1P+N miniature circuit-breakers - 1 module by ypl44131


									                1P+N miniature
                circuit-breakers – 1 module
                S 9 range

603005/011 en
New-generation 1P+N miniature
circuit-breakers in single module

Curve B

                      ABB SACE has             thermomagnetic           there is the 6kA of
      In=6…40 A       renewed and              circuit-breakers, that   the S951N range and
                      extended its range       give rise to a           the 10kA of the
      Im=3…5 In       of devices in the        technologically-         S971N range. The last
                      System pro M             advanced and             of these represents
                      modular system,          extremely complete       a significant step
                      a complete system of     range in terms of        forward as concerns
                      switchgears designed     size, tripping           the 1P+N offer of
                      to satisfy all           characteristics and      thermomagnetic
                      installation             breaking capacities.     circuit-breakers. The
Curve C               requirements.
                      Particular attention
                                               The new circuit-
                                               breakers are available
                                                                        mechanical design of
                                                                        the new circuit-
                      has been dedicated to    with rated currents      breakers has also
                      the miniature circuit-   from 2 to 40A in the     been the subject of
                      breakers, since their    version with “C”         considerable attention
      In=2…40 A       protective function
                      against overloads and
                                               characteristics and
                                                                        to ensure that the
                                                                        closing speed of the
     Im=5…10 In       short-circuits makes
                      them fundamental
                                               rated currents from 6
                                               to 40A in the version
                                                                        contacts in the last
                                                                        closing section is not
                      devices for safe and     with “B” tripping        affected by the
                      reliable plant           characteristics. A       speed at which the
                      operation. This is       novelty of               knob turns, with the
                      confirmed by the fact    considerable             result that closing is
                      that ABB SACE has        importance lies in the   always dependable
                      introduced further       breaking capacity of     (the positive
                      important novelties:     the new circuit-         engagement closing
                      first of all, the        breakers: in addition    is an ABB SACE
                      innovative features of   to the classic 4.5 kA    international
                      the new 1P+N             for the S941N range,     patent).
Auxiliary parts: a complete range
of accessories

The circuit-breakers      closed position of the    has been caused by         thermomagnetic             opened (providing it
are supported by          device to be              an overload or short-      circuit-breaker.           has been tripped by
a whole family of         displayed (when the       circuit. In the event of                              the coil concerned).
auxiliary elements that   circuit-breaker is in     manual circuit-breaker     Shunt trips
enable numerous           the “open” position,      operation, on the          These are used to          Undervoltage
functions and             the indicator projects    other hand, it             remotely trip the          releases
configurations to be      from the housing).        indicates no change        opening of the             These are intended to
developed.                The indicator also        in the state of the        circuit-breakers. The      protect connected
                          enables a test (i.e.      circuit-breaker. The       shunt trips are fitted     apparatus in the event
Auxiliary contacts        a momentary change-       signal contact is          both with a self-          of a voltage drop
The auxiliary contact     over of the auxiliary     complete with a            opening contact (for       between 70% and
indicates the “open”      circuit) to be            yellow indicator that      protecting the coil in     35% of its rated value,
or “closed” position      performed by              projects from the          the event of a             as established by the
of the circuit-breaker;   pressing on the           housing when the           withheld and with an       standards. In many
with each change to       indicator itself. Up to   circuit-breaker is         ON/OFF contact for         cases it is used to
its open/closed state,    a maximum of 3            operated (this             indicating the state of    prompt an emergency
be it manual or           (signal and/or            indicator also enables     the coil (energized        outage in positive
automatic, the contact    auxiliary) contacts       a manual reset of the      or deenergized). An        safety conditions.
enables the tripping      can be applied to         signalling circuit).       S9.. circuit-breaker       There are also two
of a remote (e.g.         each circuit-breaker      In addition, the signal    fitted with a shunt trip   versions which have a
luminous) signal by       in the S9...N range.      contact has a "TEST"       and 3 auxiliary            100ms tripping time
means of its own                                    button that causes a       contacts consequently      lag (types S9-V24AC
change-over contact.      Signal contacts           momentary change-          has 4 indicators           and S9-V24DC) to
The auxiliary contact     The signal (or            over of the signalling     available altogether.      prevent any
is complete with          tripped-relayed)          circuit contact,           A projecting red           unwanted operation
a green indicator that    contact indicates that    whatever the ON/OFF        indicator shows that       in the event of micro-
enables the open/         automatic tripping        state of the               the circuit-breaker has    interruptions in the
                                                                                                          mains power supply
                                                                                                          lasting less than
Combinations of the S 9..N range of circuit-breakers with auxiliary elements (maximum                     100ms. A projecting
configuration)                                                                                            red indicator shows
                                                                                                          that the circuit-
                                                                                                          breaker has opened
                                                                                                          (providing it has been
                                                                                                          tripped by the coil
           S9-V                                                                                           concerned).

