Hospice Administrator by tpb23050


									          Hospice Administrator

   Hospice employee
   Has required education and
   Responsible for hospice daily
   Reports to the governing body
          Hospice Services
Physician        Physical Therapy
Nursing          Occupational
Medical Social   Therapy
Services         Speech Language
Counseling       Pathology
Hospice Aide     Inpatient Care
Homemaker        Medical Supplies,
Volunteer        Drugs, Biologicals
         Professional Management
            Written agreement
Services are
   Authorized by the hospice

   Furnished safely and effectively by
    qualified personnel
   Follow the patient's Plan of care

Hospice retains administrative and financial
 management, and oversight of staff and
          Multiple Locations

 Be Medicare approved before providing
  services to Medicare patients.
 Be part of the hospice.
 Share administration, supervision, and
  services with the hospice.
 Have clearly delineated lines of authority,
  professional, administrative control.
 Be continually monitored and managed by
  the hospice.
              Medical Director

   Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy
   Employed directly or under contract
   Hospice may contract with individual
    or group
      Medical Director Responsibilities

   Medical Component of Hospice’s Patient
    Care Program
   Review Patient’s Clinical Information
   Certify And Recertify Terminal Illness
           Clinical Record Content

All assessments, Plans Signed notice of Pt.
of Care, Clinical notesRights, & election
Responses to           Outcome measure data
medications, symptom   elements (from
management, treatments assessments)
and services
      Clinical Record Content (Con’t)

Physician           Physician’s orders
certification and
Past and current    Advance Directives
                    Pop Quiz

   What happens when the patient is
    transferred to another M’care/M’caid

   A. The hospice must always send a copy
    of the patient’s discharge summary with
    the patient.

   B. The hospice must always send a copy
    of the patient’s clinical record with the
         Durable Medical Equipment

   Follow manufacturer recommendations
    for maintenance

   Develop Policies if no recommendation

   Instruct pt/family on proper use

   Contract with supplier meeting Medicare
    MEMPOS standards
           Inpatient Care Limitation

   Total Medicare inpatient days can’t exceed
    20% of total Medicare hospice days.
            Restraints or Seclusion

   All patients have the right to be free from
    restraint or seclusion imposed as a
    means of coercion, discipline,
    convenience, or retaliation.
   Only used to ensure safety of patient,
    staff, or others when less restrictive
    interventions not effective
   no standing orders or PRN
           Restraints or Seclusion

   least restrictive possible
   Safety is paramount
   Time limited
   Monitored by trained staff.
   Documentation of training available in
    personnel records
     Hospice/Facility written agreement

   Communication and documentation strategy
   Facility notifies hospice of specific patient
   Hospice determines appropriate hospice care
   Facility responsibility for 24 hour r/b &
    personal care
   Hospice provides drugs & DME r/t terminal
Hospice/Facility written agreement
     Hospice provide same
      services as patients at
     Hospice use of facility
     Hospice responsibility to
      report violations to facility
     Provision of bereavement
         CMS Hospice Center

            Hospice Social Worker

   MSW from accredited school +1 year
   BSW, or bachelor in psychology, sociology,
    or other related field & 1 year experience &
    supervised by MSW
   BSW AND employed by hospice before

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