Installment Payments in Lieu of Alimony

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					                                       Installment payments in lieu of alimony.

    Husband agrees to pay to wife, or to her order in writing, $         per month, on or before the          day of each and
every month, commencing on             , 20        , for the support and maintenance of their child now aged            years,
such monthly payments to continue until the child shall become             years of age, or until his or her decease prior to
that time; and wife agrees not to take any judicial proceedings or otherwise attempt to collect the alimony allowed her,
in and by the judgment of divorce granted her in               court of       county, on        , 20        , so long as such
monthly instalments of $         each shall be paid; but in case of failure to pay such monthly instalments, or any one of
them, at the time above stated, then and in that case wife may take any lawful proceedings to collect the alimony
provided for in the judgment for each and every month that the monthly payment has not been made, from the time of
the entry of such judgment. On the payment of the monthly instalments, wife, or such person named by her in her order,
if any be given, shall give a receipt in full for all alimony due for the month for which the instalment is due.

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