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									                                Issue 17   July 28th 2010

                                                            Helping you take
                                                                better photos

How To:

adventure Competition winner

north Shore national Salon

Photoshop Tips
    June 23

              NZ Photographer
                                                          18 Urban

                                          north Shore
                                        national Salon
              12                Pic of the bunch

                                                      28 Critique

              20 Critique
              26 Photoshop

                                            24 Cool Stuff
    June 23

              NZ Photographer
                                                              ack in Issue 1 we celebrated the success of 4 Kiwi photographers who had
                                                              been included in the 10th anniversary M.I.L.K. book. We also interviewed
                                                              Geoff Blackwell, the brains behind two of the most well-known international
                                                     competitions that have come out of New Zealand.
                                                       Well, we’re very pleased to announce that we have been given a copy of the beautiful
                                                     hard-cover book to give away to one lucky subscriber. Simply go on to our Facebook
                                                     page and leave a comment under the “Win Some MILK” post, and one lucky reader will
                                                     be drawn at random and win this amazing collection for their coffee table at home.
                                                       We have some great stuff in this issue, starting with the winning images from the
                                                     North Shore National Salon of Photography, which I helped judge.
                                                       There’s also an opportunity for you to learn about Urban Photography, and as
                                                     always we encourage you to take what we have here to the street, quite literally, and
                                                     get your cameras clicking!

Cover Image: Single Image Competition
Winner Shaun Holmes

          ABOUT                 Whether you’re an enthusiastic weekend            ADDRESS                          NZ Photographer,
                                snapper or a beginner who wants to learn                                           C/- Espire Media,
                                more, NZ Photographer is the fun e-magazine                                        PO Box 137162, Parnell,
                                for all Kiwi camera owners – and it’s free!                                        Auckland 1151, NZ
          EDITOR                         Ollie Dale, ANZIPP
                                                                                         NZ Photographer is an Espire Media publication
          GROUP EDITOR                   Trudi Caffell
          ART DIRECTOR                   Jodi Olsson
          ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES          Phone Richard on 09 523 4112 or

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    June 23

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              NZ Photographer
                                                                                                                                    For more info contact

                                Prints OPen COlOur GOld Medal
                                Liz Hardley FPSNZ, LRPS
                                Portrait of a Young Boy
                                gold Medal and Progear Trophy
    June 23

              NZ Photographer
norTH SHorE
naTional Salon
By Ollie Dale

                                   was recently invited to be one of               in judging; having the guts to stand up for
                                   6 judges at the 2010 North Shore                something you like to see it go on to success.
                                   National Salon of Photography. The                Congratulations to those who entered,
                                Salon is in its 16th year this year, and is a      and to the images here that we celebrate
                                well-respected annual competition.                 for their success!
                                  This year’s entries broke all records, with
                                over 2100 images entered. There were                 ----------------------

              This year’s
                                several categories, in both ‘mounted prints’ and
                                ‘digital’ divisions.                               Prints OPen COlOur GOld Medal

                                  I really enjoyed looking through all the         Liz Hardley FPSNZ, LRPS
                                entries and discussing them with my fellow         Portrait of a Young Boy

               broke all
                                judges. As a judge it’s our job to be ruthless,    gold Medal and Progear Trophy
                                and to judge the images according to their

                                merit but also amongst the images that they        The image was taken at the Stroke and Stride
                                share the category with. Every one of us had       swim-run event at Mission Bay, Auckland

               with over
                                to give and take, as we all had our own            last year on my Nikon D200. The light that
                                preferences, but I felt that we were all given     evening was excellent for taking portraits of the

                                a chance to stand up for the images we             competitors, and I thought that this was one of
                                individually liked.                                my best images. However, with some work in

                                  One image in particular was nearly               Photoshop, including the addition of a texture
                                overlooked but I felt strong enough about it       layer, I created what I felt was an even better

                                to stand up for it, and it eventually won its      image, which was both ethereal and haunting,
                                category – and that’s where the pleasure lies      and had the feel of a Renaissance painting.
    June 23

                                                                                                                                 Dec 2

              NZ Photographer                                                                                 NZ Photographer
     Stephen Cox
    Mar 3

