Academic Misconduct Allegation Report by kfl11257


									Academic Misconduct Allegation Report

FAO: Jamie Kavanagh
       Student Casework Office
       Jewry Street, City campus

Note: Please complete the following sections and send to the Student Casework Office, Jewry
Street, City Campus together with:
    i)      original item of assessed work and the accompanying evidence;
    ii)     details of the assessment including the coursework or examination questions;
    iii)    any information provided to students concerning academic conventions and practices.

Please ensure for instances of alleged plagiarism or collusion that the piece of work and the
evidence are both clearly marked up highlighting the similarities.

Student Name(s)                                          ID Number(s)

Semester 1                  Semester 2                 Reassessment          

Other (Please specify)

Department:                                              Campus:

Module Code:

Weighting of the item of assessed work:

Module Leader:

Nature of offence:           Cheating      Plagiarism    Collusion

For cases of plagiarism

Approximate percentage of work plagiarised:

Is the plagiarised material cited in the bibliography?           YES / NO

Allegation made by (please print name):


Please briefly outline the grounds of the alleged academic misconduct (for plagiarism please
provide details of the actual plagiarised materials i.e. websites, books, journals, etc.)

NB Please note that this report will be sent to the student along with the evidence in support
of the allegation.

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