The Real Cause of the Civil War by ofi19946

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									The Real Cause of the
      Civil War

   AP US History Project
 What was the Real Cause of the
          Civil War?
• Some people argue over the cause of the
  Civil War.
• As a whole, most people think it was fought
  over the issue of slavery alone.
• There were many issues that led up to the
  war, however.
• This presentation will attempt to address
  each of those issues and draw a conclusion
  as to what the major reason was.
    Compact Theory and the
   Emergence of States’ Rights
• The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
  written by James Madison and Thomas
  Jefferson introduced the idea of states’
• It stated that states could nullify law passed
  by Congress that the states thought was
  unconstitutional based on the Compact
• Some people view sectionalism as a major
• Sectionalism is the rivalry between the
  North and South over several issues:
  –   slavery
  –   tariffs
  –   states’ rights
  –   transportation
Westward Expansion & the
 Growth of Sectionalism
• The history of
  the United
  States is a
  history of
  movement from
  the Atlantic
  Ocean to the
  Pacific Ocean.
  Early attempts at Westward
Articles of Confederation
which included the:
•Land Ordinance of 1785
which was early expansion into
the Old Northwest &
•Northwest Ordinance which
prohibited slavery

     Because of the expansion into westward
     territory, compromises had to be reached
     regarding slavery.

 Missouri           Compromise       Kansas-Nebraska   Dred Scott
Compromise            of 1850              Act          Decision

             Click on the words above to review the
             provisions of each compromise.
    Missouri Compromise
• Missouri admitted as a slave state
• Maine admitted as a free state
• Line drawn at 36 degrees 30 minutes North
• Everything north of the line would be free
• Everything south of the line could be slave
        Compromise of 1850
• California admitted as a free state
• The rest of the Mexican Cession to be
  formed into New Mexico & Utah territories
• Texas to give disputed territory to New
• No slave trade in Washington, DC
• Stronger fugitive slave law
• Government to pay debts of Texas
       Kansas-Nebraska Act
• Popular sovereignty
  – the people decide if the area will be a free
    state or a slave state by voting
• led to a civil war in Kansas
• Kansas became known as Bleeding
• Kansas admitted as a free state
        Dred Scott Decision
• Supreme Court ruled that Scott and his
  family were not free
• Slaves were property
• Federal government could not take a
  citizen’s property from them
• Made all other compromises null and void
           Economic Issues
• Each section of the country had its own
  economic interests.
In the North, the economic issues
  centered around the growth of
        industry and trade.
In the South, the economy was
     based on agriculture.
   Early arguments centered on
  tariffs. The North wanted high
 tariffs and the South wanted low
•High tariffs helped the industry in the
North because they made American made
goods cheaper than European goods. Result
-The northern economy would be
High tariffs helped the North. By
    adding tariffs onto certain
 products, consumers would buy
    American made products.
  High tariffs hurt the South because
much of their trade was with Europe. If
   they did not buy from European
merchants then those merchants would
 not buy cotton and other agricultural
       products from the South.
  Southerners feared the election of
    Lincoln and the growth of the
           Republican Party.
They thought Lincoln wanted to free
               the slaves.
 In reality, he just wanted to stop the
spread of slavery into new territories.
So, what was the real cause of the
• There is no one answer.
• Each issue from the beginning of our nation
  to the outbreak of the war contributed to the
• The compromises only delayed the onset.
• The war was inevitable.
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