                                                                S9-X                          S9-X
                                                                 or            S9-X                         The position for the
                                                                                                            assembly of the accessories
                                                                                                            has been differentiated; the
                                                                                                            coil (shunt trip or
                                                                                                            undervoltage release) is
                                                                                                            installed on the left of the
            S9-T                                                                                            circuit-breaker, while the
                                                                                                            contacts (up to three, only
                                                                                                            one of which may be a signal
                                                                                                            contact) are installed on the
                                       Detailed ordering information and ordering codes
                                       Rated current       Code
                                       In                  Characteristic   Characteristic
                                       [A]                 B                C                Code                   Type                   Description

S 941N                                                                                        Auxiliary elements
        Tripping characteristics       2                                    EE 550 8         Auxiliary and signal contacts
        B (Im = 3...5In)               4                                    EE 551 6         EE 610 0               S9-X                   auxiliary contact 1NO+1NC (1/2 module)
        C (Im = 5...10In)
                                       6                                    EE 552 4         EE 611 8               S9-S                   signal contact (1/2 module)
        Breaking capacity              10                                   EE 553 2                   S9-X                           S9-S
                                                                                                            1/2                            1/2
        according to IEC EN 60898      16                                   EE 554 0              11                             95
        (Icn=3kA): Icn=4.5kA
                                       20                                   EE 555 7
        according to IEC EN
        60947.2: Icu 06kA, Ics=4.5kA   25                                   EE 556 5         12        14                   96        98

                                       32                                   EE 557 3
        Applications                   40                                   EE 558 1                        2/1                            2/1

        domestic applications
                                                                                             Shunt trips
1/2 N
                                                                                             EE 619 1               S9-T24                 shunt trip 12-24V ac/dc
2/1 N                                                                                                               (1 module)
                                                                                             EE 620 9               S9-T130                shunt trip 48-130V ac and
                                                                                                                                           48-60V dc (1 module)
S 951N                                                                                       EE 621 7               S9-T415                shunt trip 220-415 ac and
        Tripping characteristics       2                                    EE 570 6                                                       110-250V dc (1 module)
        B (Im = 3...5In)               4                                    EE 571 4
                                                                                              C1              1/2
        C (Im = 5...10In)              6                   EE 560 7         EE 572 2
        Breaking capacity              10                  EE 561 5         EE 573 0
        according to IEC EN 60898:     16                  EE 562 3         EE 574 8
                                                                                              C2              2/1
                                       20                  EE 563 1         EE 575 5
        according to IEC EN 60947.2:
        Icu 10kA, Ics=6kA              25                  EE 564 9         EE 576 3         Undervoltage releases
                                       32                  EE 565 6         EE 577 1         EE 612 6               S9-V24AC               undervoltage release 24V ac with time lag
                                       40                  EE 566 4         EE 578 9                                                       (1 module)
        domestic, commercial and
        industrial applications                                                              EE 613 4               S9-V24DC               undervoltage release 24V dc with time lag

1/2 N
                                                                                                                                           (1 module)
        Electric                                                                             EE 614 2               S9-V48AC               undervoltage release 48V ac (1 module)
2/1 N
                                                                                             EE 615 9               S9-V48DC               undervoltage release 48V dc (1 module)
                                                                                             EE 616 7               S9-V230AC undervoltage release 230V ac (1 module)
S 971N
                                                                                             D1               1/2
                                       2                                    EE 590 4
        Tripping characteristics       4                                    EE 591 2
        B (Im = 3...5In)
                                       6                                    EE 592 0
        C (Im = 5...10In)                                                                    D2               2/1
                                       10                                   EE 593 8
        Breaking capacity              16                                   EE 594 6
        according to IEC EN 60898:     20                                   EE 595 3         Overall dimensions S 941N-S 951N-S 971N
                                       25                                   EE 596 1                                                                     62
        according to IEC EN 60947.2:                                                                                       1P+N
        Icu 15kA, Ics=10kA             32                                   EE 597 9
                                       40                                   EE 598 7
        commercial and industrial



1/2 N

2/1 N
                                                                                                                           17,8                          70
 Further features:       represented by the         they allow for          Technical features S 941N, S 951N, S 971N
- large terminal size    availability of optional   numerous functions      Rated current In               [A]     2...40 (C); 6...40 (B)
  (16 mm2 in all         accessories including      and configurations.     Rated voltage                  [V]     230 ac
  versions);             a complete range of        This new generation
                                                                            Minimum operating voltage      [V]     12
- restyling;             dedicated auxiliary        of modular circuit-
- use of a two-tone                                                         Electrical service life        [n°]    10000
                         elements                   breakers is naturally
  red/green toggle for   (undervoltage              designed for wiring     Mechanical service life        [n°]    20000
  making the ON/         releases, auxiliary and    with the Unifix rapid   Tropicalization according to
  OFF conditions         signal contacts, shunt     system (by means of     DIN 40046                              95% RH at 55°C
  immediately            trips). These elements     suitable L1-N, L2-N,    Dimension of terminals         [mm2]   16
  recognizable.          are coupled directly       L3-N connection         Number of poles                        1P+N
Another strong point     to the circuit-breaker     bridges).
                                                                            Weight                         [g]     110
of the new circuit-      without the aid of any
                                                                            Protection degree                      IP20
breakers in the          additional
S 941N, S 951N and       components, such as                                Standards                              IMQ - UTE
S 971N ranges is         studs or clips, and
                                                  603005/011 en May ’00
                                                  Printed in Italy

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