Cash Advance WHEATON COLLEGE Miscellaneous by tpb23050


									                                                                   WHEATON COLLEGE
                                                                     Miscellaneous Cash Advance Request
                                                                               Reconciliation Form
All Cash Advances will be paid through Direct Deposit 3-5 days prior to event.                                   Step #1     Request Date:
This form is not for travel expense. Allow seven working days for internal processing
                                                                                                                 Step #2 Reconciliation Date:
Step #1 Request Advance
   Fill out top portion of this form and return to Accounts Payable with the appropriate signatures.
                                                                    Cash Advance Request

          Requestor                                                      Requestor Signature                                       Wheaton ID#

          Department                                                    Department Head Approval
          Explanation                                                   Amount Requested                                     Advance #

Step #2 Reconcile Advance
   Copy the orginal request; fill out the bottom portion of the form; attach receipts & submit to Accounts Payable with the appropriate signatures.
                      Fund               Org          Account      Activity Code               Description (maximum of 35 characters)            Amount

     Use this link for most commonly used Banner account #'s   Total Expense
                                                                                                                            Less Advance
                                        For Finance Office Use Only
                                                                                                                    Balance due College
Document No:                       Processed By:                                   Date:                            Balance due Employee

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