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Perquimans County Recreation Amenities by wan12683


									                      Perquimans County Recreation Amenities
Perquimans County Recreation Department now offers walking trails, fishing pier access, hand-
carried boat access, and skate park. These facilities are located at the Perquimans County
Community Center and Recreation Department, 310 North Granby Street, Hertford in the
Perquimans County Commerce Centre. Call 426-5695 for more information. These facilities were
constructed with grant funds from the following: NC Division of Coastal Management, Clean
Water Management Trust Fund, and the NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund.

Walking Trails
   Improved trail length of .91 mile located in open areas
   Three nature trails totaling 2000 feet in length located in wooded areas
   For walking and biking
   Hours: Sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset

Fishing Pier
    200’ in length
    Handicap accessible
    Hours: Sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset
Hand-Carried Boat Launch
   Ideal for canoes and kayaks
   Shallow, calm water with a sandy launch area
   Hours: Sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset

Skate Park
    Helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads required by local ordinance
    No freestyle bikes allowed
    Hours: 8am to 30 minutes after sunset

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