TEXAS                                   NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE
     WATER                                        PROGRAM (NFIP)
     BOARD                          WHAT IS THE NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE
                                    PROGRAM (NFIP)?
     P.O. Box 13231,                The NFIP, created by the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, is a Federal program
     Capitol Station                based on an agreement between local communities and the Federal Government that
                                    states if a community will adopt and enforce a floodplain management ordinance to
        Austin, TX
                                    reduce flood risks in Special Flood Hazard Areas, the Federal Government will make
       78711-3231                   flood insurance available within the community as a financial protection against
                                    flood losses. This insurance is designed to provide an insurance alternative to disaster
                                    assistance to meet the escalating costs of repairing damage to buildings and their
   Phone: 512.463.7847              contents caused by floods.
    FAX: 512.475.2053
                                    WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?
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                                    Each community is required by Texas State law to adopt a floodplain management      ordinance; but participation in the NFIP is not required. Non-participating
                                    communities, however, will face the following restrictions:
         Email Address:               • No resident will be able to purchase a flood insurance policy.
                                      • If the community withdraws or is suspended, existing flood insurance policies will
    Texas Natural Resources             not be renewed.
  Information System (TNRIS)       • No Federal grants or loans for the acquisition or construction of buildings may
                                        be made in identified flood hazard areas under programs administered by Federal
                                        Agencies such as HUD, EPA and SBA.
Borderlands Information Center
             (BIC)                    • No Federal disaster assistance, including Home Repair assistance, may be pro-
                                        vided to repair insurable buildings located in identified flood hazard areas for
                                        damage caused by a flood.
Water Information Integration and
          Dissemination               • No Federal mortgage insurance or loan guarantees may be provided in identified
      (TWDB WIID System)
                                        flood hazard areas. This includes policies written by FHA, VA, and others.
                                      • Federally insured or regulated lending institutions, such as banks and credit
                                        unions, must notify applicants seeking loans for insurable buildings in flood
                                        hazards that there is a flood hazard and the property is not eligible for Federal
                                        disaster relief.
                                    HOW THE TWDB CAN HELP
                                    The Governor has designated the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) as the
                                    agency to coordinate the State of Texas’ NFIP activities. The TWDB will assist
                                    interested communities in developing and adopting necessary floodplain management
                                    measures required by the program. The TWDB, through the Federal Emergency
                                    Management Agency's (FEMA) Community Assistance Program-State Support
                                    Services Element (CAP-SSSE), develops and maintains a program of floodplain
                                    management education, awareness, and outreach. The CAP-SSSE provides State
                                    agencies, local governments, private agencies, and the public mitigation and floodplain
management guidance and provides technical assistance to NFIP communities and evaluates community performance in
implementing NFIP floodplain management activities.
The CAP-SSSE, through the TWDB, offers:
       • Ordinance Assistance
       • Community Assistance Visits and Community Assistance Contacts
       • Floodplain Management 101Workshops
       • Training and educational materials
       • General technical assistance
       • Regulation and map-reading assistance
       • NFIP enrollment assistance
       • Coordination with other state programs and agencies
       • NFIP-related disaster assistance
To join the NFIP, the community needs to complete and send to FEMA an NFIP Application and a Resolution committing
the community to floodplain management. Also, the community must adopt and enforce a floodplain management ordinance
or court order. This ordinance must include all of the FEMA minimum requirements or reflect the FEMA model ordinance,
or the community can choose to adopt higher regulatory standards. These enrollment documents can be downloaded from
the TWDB NFIP website
Once FEMA approves the enrollment documents and enrolls the community in the NFIP, the residents in that community
can purchase flood insurance.
To maintain participating status, the community must develop and maintain a floodplain permitting system. The
community could include floodplain information on existing development permits or could choose to create a permit
solely for development in the floodplain. A downloadable sample permit package is available on the TWDB NFIP website.
Communities must ensure that the adopted floodplain management ordinance and enforcement procedures meet program
requirements. Local regulations should be updated when additional data are provided by FEMA or when Federal standards
are revised.
The best way to determine flood risk is by using the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), which illustrate the
1-percent chance flood (a flood that has a 1-percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year) and assign flood
zones according to risk and available technical flood data. FEMA’s Map Modernization is an initiative to update and maintain
these maps by creating Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs). The online FEMA Map Service Center is available
to search for and order paper maps, digital maps, Flood Insurance Studies, and Letters of Map Change. Printed copies of the
FIRMs are also available for viewing at Texas Natural Resource Information System (TNRIS), a division of the TWDB.
    • TWDB – NFIP Main line: 512-463-4187
    • TNRIS
    • Flood Maps, Insurance, and Information
    • National Flood Insurance Program
    • FEMA Map Service Center
    • Associate of State Floodplain Managers
    • Texas Floodplain Management Association

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