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                                OVERTIME AND COMPENSATORY TIME

To comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act and the laws and rules of Washington State, the following
procedures are established:

1.   Exempt or Nonexempt Status

     All certificated staff are exempt from the 40-hour workweek and related overtime provisions. The district
     will determine the status of classified employees based upon the criteria established for defining the
     executive (WAC 296-128-510), administrative (WAC 296-128-520), or professional (WAC
     296-128-530) status and any additional FLSA standards. The exempt list will be updated annually and
     maintained in the personnel office.

     Compensatory and overtime provisions apply only to nonexempt employees and have no effect upon
     administrators, executives, managers, or other exempt employees.

2.   Workweek

     Seven consecutive 24-hour periods make up the workweek with each cycle beginning on Monday
     unless otherwise designated in writing. Employees are entitled to one and one-half times the regular
     rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week (exclusive of holidays, vacation, sick
     leave, or leave without pay.) Employees may elect to take compensatory "time off" in lieu of overtime
     pay. Compensatory "time off" shall be at the rate of 1.5 times the overtime hours worked. An employee
     may accumulate up to 20 hours of compensatory time, at which time the employee must either take
     compensatory "time off" or receive pay for such excess hours. Time sheets for overtime and
     compensatory time shall be maintained for all nonexempt employees. Employees shall not perform any
     voluntary work during lunch periods or before or after work hours. Employees who perform work
     beyond the 40-hour workweek without prior authorization are subject to disciplinary action.

3.   Travel Time

     Travel time to a meeting is compensatory if a private vehicle is used and attendance is required by the

4.   Nonworking Time

     Uncompensated time between shifts shall be free of responsibilities or obligations. Standby time can be
     negotiated but must be at the minimum hourly rate. Duties may be assigned during standby time.

5.   Records

     Work records must be kept for a minimum of three years. The employee's signature must appear on
     the Employee Time/Absence Report, which shows the daily beginning and ending time. U.S.
     Department of Labor posters must be posted at each site.
     a. The following information is maintained in the personnel and payroll departments:
        1) The employee's name, home address, date of birth, sex, and occupation in which employed.
        2) Time of day and day of the week in which the employee's workweek begins.
        3) Regular hourly rate of pay for any week when overtime is worked and overtime pay is due.
        4) Basis on which wages are paid including the amount of salary or hourly rate.
        5) Hours worked each workday and each workweek.
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       6) Total daily or weekly straight time earnings or wages including earnings or wages due during
          any overtime worked.
       7) Total overtime compensation for the workweek that is over and above straight-time earnings
          (wages earned during overtime hours).
       8) Total additions to or deductions from wages paid each pay period; all such additions and
          deductions are separately itemized in individual employee accounts by dates, amounts, and
          nature of the items.
       9) Total wages paid each pay period.
       10) Dates of payments and pay period covered by payment.

    b. The following record will be maintained by the building or department:

       1) A Compensatory Time Sheet shall be utilized to document authorized and accumulated
          compensatory time for each employee.

                                                                                Administrative Procedure
                                                                                       Revised 12/21/92
File Ref: 3360.1PO                                                                            OHSD 201