Lesson Plans for an Integrated Work-based Experience

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					   Lesson Plans for an
 Integrated Work-based

Developed By: Katrina Parks,
 Mineral Wells
Career Field: Banking Industry
Academic Area: English III,
 Algebra II
Technical Area: Banking &
 Finance, BCIS
Length of Experience: 3 Weeks
Grade/s for students: 10th-12th
         Project Overview

A Banking & Finance teacher will team teach with an English III
teacher and an Algebra II teacher.
The Banking & Finance teacher will introduce students to credit
reports. The students will learn to read a credit report and learn the
importance of credit reports.
The English teacher will be responsible for teaching students how to
write a letter declining an application for an automobile loan.
The Algebra teacher will be responsible for teaching students how to
figure monthly automobile payments based on the amount and terms
financed and interest rates.
The BCIS teacher will be responsible for introducing Excel and having
students create a spreadsheet using formulas to figure payments of an
automobile loan.
Students will take a field trip to a local bank.
 Texas Essential Knowledge
          & Skills

 Technical Area:
  BCIS- F1, A1, B1
  Banking & Finance- 2D, 3C
 Academic Area:
  English III- 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2E
  Algebra II- 4A, 4B
    Work-Based Experience

   Planning considerations: Contact local bank for field trip, schedule
    an English & BCIS teacher to come in and teach lessons, partner
    students up for the role play activity, give students permission slips for
    field trip, give students an agenda of lessons with expectations
   Execution: Students will be taught about credit reports. They will
    visit a local bank to become familiar with the loan process. The
    students will be paired up to role-play a loan officer and an applicant.
    During the role-play, students will write a business letter and develop a
    spreadsheet showing monthly loan payments.
   Follow-up: Students will complete evaluation forms, get feedback
    from bank, and involved teachers.
     Curriculum Activities

     Lesson 1: Credit Reports (3-4 days)
     Emphasis: Students will learn general information about
      credit reports which include why they are important, how to
      read one, and where you could obtain your credit report.

1.    The Banking & Finance teacher will explain what a credit report
      is and why they are used. (Use www.transunion.com for
      information, examples and credit technology.)
2.    The teacher will show what is included in a credit report, how
      to read a credit report, and where you can obtain a credit
      report. (ex. Experian, Equifax, TransUnion)
3.    Students will complete a work sheet over the information of
      credit reports. (Handout 1)
4.    Students will take a quiz over credit terminology after the
      discussion. (Handout 2)
Curriculum Activities

   Lesson 2: 1 Day
   Emphasis: Students will tour a local bank.

   Students will take a field trip to a local bank. The major focus will
    be on the loan department. How the loan process works will need
    to be addressed by the bank.
     Curriculum Activities

     Lesson 3: 2 weeks
     Emphasis: Students will role play a loan officer and a customer. They will write
      a letter declining an applicant. (English Teacher) They will also create a
      spreadsheet figuring payments for an automobile loan. (Algebra Teacher, BCIS

     Each student will role play a loan officer and an applicant using example credit
2.    The loan officer must turn down 1 application and accept 1 application.
3.    The English teacher will discuss the way to write a business letter. After the
      procedures and examples are shown, the student will write a letter to the
      applicant that is declined explaining why their application was turned down.
      Explain how to tactfully write the letter. (Information Pgs. 1-5)
4.    The Algebra teacher will teach the students how to figure monthly automobile
      payments. Students will be given a worksheet to complete.
5.    The BCIS teacher will teach Excel and explain how to enter formulas. The
      applicant that is accepted must be shown different payments based on down
      payments, interest rates, and months financed.
     Before this role play activity, each student must look for a car they would like to
      purchase. (Year model, MSRP) Based on this information, they will talk with the
      loan officer and find out how much the monthly payments will be. The student
      role playing the loan officer must create a spreadsheet with formulas to plug in
      the information given to them by the applicant. The loan officer will be
      responsible for turning in the spreadsheet showing formulas for a grade.
      (Handout 3)

1.   Students will be graded on all handouts.
2.   Students will be graded on participation during the entire
     lesson and during the role play activity.
3.   Students will be given a grade on the business letter and on
     the spreadsheet.