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 David Mincberg Commends Mayor White’s Commitment to Apartment
                       Safety in Houston
(Houston, TX)--Democratic County Judge candidate David Mincberg praised Houston Mayor Bill White
today for his commitment to provide additional inspections of Houston apartments, in an effort to ensure
all buildings meet the city’s safety standards. [Houston Chronicle, June 16, 2008] In 2007, Mincberg
worked as a $1 dollar-a-year executive in Mayor White’s administration as the interim director of the
Housing and Community Development Department.

“I’m thrilled to see this initiative come to fruition,” Mincberg said. “The Mayor’s program not only
helps identify problems, but also provides project owners with the information to make the necessary
improvements. Everyone involved has worked hard to ensure the City developed a long-term solution
to protect the safety of residents.”

When Mayor White decided to create and implement these systematic policies to improve multi-family
housing, Mincberg formed the team that included leaders from city departments, as well as the
apartment industry, to develop the idea for identifying and improving life safety issues across the city.

Additionally, as the President and CEO of Flagship Properties, a multi-family development
organization, Mincberg will bring the skills necessary to the job of Harris County Judge.

“Harris County needs a chief executive officer who will oversee the county’s $1.3 billion budget in a
responsible and efficient manner,” Mincberg said. “I will run the County like a business and manage
residents’ tax-dollars competently and efficiently.”

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