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A Professional Corporation                                                         FILED
100 Southgate Parkway
Morristown, NJ 07962-1997
                                                                                  DEC 06 2007
(973) 538-4006
                                                                              ,Judge Jamie D. Happas
Attorneys for Defendants Wyeth, Inc. and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc.

LORETT A DEBOARD,                                 SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY
                                                  LAW DIVISION: MIDDLESEX COUNTY
                        Plaintiffs,               DOCKET NO. MID-L-1147-06 MT

                 v.                                                    CIVIL ACTION

WYETH, INC. and WYETH                                   NOTICE OF MOTION and ORDER FOR
PHARMACEUTICALS INC., et al.,                               ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE


          Wyeth, Inc. and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc. request entry of an Order for the admission of

counsel pro hac vice. By their signatures below counsel warrant for purposes of this motion that the

representations set forth in Case Management Order No.9, are true and applicable herein and agree as a

condition to the entry of an order granting this motion to comply with the terms and conditions for

admission pro hac vice set forth in Case Management Order No.9.

Attorney Seeking Admission:                         Randall L. Christian, Esq.
Bar member State of:                                Texas
Motion Return Date:                                 December 14, 2007

                                                    Yes           No

Motion fee Paid:

Consent of Adversary:

Service Upon Counsel of Record:

Address of Counsel to be Admitted:

                                                               Clark, Thomas & Winters

                                                            300 West 6th Street, 15 Floor

                                                                    Austin, TX 78701

Phone Number:                                                          512-495-8880
E-Mail:                                                                rlc@ctw.com

ORDERED, that Randall L. Christian, Esq. is admitted pro hac vice in these matters subject to

the conditions set forth in Case Management Order No.9.

               Having reviewed the above motion, I find
               to be meritorious on its face ar:d i::.
               unopposed.       Pursuant to R 1:6-2, it
               therefore wil! be grein,';:.! Eiss8ntic.;i;{ for the
               reasons set forth in t r:» 'in'.-' f,~. ers.

                                                                      "\;,tum [:Rate: _-Li~3.:=.CJ                               _
                                                                      ,.   i     \.          -""" -           0'
                                                                      '\liOdon *1':   .. -~_<..~/c-=<~:..........o:~~            _

                                                                      Jucige: .__.~
                                                                      Disc End
                                                                      Trial! Arb DatH:
                                                                                                   .         _
                                                                                                                    =.       _
                                                                      3ubrrl i tt<:H"i WI Order: f'1T3S./ no