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					 ERASMUS Work Placements

16th June 2008
Rachel Cox - International Placement
Officer – all overseas placements

Students and Companies within
Aston Business School

Central Administration for ERASMUS
work placement grants
120 students on ERASMUS work placements across the University

   Aston Business School – language students and non language

   School of Languages and Social Sciences – language students

   School of Engineering and Applied Science

   Combined Honours

   Life and Health Sciences
Our Degree Programmes
BSc International Business and Modern Languages (IBML)
  Compulsory placement abroad

BSc International Business and Management (IBAM)
  Compulsory placement abroad in English speaking organisations

ERASMUS work placements are available to all our students

ALL students do at least 48 weeks unless they study 2 languages
Student Numbers
Aston Business School has 67 students undertaking an
ERASMUS work placement in 2007/8

  38 IBML students – 10 on 6 month placements
  16 IBAM students
  13 students from other degrees
   Student Locations
    Country    Number of
Austria        2
Belgium        3
France         23
Germany        21
Greece         1
Lithuania      1
The Netherlands 5
Spain          11
Sector                                              Percentage
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation                  21 %
Financial and Insurance Activities                  23 %
Information and Communication                       9%
Manufacturing                                       41 %
Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities   3%
Transportation and Storage                          3%
Promoting ERASMUS Placements
Placement Fair – University Wide

Placement Event – Aston Business School

Europe Day

Presentations to students
Sourcing Opportunities
Aston Business School and Aston University - tradition of work
Success of student placements
Country and company visit
Mail shots
Developing overseas links through UK organisations
Placement Officers throughout the University
   Sharing information
Problem countries – Spain!
Support for Students before the placement
 Placement intranet site
 Briefing sessions
 CV and cover letter checking
 Mock interviews
 One to one appointments
 Regular contact with International Placement Officer
 Language Assistants
Support for Students during the placement
 Blackboard™ module
 Placement Tutor
 Placement Office
 Company supervisor
 Briefing Pack