            NZ Photographer
                                Stephen Cox

                                                            Stephen Cox

                                Prints OPen MOnOChrOMe GOld Medal            with limited dodging and burning.
                                Stephen Cox                                  Camera: Canon IXUS 960 IS
                                A weekend walk with our dog took us to       Prints set subjeCt ‘arChiteCture’ GOld Medal
                                the long abandoned shipwreck, Gairlock.      Mike Thornton
                                Charlie the dog discovered the bloated,      The British Museum
                                balding sheep carcass and with correct       This is in the Great Court of the British Museum
                                positioning and a low angle I was able       in London. It’s a massive area but I wanted to
                                to get a good connecting line from the       capture as much of the essence of the design
                                sheep to the wreck. During processing in     as I could. I didn’t have a very wide-angled
                                Lightroom and Photoshop I decided on a       lens available so the best way to achieve a
                                tinted monochrome print to convey both       framing that took in as many angles and different
                                desolation and abandonment.                  surfaces as possible was to move in close and
                                Camera: Canon IDS Mark 2; 24 – 105 mm lens   point the lens up. To me the image is all about
                                                                             the dynamics of the shapes formed by the terrific
                                Prints set subjeCt ‘ClOse uP’ GOld Medal     ceiling structure and the shadows, so I decided
                                Stephen Cox                                  on monochrome to avoid the blue sky being
                                Breakfast                                    too dominant. I like the balance and contrast
                                Monday morning amongst the familiar          between straight lines and curves. I cropped to
                                scramble of weekday breakfast; suddenly      make sure the dark area wasn’t too significant
                                low winter sun penetrated the room           a proportion. I’ve used selective burning-in to
                                illuminating a marmalade jar. Grabbing       provide some depth, a little dodging to ensure
                                my point and shoot I simply captured the     that some highlight detail was retained in the
                                moment as it happened. The image was         darker building section; and a vignette to help
                                processed in Lightroom and Photoshop         drag the eye back in from the corners.
    June 23

              NZ Photographer
        Mike Thornton
        British Museum
    June 23

              NZ Photographer
 Elizabeth Passuello
 Fern Fantasy

diGital OPen COlOur GOld Medal                       for Photoshop which I had yet to experiment          diGital OPen MOnOChrOMe GOld Medal
Elizabeth Passuello FPSNZ, FNPSNZ, EFIAP             with and I deemed this fern photo suitable for       Maree Turner APSNZ, NZIPA
Fern Fantasy                                         such experimentation. The original photo of          Raw
Fern Fantasy came about as a result of me            the fern was a fairly straight-forward image of      Raw is part of a series I’m still creating to
needing one more image to complete my                the frond so I started experimenting with the        represent the unseen emotional turmoil that is
entry in the general section of the 2010             filter, adjusting it several times until I had the   being experienced by some during the recession.
Trierenberg Super Circuit... and I wanted            effect I wanted; nothing too over-the-top as I       Most of it is mainly behind closed doors. We’re
something new and a little different to my           still wanted to retain something of the design       reading about it & seeing some of it on the news
usual style of photography.                          and form of the fern in the original image.          but we’re not feeling it. There is some very real &
     I had recently purchased a new plug-in filter   Fern Fantasy was thus created.                       raw emotion being felt out there.”

          Maree Turner
    June 23

              NZ Photographer
Lloyd Houghton
Friends of the Light

                                                                                       diGital set subjeCt ‘red’ GOld Medal
                                                                                       Lloyd Houghton
                                                                                       Friends of the Light
                                                                                       Strong light is usually irresistible to me if there
                                                                                       is a camera close to hand. And there was
                                                                                       this time as my two friends ambled along Te
                                                                                       Horo beach. Deep in conversation, they were
                                                                                       oblivious to me behind them, searching for
                                                                                       that right aperture/shutter combination. Faster,
                                                                                       slower, wider, stopped down - which pairing
                                                                                       will capture the moment the best?
                                                                                          This image is one of many that have
                                                                                       come from a year of experimenting with
                                                                                       in-camera techniques. Techniques like slow
                                                                                       film speed (I’m old enough to still call it that,
                                                                                       even though I’m all digital now!) neutral
                                                                                       density filters, and slow shutter speeds to

diGital set subjeCt ‘MOveMent’ GOld Medal   sun light caught the edges of the sails    capture different impressions of movement

Jean Moulin APSNZ                           giving a glow- like appearance.            and light not seen by the eye at the time.

Towards the Finishing Line                    Using a 300mm lens, and a slow shutter      For me, there is magic for me in capturing

     The image was taken from the wharf     speed technique, I was able to capture a   moments like these. Exposing for the shadow

at Murrays Bay Beach of a yacht race        feeling of movement and a sense of being   side gives a blinding, high key ground for the

organised by the local Yacht Club. I was    amongst the action.                        faceless figures to float on. What will the light

attracted by the sail shapes also how the                                              wash out? What stays to be seen? I love it.

