AMTSL mentor responsibilities and pledge

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					AMTSL mentor responsibilities
and pledge

Name of presenter

Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative
(POPPHI) Project
Selection criteria for AMTSL mentors

•       Personnel selected to be AMTSL mentors should :
    •     Be a skilled birth attendant
    •     Regularly attend births
    •     Be able to train other providers
    •     Have the desire to train other providers
    •     Have the desire and the ability to conduct
          internal supervisory activities for newly trained
          birth attendants
Responsibilities of AMTSL mentors
• Facilitate the learning process:
   –   Articulate national standards
   –   Orient learners
   –   Help develop learning plan/action plan with learners
   –   Conduct skills and knowledge assessments
   –   Review exercises and other learner activities
   –   Work with models, demos/return demos
   –   Monitor learners
   –   Ensure availability of training materials
   –   Set up training site and demonstration room
Responsibilities of AMTSL mentors

• Inform the district point persons when providers have
  successfully completed all modules successfully and
  been found competent in all skills in the clinical area.
• Ensure internal supervision of selected skills in the
• Sensitize management about the need for materials,
  consumables, and medications for infection prevention
  and maternal and newborn care.
Responsibilities of AMTSL mentors

• Ensure adequate stocks of medications, consumables,
  and materials at the site.
• Sensitize pharmacy managers about storing and
  quantifying uterotonic drugs.
• Ensure that uterotonic drugs are appropriately stored in
  the pharmacy and in the delivery room.
• Collect and analyze data on indicators and send to the
  district coordinator.
• Keep the list of SBAs trained in the hospital up to date

I, (Your Name), do solemnly accept the responsibility
       of AMTSL mentor and will, to the best of my
 1. guide all birth attendants in my facility / district
     through the blended learning materials and
  2. strive to improve the quality of maternal and
             newborn services in my facility.