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Suddenly you start experiencing sever pain in
your chest that starts to radiate out into your jaw.
You are only five miles from the hospital nearest                  Join Mary Benotti, Community Outreach Co-
your home. Unfortunately, you don’t know if                ordinator from Sutter Delta Medical Center as she
you will make it that far.                                 provides short presentations every other month on
WHAT DO YOU DO? You have been trained in                   a variety of health related issues. These thirty (30)
                                                           minute discussions will be held during lunch at CC
CPR, but the guy that taught the course did not
                                                           Café. For lunch reservations, contact CC Café di-
tell you how to perform it on yourself!
                                                           rectly at 634-5040 Monday thru Friday between
HOW TO SURVIVE A HEART ATTACK WHEN                         8:30am & 12 noon.
ALONE: Since many people are alone when they
suffer a heart attack , the person whose heart is
beating improperly and who begins to feel faint            September 7th...
has only about 10 seconds left before losing con-          “The Women’s Heart Advantage” is an educational
sciousness. What to do?                                    program sponsored by the doctors, nurses and
ANSWER: Call 911 if you can or take an aspirin             hospitals in the Sutter family to raise awareness of
if possible. Do not panic but start coughing re-           heart disease in women and
peatedly and very vigorously. A deep breath                improve early detection and
should be taken before each cough. The cough must          treatment.
be deep and prolonged as when producing sputum
from deep inside the chest. A breath and a cough
must be repeated about every two seconds without
let-up until help arrives or until the heart is felt to
be beating normally again. Deep breaths get oxy-
gen into the lungs and the coughing movement                           Senior Club Plans Some
squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating.
The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it                         Exciting Trips for
regain normal rhythm. In this way heart attack                                  2004!
victims can get to the hospital. Tell as many peo-           Our wonderfully hard working Trip Committee
ple as possible about this, it could save their life!        Chair, Shelly Newton is pleased to announce the
Due to lifestyle changes, heart attacks can be               tentative 2004 line up for some really great trips
found among people of all age groups. Always                 planned for the coming months. Being a member
check with your Doctor for ways to help in case              of the Brentwood Senior Citizens Club, Inc., enti-
you might have a heart problem. The Doctor will              tles members to reduced prices on not only trips,
tell you what you need to do. This article is some-          but selected other programs as well!
thing to think about, because I care!
                                                             ◊   September 24th     Seniorama in Santa Cruz
                               You’re Friend                 ◊   December 1st       “Annie” at the Willows Theatre
                               Gene Brown,                   ◊   December TBA       “A Victorian Christmas”
                               Club Vice-President
                                                             ◊   January 2005       Grey Lodge Bird Sanctuary

                                                             Please note: Trips are subject to change without no-
                                                             tice by the Brentwood Senior Citizens Club, Inc. at any-

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