 Jean Moulin
 Towards the Finishing Line
     Mar 3

             NZ Photographer
                                                                                                                                        Image by INfocuS keyNote mIchael grecco ©

                                    epson/NZIPP Iris Professional                      Infocus conference
                                    Photography awards                                 12-14 September, QueenStown
               PrINcIPal SPoNSor:
                                    9-11 September, QueenStown                         the premier professional photography
                                    the annual Iris awards celebrate the creative      conference, which includes two days of
                                    excellence of professional photographers in        international and local speakers, industry
                                    New Zealand.                                       exhibition, off-site practical workshops, Iris
                                                                                       awards gallery, social functions, masterclass
                                    this is your best opportunity in 2010 to gain      and gala awards dinner.
                                    wide spread exposure by becoming an
                                    award-winning photographer.                        the programme includes international celebrity
                                                                                       photographer michael Grecco, australian
                                    entry is open to all professional photographers,   Wedding and Portrait photographers Graham
                                    with judging held in an open forum over three      monro and robert piccoli, alongside a variety
                                    days. come along and see the best of New           of local photographers and business experts.
                                    Zealand photography.

                                                                                       for more information visit:
                                    New Zealand Institute of
                                    Professional Photography                 
     June 23

                 NZ Photographer

       Richard Brown
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
     Shaun Holmes

                             rom the Author: This photo was taken
                             on part of the Lee River in Nelson
                             on the 31st of January 2010 around
                     lunch time. A few mates and I were killing
                     some time practicing back flips off the rock,
                     and when I took the photo I was in the
                     water looking up.

                        Well done Shaun Holmes for a great
                     Action image for this month’s issue – nicely
                     caught and with a great sense of timing, and
                     especially summery in the middle of winter.
                     Camilla wins this issue’s cover and a $100
                     voucher from the fabulous people at Giclée
                     Print. For all YOUR fine art and canvas printing
                     needs, visit
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
                                 Sharon Wright
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
                                 Sean Coleman
     June 23

               NZ Photographer

               wOrDs & images By Ollie Dale

                                        ack in Issue 4 of NZ Photographer       PhOtOGraPhy differ?
                                        (September 9th 2009) we interviewed     Street Photography tends to be more
                                        TrustMe, a street artist, who gave us   people-based, is most often candid, and
                                 all some great tips on photographing Street    quite often includes some statement of
                                 Art. Recently someone asked me what the        society or people in general. It can also
                                 difference was between Street Photography      be location specific, but usually always
                                 and Urban Photography, and it stumped me.      includes some human element to the image.
                                 Just like there’s a difference between         Urban Photography is more landscape-
                                 musical genres – e.g. it used to be called     based, including buildings, bridges,
                                 “Punk” but now you can choose from             landmarks, statues etc. and doesn’t
                                 Hardcore Punk, Ska-punk, Pop Punk, Post-       necessarily need a human element at all.
                                 punk, Christian Punk, Proto Punk, Skate        So, ironically, the Street Art article
                                 Punk, Dance-punk etc. – there are also         in Issue 4 falls more into the Urban
                                 subtle differences within photographic         category, which means we still have
                                 genres that define and differentiate them.     room to do a future article on Street
                                 sO, hOw dO street and urban                    Photography... watch this space.
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
what is urban?                                           camera you like, but one thing you’ll     •	   Shoot Construction Sites: without
Think ‘city’ or ‘town centre’ or ‘main street’,          find very useful is a tripod. If you’re        putting yourself in danger, look to
depending on where you live in New                       more advanced and you use a DSLR,              capture buildings as they are built
Zealand. If you live in the suburbs then                 then you may want to include filters           or before they’re finished. Even the
you’re in a sub-urban part of your city, but             such as polarising filter, a neutral           demolition of old buildings can make
you may still find urban scenes nearby                   density filter or a graduated filter.          great images.
     Really, Urban Photography is about                  You may want to take all your lenses,     •	   Be the Early Bird: getting in to town
capturing and commenting on the human                    or simply only a wide angle – that’s           first has many benefits – the light
race’s tendency to have a centralised area               up to you and your style.                      in the morning is some of the best
for trade, commerce, education and retail           •	   Use All Parts of the City: Don’t               light you’ll get all day; you can
therapy, and how that looks where you live.              just stand on ‘Main Street’ and                quite often get wide urban spaces
Every city’s different, so don’t think that there        photograph the buildings everyone              with no one in them; different
is a set formula for how you capture your                can see, look for opportunities to             things happen within the city before
own area’s urban-ness, but here are a few                photograph the things that no one              everyone arrives, and you can get
general tips to help you out:                            sees, or that everyone walks past              opportunities that you won’t get for
•	             Gear to Take: You can use any             without looking at.                            the rest of the day.
     June 23

