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					                                      CYBF Entrepreneur: Meghan Anderson
                                      CYBF Mentor: Martin Withenshaw
                                      CYBF Community Partner: London Small
                                      Business Centre, serving the regions of
                                      London, St.Thomas, and Strathroy
                                      Inception: 2006
                                      Jobs created: 1 Full-time; 3 Part-time
                                      Location: London, Ontario
The Chef’s Hat Catering Company
Business Profile: The Chef’s Hat Catering Company provides a customized, prompt
and dependable service to clients who require delicious and healthy food for breakfast   • October 2006 –
or lunch meetings. The company focus is on quality, variety and prompt attention. All        Grand opening
of its products are homemade with the finest of ingredients. It is the only London           including a
catering company that specializes in last minute catering services and that has a            complete on-line
complete on-line ordering system. The Chef’s Hat is also pleased to offer a full             ordering system
vegetarian and vegan menu.                                                               • February 2007 –
                                                                                             exceeded monthly
Her Story: With a chef’s hat firmly resting on her head while working at a                   projections by 36%
catering company in London, Meghan Anderson decided to throw it into the                 • March 2007 – hired
entrepreneurial ring and open her own business. Now she juggles many hats as                 first part-time staff
the owner of The Chef’s Hat Catering Company.                                                member
                                                                                         • April 2007 –
Meghan had the fortune of experiencing the entrepreneurial lifestyle while growing           purchased new
up as her mother was self-employed. This laid a foundation that Meghan built                 delivery vehicle
upon as she made her entrance into the business world. Her first foray was the
                                                                                         • June 2007 – spoke
completion of a Business Administration Marketing Diploma which focused on
                                                                                             at the London
small business management and marketing. From there, Meghan worked at and
                                                                                             Small Business
helped to successfully grow a catering company in London thereby providing her
                                                                                             Centre’s AGM
with the hands-on education she would use to start and build her own business.
                                                                                         • July 2007– hired two
                                                                                             more part-time
It was after working with the London Small Business Centre to prepare her
                                                                                             staff members
business plan that Meghan was introduced to CYBF’s funding assistance and
                                                                                         • September 2007 –
mentoring program. The CYBF funding was a catalyst to launching her business
                                                                                             exceeded first year
and the mentoring relationship she established with her CYBF mentor Martin
                                                                                             projections by 38%
Withenshaw, has proved invaluable over the past two years.

Now with the assistance of three part-time staff and a shiny new delivery vehicle,
Meghan is able to live the professional and personal life she has always desired.
She draws on her strengths as an independent and business-oriented person and
combines that with her ability to create winning menus for her clients. With that
combination, The Chef’s Hat Catering Company is a recipe for success.

                                    The Chef’s Hat Catering Company. - continued
The Chef’s Hat Catering Company

Short Quote:

“CYBF makes it easy for young people to thrive in business by offering the tools
needed to succeed.”
-Meghan Anderson, The Chef’s Hat Catering Company

Long Quote:

“Mentoring helps entrepreneurs learn about small business management, achieve
personal and professional goals, and advance in their small business venture by
offering incredible networking opportunities.”
-Meghan Anderson, The Chef’s Hat Catering Company


The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is a national charity dedicated
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The London Small Business Centre opened in 1986 and its mission is to
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