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					                       Canada’s Closing Ceremony Speech
                    TRANSED, May 26, 2004, Hamamatsu, Japan

         Delivered by Mr. Gilles Dufault, Canadian Transportation Agency

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You will agree with me that over the past few days, we have participated in an
extremely well organized, informative and enjoyable conference. We have heard
excellent speakers and surely made some progress toward the achievement of
universal transport in society.

I would like to congratulate our Japanese hosts for putting on such as successful event
and thank them for their gracious hospitality. All of us will bring home fond memories of
this most informative and colorful event.

Looking ahead, it is with great pleasure that Canada will host the 11 th TRANSED in the
city of Montreal June 18-21, 2007. The theme of the conference is "Benchmarking,
Evaluation, and Vision for the Future"; sessions will be structured to maximize exchange
of information related to advances in research, new perspectives, and technological

The event will be held in Canada’s two official languages, English and French. We
expect record numbers of participants as the conference returns to North America for
the first time in over two decades. As hosts, we will be proud to showcase Canadian
technology, innovation and best practices. We extend a warm welcome to exhibitors
around the world to demonstrate their latest innovations to the vast North American
market and to international delegates!

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I invite you to attend and experience Canada’s
hospitality and warm welcome. I also encourage you to bring along your spouse and
family members. In Montreal, June and July feature several international festivals such
as jazz, comedy, theatre, dance, and fireworks.

In addition, Canada offers many scenic stops for pre- and post-conference activities,
just remember: Canada is a vast country with approximately 8000km coast to coast so
visitors should consider spending a couple of weeks seeing the sights and enjoying our

Now that you know a little about the next TRANSED conference, I would like to give you
a preview of the province of Quebec and its metropolis, Montreal. The province of
Quebec will be involved as a partner and has graciously provided us with a short video.

So, I invite you to enjoy the next few minutes as we do a visual tour of Quebec. I hope
this will stimulate your imagination and entice you to visit us in 2007. [Note: this video is
available on the province of Quebec’s official tourism site at
under Scenes of Quebec (Images du Quebec)]

If you need more information about TRANSED 2007, please consult our web site at This web site is already active on the internet.

See you in Montreal. Sayonara et au revoir.