                NZ Photographer
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
               photography to take a long time,
               and look to re-visit the same places
               at different times of day to get the
               perfect light.
     June 23

                 NZ Photographer
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
•	             Look for Human Evidence: Urban               perspective on something – climb              to add something special.
               photography doesn’t usually have             something (safely!), use height to       •	   Check if you need Permission: Some
               people in it, but you can just as            your advantage, get down low, think           parts of the city may need property
               easily photograph things that imply          of another way to shoot the same              releases if you’re going to use your
               that people are always here or are           scene you’ve just photographed.               image for anything other than your
               responsible for the other elements in   •	   Look for Shapes and Contrasts: use            personal collection. If in doubt, ask!
               your image.                                  the shapes of your environment to             You can also look to get permission
•	             Use Alternative Angles: look for             construct your image, and look for            from building owners for access to
               opportunities to get a different             contrasts in colour, texture and light        their property if your award-winning
     June 23

                 NZ Photographer
                shot needs to be taken within their                   out for you. Don’t go too far off the                 interesting and tell a story, or that
                property’s boundary.                                  beaten track, and don’t trespass on                   simply record for history’s sake.
 •	             Stay Safe: cities aren’t the safest                   private property.                                     Concentrate on the landscape around
                places, especially after hours, so              •	    Take Urban Photographs: take                          you and use people only when they
                consider shooting in a group, or                      photos that depict your local urban                   add to your image or for a specific
                taking a friend with you to watch                     landscape. Take photos that are                       reason. Be prepared for urban

                         Ollie dale is the director and lead Photographer at PhotonZ ltd. based out of a studio in Parnell, Ollie concentrates his time
                          on Commercial and People photographic projects. every now and then he also turns his mind to editing this fine publication,
                                                    and hopes the readers get a lot out of it! for more visit

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      June 23

                  NZ Photographer

                        1        2


 By Pete west
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
               ou can find your image’s resolution          are linked (fig 2), which means that you can           and it now says, ‘Pixel Dimensions 16.6M
               by going to Image > Image Size. At           alter the size or resolution but the total file-size   (was 3.83). This means by increasing the
               the top it shows you that the file size      will remain the same. The larger you make the          resolution the file size has increased by
is 3.83meg and the document size is 47.41                   resolution the smaller will be the dimensions of       almost 12 meg. The original file was 3.83
x 35.14 cm at a resolution of 72 pixels per                 the picture. Also the smaller the resolution, the      meg. You can also increase the dimension
inch, which is the usual resolution of computer             larger will be the dimensions. If you look at fig      sizes, again this will increase the file size,
screens and web images.                                     3, you can see that the resolution has been            decreased dimensions will give you a
     Underneath to the left are 3 ticked boxes.             increased to 300 dots per inch (dpi) and the           smaller file size.
The ‘Scale Styles’, and ‘Constrain Proportions’             dimensions have automatically reduced BUT                In fig 5 (at the bottom of the panel) you have
are fairly obvious, but the third ‘Resample                 the file size is still the same.                       a choice of ways in which the image is treated,
Image’ is not. You’ll notice that in the ‘Document             In fig 4 with the resample box ticked, the          depending on what you’re doing with it.
Size’ box the width and height box are linked,              dimensions remain linked BUT you can set                 Next month we’ll go into the consequences
leaving the resolution free to be altered.                  the resolution to whatever you want, (here             of increasing a file size and what the
     With the resample box unticked all 3 boxes             it’s 150 dpi). Look at the top of the box              program does to make the file bigger



          Pete west emigrated from the uK in 2002 and taught Photoshop at natcol for 3 years.
          he works freelance producing aircraft illustrations and photographic articles on airshows
               for magazines in the uK and brazil.
     June 23

