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									                           Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Version 7!

                               Quick Trial Balance
                               Priced at just $99.00 for single-user and $199 for unlimited, multi-user license!

                                            You can enter cash disbursements
                                            and receipts, make adjusting journal
                                            entries, and even create journals for
                                            specific types of transactions. From
                                            creating a new company file, to
                                            entering beginning balances and
                                            adjusting entries, to printing reports,
                                            QTB takes the difficult work out of
                                            maintaining a trial balance and
                                            adjusting it for financial statement or
                                            income tax preparation.                                  QTB’s Account Listing Screen!

What is Quick Trial Balance?                Whether you are an accountant in
                                            private practice, controller of a large          10 Reasons why your firm
Quick Trial Balance is a full-featured      corporation, or somewhere in-
program designed by CPA’s for               between, Quick Trial Balance has the
                                                                                             needs Quick Trial Balance!
accounting professionals. Introduced        flexibility and features you require in a        1. Convert or import your data
in 2006, Pro-Ware’s Quick Trial             trial balance program. QTB is the right             automatically from MS Excel and
Balance (QTB) allows you to easily          choice, regardless of your reporting                many other trial balance programs
enter or import trial balances from a       requirements or level of expertise and
variety of sources. Once your chart of      is far easier to use and more intuitive          2. Reporting features and flexibility
accounts is entered, QTB provides           than other trial balance software.                  far superior to any similar
                                            Don’t take our word for it, try QTB free            software available
sophisticated grouping and sub-
grouping features which will aid in the     for 30 days and see for yourself!                3. Data entry is far easier and much
preparation of income taxes and                                                                 more intuitive than other similar
financial statements.                                                                           accounting programs
                                            Our Technical Support
Pro-Ware has provided accountants                                                            4. Easily accessible toolbars and
                                            Whenever the need arises, our
and other professionals with quality                                                            wizards make complex accounting
                                            technical support is here to help you.
software that distinguishes itself from     You can visit our discussion board on               tasks easy
other accounting software that you          the website to find answers to                   5. Unmatched technical support from
may have used or are currently using        questions posted by other users. Try                Pro-Ware’s support staff is always
in your company. Quick Trial Balance        Quick Trial Balance today and you’ll                free with your purchase
was designed with you, the                  see that we provide the best technical
professional, in mind, and all at a very    support available. It’s unlimited and at         6. Single or unlimited, multi-user
reasonable price.                           no additional cost to you. We support               versions of the program are
                                            the software we sell and will work                  available
Quick Trial Balance was designed to         hard to answer your questions and
                                                                                             7. The multi-user version includes
provide maximum utility and flexibility     resolve technical issues right away so
                                            you can continue on with your work.                 unlimited site licensing eliminating
for your financial statement and
                                                                                                the need to purchase additional
income tax preparation. With QTB,           From the latest in tax law compliance               licenses for each user
you can maintain up to three different      to the newest software development
accounting books simultaneously and         features, we will happily assist you             8. Importing and exporting your trial
there is no limit to the number of          with any difficulties you encounter.                balance data is easy and flexible
accounts, journals, cash transactions,                                                       9. Excellent help features, on-line
                                            In addition, you won’t experience long
or journal entries that can be entered.     hold times or wait endlessly for call-              documentation, and tutorials are
Import a chart of accounts with or          backs because our technicians are                   built right into the program
without trial balances from Peachtree,      trained to handle most problems
                                            quickly and correctly the first time!            10. Comprehensive reporting for
QuickBooks, ATB, Trial Balance CS,                                                               nearly any financial statement or
Excel, or any .CSV file.                    Our technical support is always                      federal reporting requirements
                                            included at no additional cost!!
Installation                                           Built-in group codes for various tax returns,   Data Entry / Navigation Features
                                                        including, Sub-S, C Corporations,
   Step-by-step installation process                   Schedule C, Schedule E, Schedule F and             Fully customizable account lengths and
                                                        Partnerships                                        formats
   Every copy is network capable
                                                       Consolidate any number of separate                 Sort accounts based on account type,
   Multi-User Site license allows installation
                                                        company files into one file for consolidated        account descriptions, group or sub-group
    on any PC at a registered location
                                                        reporting                                           codes
   Extensive program documentation
                                                       Maintain data for up to 10 years for               Search by account types, beginning
                                                        historical reporting                                balances, adjusted balances, or accounts
                                                                                                            with journal entries
System Requirements                                 Quick Trial Balance Conversions
                                                                                                           Add or edit any account on-the-fly
   Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7                   Convert chart of accounts with beginning
    operating systems supported                         balances from the following:                       Automatic calculations for determining
                                                                                                            debit and credit balances
   Minimum RAM requirements for current                o   Earlier versions of QTB
    operating system                                                                                       Enter prior year balances for up to the last
                                                        o   Passport / RealWorld (.prt files)               10 years
   Minimum Processor requirements for                  o   Passport / RealWorld (.csv files)
    current operating system                                                                               Enter notes, working paper references, or
                                                        o   Comma-Separated Value .csv files
                                                                                                            cash flow information for any account
   Hard disk storage 25-30 Megabytes                   o   Excel Spreadsheet .xls files
                                                        o   Fixed-Length ASCII .txt files                  Print chart of accounts, balances, and
   Mouse (Recommended)                                                                                     grouped listings directly from the Add/Edit
                                                        o   QuickBooks Trial Balance (.csv
   VGA Monitor (Recommended resolution of                  files)
    1024 X 768)                                         o   QuickBooks Chart of Accounts
                                                            (.csv files)                                Reporting Features
   Pentium Processor (Recommended)
                                                        o   QuickBooks Excel trial Balance                 Client information reports
                                                            (.xls files)
General Features                                                                                           Chart of account and grouped account
                                                        o   Peachtree (.csv files)
   Informative context sensitive HELP system           o   Accountant’s Trial Balance (ATB)
    by pressing the F1 key                              o   Trial Balance CS (Thomson Tax &                Beginning and prior year balance reports
   Unlimited number of accounts, cash                      Accounting)                                    Journals listings reports
    receipts, disbursements and adjusting               o   Convert from another book already
    entries                                                 in QTB                                         Groups listings reports

