a 1% crown
                                                     Pav't Structure:
                                                                 4" HMA
                                                                 12" CABC
                                               1995 Pavement Rehabilitation
                                                     3" HMA Overlay (1% crown maintaned)

                                        Current pavement distress survey shows that a typical 500' survey section
                                        contains 30% alligator cracking on a square foot basis.

Pavement Structural Design:
                  Traffic:   2,800,000 Total 20-yr Design ESALs
                    Soils:   Well drained soil classified as A-4 (AASHTO classification)
                 Climate:    Wapaville Wisconsin has simlar climate conditions as Wausau Wisconsin.
          Design Method:     This project is part of a department research project and the pavement structural design
                              methodology is at the pavement designer's discretion (you may use whatever method you like).
      Additional Available
               Bid Items:                      Item                                       Unit       Price   Unit Wt. for quantity calculations
                          Base Aggregate Dense 3/4-Inch Base Aggregate                    TON         $12.15 2 Tons / CY
                            Salvaged Asphaltic Pavement, Base Course                      TON          $6.14 110 lbs / SY / in thickness
                                       Pulverize And Relay                                S.Y.         $0.85
                                         Mill And Relay                                   S.Y.         $1.31
      WisDOT Resource: FDM Chapter 14
Job Mix Formula Design:
                   JMF: Following WisDOT HMA pavement construction guidelines, the HMA pavement structure consists of two mix
                         designs (a lower layer mix and a surface mix). For the WAPA Asphalt Pavement Design Competition,
                         develop an appropriate job mix formula (JMF) for the surface layer that meets WisDOT specifications.
            Aggregates: For this project, there are three possible aggregates sources:
                              1      My Rock Pit
                                     Located 2.3 miles from the project
                                     Aggregate Source properties:
                                           LA Wear (100/500) 15.3/40.2
                                                   Soundness        11
                                                 Freeze/Thaw        15
                              2      County Quarry
                                     Located 3.6 miles from the project
                                     Aggregate Source properties:
                                           LA Wear (100/500) 8.6/27.7
                                                   Soundness         9
                                                 Freeze/Thaw         9
                              3      Wapaville Quarry
                                     Located 8.2 miles from the project
                                     Aggregate Source properties:
                                           LA Wear (100/500) 2.7/13.0
                                                   Soundness         4
                                                 Freeze/Thaw         2
                         All aggregate sources provide the same following mix components with the following parameters:
                         (Competition aggregates supplied by Mathy Construction)
                                       Material         Cost     Specific
                                      Component        $/Ton      Gravity
                                     RAP                $12.25
                                     3/4" Agg.          $11.25       2.620
                                     Man. Sand          $15.00       2.738
                                     Nat'l Sand          $7.50       2.644
         Liquid Asphalt: Any PG grade of asphalt my be used as long as it meets WisDOT specifications and requirements.
                         For this project, use the following information for liquid asphalt pricing ($/Ton):
                                     PG 64-22 (Base Stock)           $450
                                                                +$50 per PG grade away from PG 64-22
                                                                +$50 additional for PG Plus vs. PG material
      WisDOT Resource: WisDOT HMA Specification
                         WisDOT Asphaltic Material Specification
Construction Management:
                  Scope: Calculate a unit (TON) bid price for all of the HMA pavement mixture (assume the lower layer cost is the same as
                         the upper layer) that includes QMP Mixture, QMP Nuclear Density and QMP Ride (all of which are incidental
                         to the mixture), general overhead and profit. Develop a QMP Mixture testing plan, a QMP Nuclear Density testing plan
                         and a Construction Schedule for paving.

    Contract Parameters: Contract allows for 60 Contract Days for all pavement layers of HMA paving.
                         All paving must be done between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
                         No work allowed on Sunday.
                         Work zones are limited to 2 miles in length.

                Facilities: HMA plant will be located at the selected aggregate source location.
                            HMA plant will be solely designated for this project.
                            Normal plant capacity is 350 tons per hour.

                   Labor: All labor (plant operator, plant end loader operator, QMP technicians, paving crew members, roller operators, trucking)
                          is at a rate of:
                                       1st 40 hrs per week       $35.00 per hour (includes time, materials, equipment)
                                       Hours beyond 40/week $42.00 per hour (includes time, materials, equipment)

      WisDOT Resource: QMP Nuclear Density Spec
                       QMP Ride Spec
       2009 WAPA Asphalt Pavement Design Competition
                              Competition Timeline
Date                                      Task

   9-Mar   Competition participants receive competition announcement

  20-Mar   Project Team Members identified and submitted to WAPA via email (scot@wispave.org)

  15-Apr   (Final day for WAPA to receive submission)
           Submit two (2) final mix design Superpave gyratory compactor (SGC) samples along
                      with their SGC compaction data and job mix formula (JMF)
           One sample will be used for pavement performance testing
           One sample will be used for mix design verification

                      Mailing Address:
                                 WAPA, Scot Schwandt
                                 4600 American Parkway, Suite 206
                                 Madison, WI 53718

  29-Apr   Submit Final written report to WAPA via email (scot@wispave.org)

  30-Apr   Final day to schedule time slot for project proposal presentation on May 1
                       Contact WAPA via email (scot@wispave.org)
                       or via phone (608-255-3114)

   1-May   Project Proposal Presentation
                      Create and submit a PowerPoint presentation of your project proposal
                      Present project proposal and respond to judging questions (~1 hour)
                                  Presentations will be presented using web conferencing
                                  via "GoToMeeting" and conference calling
                      Will need a computer with internet access and the ability to download and
                      install "GoToMeeting" software
                      Will need a phone
2009 WAPA Asphalt Design Report & Presentation Outline
            I     Executive Summary
                       i    Project Scope
                      ii    Pavement Structure Design
                            Project Estimated Quantities
                      iii   Project Job Mix Formula
                            Aggregate Source Selection
                            Liquid Asphalt Selection
                            Mix Cost
                     iv     Construction Management
                            Construction Schedule
                            Construction Days Required
                            Unit Price of HMA Mixture Bid Item
                            Total Project Bid Price

            II    Introduction
                        i    Project Team
                        ii   Facilities Used
                       iii   Technical Resources Used
                       iv    Team Member Responsibilities

            III   Project Scope
                       i    Background
                      ii    Scope Development
                      iii   Scope Selection

            IV    Pavement Structural Design
                       i   Design Data
                      ii   Design Process
                      iii  Design Selection
                     iv    Engineering Estimated Quantities

            V     Job Mix Formula Design
                       i    Design Data / Criteria
                       ii   Mix Design Process
                      iii   Material Selection
                      iv    Laboratory Testing
                      v     Material Properties
                      vi    JMF Design
                      vii   Mix Cost

            VI    Construction Management
                      i     Construction Data / Criteria
                      ii    Construction Schedule Development
                     iii    Labor / Equipment Estimate
                     iv     QMP Testing Plans
                     v      Construction Paving Schedule
                     vi     HMA Mixture Unit Price
                     vii    Total Project Bid Price

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