               NZ Photographer

                                                                                                       There’s no better way to learn than
                                                                                                       by having your work critiqued! In
                                                                                                       this section you get to have your
                                                                                                       work critiqued by professional
                                                                                                       photographers Lisa Crandall and
                                                                                                       Ollie Dale.
                                                                                                       Lisa Crandall is a multi-award
                                                                                                       winning portrait photographer.
                                                                                                       In 2008 she was named ‘People
                                                                                                       Photographer of the Year’ at Iris,
                                                                                                       NZ’s professional photography
                                                                                                       awards. Her studio, ImageMe
                                                                                              is located
                                                                                                       in Takapuna in Auckland. She also
                                                                                                       runs photography workshops, and
                                                                                                       is an Associate of the New Zealand
                                                                                                       Institute of Professional Photography
                                                                                                       Ollie has been a professional
                                                                                                       photographer for seven years, and has
                                                                                                       clients such as the NZ Herald, Visa,
                                                                                                       Microsoft, Westpac, Unitec and BMW.
                                                                                                       He is also a qualified commercial
                                                                                                       member and Associate of the New
                                                                                                       Zealand Institute of Professional
                                                                                                       Photography (ANZIPP).

SizEd UP
yOUr wOrK CriTiQUeD
CaMera: Nikon D60                               there are amazing, this was not the first time     closer I was rewarded by a stunningly
shutter: 1/640 sec                              I’ve been up there at sunset. Some of my           beautiful landscape/seascape. I love the
aPerture: f/4                                   favourite shots at this spot were not taken with   warm light from the setting sun hitting the
isO: 800                                        the DSLR I used for this shot.                     left-hand side of the hills, and the distant
authOr: Eddie Kyle                              lisa’s COMMents: This is a lovely sunset           waves turned golden.
                                                shot, congratulations to the photographer          The dead tree has nice curves but I do feel it
frOM the authOr: I took this photo (A) at a     for the beautiful colours captured. The first      is overly dominant in this composition. I felt a little
deserted airstrip in the Kaipara area, right    thing I saw when I looked at it was the            frustrated looking at this photo, as the scene is
on sunset. The colours in the fading light up   silhouetted dead tree, but when I looked           so stunning and I would have liked to see more.
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
In general, photographers try to      the left and reframed with the tree on the
avoid a central composition,          right-hand side of your viewfinder. Also, if
and a common way to                   you had taken a couple of steps back from
compose this shot would               the tree and used a slightly longer lens, the
be to take it in landscape            background would have loomed up and the
orientation and have the              tree would have been less dominating.
dead tree on the side of the          Turning now to exposure, the sky is well
image, framing the scene.             exposed; the hills at the bottom of the
Because it leans in to the            image however are a little dark. By using a
left, the tree would look best        graduated neutral density filter and adjusting
on the right-hand side of the         the exposure accordingly, you could retain
frame. (OP1)                          this exposure on the sky and lighten the
I can see the sun was setting         bottom third of the image.
 just outside the left side of        The tree itself is a silhouette - with no detail -
 the frame, and you may               which turns it into a simple graphic element,
 have been trying to avoid            and may well be what you wanted. If you
 lens flare. If you didn’t want       did want to see some detail in the tree you
 to turn your camera toward           would probably need to use a tripod, take
 the sun, perhaps you could           a couple of images at different exposures (a
 have taken a step or two to          lighter one would show the detail in the tree)
                                      and blend later on the computer.

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                                                    NOW WITH
                                                                       Epson Stylus® Pro 3880


CaMera: Nikon D40                                do others see my image differently without       of all the ‘stuff’ in the foreground.
shutter: 1/1250 sec                              the emotional attachment that I have?            There are different elements to your image
aPerture: f/5                                    Usually the answer is yes – our work is easy     – the sun, the fog, the sky, the foreground,
isO: 200                                         to get attached to because we were there,        etc. I think your balance is slightly off. Your
authOr: Elanor Schroder                          we took the image, we know how much              horizon-line is almost in the middle of the
                                                 effort we put in to the post production to       image, not on a third line (see rule of thirds),
frOM the authOr: I took this photo (1) from      get it looking its best, etc. Hence the value    which chops the image in half but doesn’t
my verandah one morning – I saw the sun          in submitting your work to be critiqued to       add anything.
rising over the fog as I was getting ready for   someone who is not emotionally attached in       The most distracting element of the image
work. Normally all we see is a view of West      any way – i.e. asking your mother wouldn’t       is the silhouetted tree in the centre of the
Auckland, with lots of houses, but this day      be a good idea.                                  shot – there’s not much you can do about it
they were all hidden under the fog.              So, let’s look at your image without any         other than re-compose/crop your shot into
I have edited the colour slightly in Photoshop   emotional attachment.                            something other than the original:
(2). I would be really interested to hear what   I actually prefer the colour of the original –   Crop the lower part of the image off to
you think. Does it have any real appeal as       your adjustment has introduced a magenta         reduce the weight of the image overall
a photograph or do I like it just because it’s   hue, which actually “cools down” the             (OP1) Crop into the right side of the image
my view?                                         image, and sunrises and sunsets need to          (OP2) I daresay that the best picture would
                                                 be warm, usually.                                have been from your neighbour’s house
Ollies’s COMMents: You’ve asked a very           Now to the composition... You’ve chosen this     in the foreground – an open view across
good question there – and it’s something that    composition because it’s your usual view, and    the fog would have made for a much less
we should all be wary of as photographers.       that morning you had a glorious sunrise –        distracting image.
Am I emotionally attached to an image, and       unfortunately it hasn’t really worked because
     June 23