   Unlimited number of client data files                                                                  General ledger reports
                                                    Export / Import Features
   Ability to merge data files between two                                                                Working and adjusted trial balance reports
    sets of client data files                          Step-by-step import instructions
                                                                                                           Lead schedules
   Ability to unmerge all or specific accounts        Choose only the fields needed
                                                                                                           Grouped trial balance reports
    to another data file                               Sort and filter on specific asset
                                                                                                           Trial balance comparison reports
   Maintain up to three different books for           Import and export from the following:
    each company                                                                                           Proforma financial statements
                                                        o   CSV – Comma Separated Values
   Backup and Restore a single file or all files                                                          Balance sheet and income statement
                                                        o   TXT – Fixed Length ASCII                        account comparison reports
    in a directory to zip format
                                                        o   XLS – Excel (All versions)
   Handy toolbar for accessing many of                                                                    Balance sheet and income statement
    QTB’s most commonly used features                  Export data to Ratios Plus                          proforma reports

   Forms can be resized to match your                                                                     Expense account analysis reports
    monitor’s resolution for easier viewing
                                                    Journal / Transaction Features
                                                                                                           Journal entry reports
                                                       Maintain unlimited amount of cash receipts
   Reports can be printed to file in .PDF
    format and viewed with Adobe Acrobat™                                                               Utilities
    Reader                                             Maintain unlimited amount of cash
                                                        disbursements transactions                         Backup or restore client files manually or
Grouping Features                                                                                           automatically
                                                       Enter an unlimited amount of adjusting
                                                        entries                                            Unreset client files to restore balances
   Create up to 10 different groups for
                                                                                                            from prior years
    income tax and financial statement                 Print any (or all) receipts, disbursements,
    reporting                                           and adjusting entries                              Locate existing client files on any hard
                                                                                                            drive or network drive
   For every group, create up to 10 different

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