               NZ Photographer

          oP                                  2

Call fOr entries: Get your images critiqued by professionals – send an image to with a
brief description of how and why you took the shot, and we’ll tell you what we think and if it could be improved.
  The views and opinions expressed in this section are only two people’s ideas on photographic imagery. You may have different,
constructive ideas about how good or not the images are, and what could be done to them. You’re welcome to send those ideas in to We agree that the opinions contained in this critique section are by no means the only opinions that
could be held about these images.

               (siNgle image)

                      ime for y’all to get out to your      from the fabulous people at Giclée       Monday the 13th of September, 2010.
                      nearest Urban area and get            Print. For all YOUR fine art and         Winner will be published in Issue
                      snapping! Send us your best           canvas printing needs, visit www.        19, out on Wednesday the 22nd of
               image that illustrates what ‘urban’ means                       September, 2010
               to you, and remember that thinking and         One entry per person, and you
               shooting ‘out of the box’ will give you      must be in New Zealand or hold a
               the best chance of winning!                  NZ Passport at the time of entry to
                  Even if you don’t win you may still get   qualify to win.
               published on our Best of the Rest page.        Images must be 100dpi, 1600
                  Be in to win cover of Issue 19,           pixels wide, and sent to competitions@
               and the fabulous $100 voucher       by 5pm on
     Mar 3

             NZ Photographer
(siNgle image)

a QUiCK remiNDer…

               till Life – what is it? Well, go back to
               Issue 16, read up, and get your images
               in to us at NZ Photographer!
  Be in to win cover of Issue 18, and the
fabulous $100 voucher from the fabulous
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  One entry per person, and you must be in
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time of entry to qualify to win.
  Images must be 100dpi, 1600 pixels wide,
and sent to competitions@nzphotographer. by 5pm on Monday the 16th of August,
2010. Winner will be published in Issue 18,
out on Wednesday the 25th of August, 2010
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               NZ Photographer                            NZ Photographer


                                                   The cool stuff in this section comes to you with help from the
                                              knowledgeable people at Each issue Ollie,
                                               our illustrious editor, trawls through the amazing photographic
                                                   gadgets and gizmo’s to bring you the best of the best. Enjoy!

               ony recently released their NEX-3          their own Sony SLR lenses, with the only            above) by one Jeremy Salvador has turned
               and NEX-5 cameras, touted as the           insignificant drawback being a loss of              into a collaboration between production
               World’s smallest interchangeable-          autofocus control, but hey, you know how to         company Vid-Atlantic and OWLE itself on a
lens digital cameras (they’re not DSLRs                   manually focus, don’t you?                          more finely tuned, iPhone 4-friendly prototype
because they don’t have mirrors). We at                     Source: NZ Photographer                           that delivers some truly impressive results.
NZ Photographer have managed to get                                                                           Sadly, the actual iPhone 4 version of the rig

our hot little hands on the NEX-5, which                         verything you know about awkwardly           won’t be available for a while yet, but you
Gadget-guru Brian Foose will be reviewing                        attaching SLR lenses to iPhones is           can get an idea of what will be possible with
in the Issue 18. It’s a crazy little thing that,                 wrong. This is how you do it. What           it in this video.
with the right optional adaptors, can mount               started out as a quick and less-than-perfect              Source: Engadget
both Canon and Nikon lenses, as well as                   mod of OWLE’s Bubo iPhone mount (pictured
     June 23

               NZ Photographer
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