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599 2 Street South                                                                            Susan Lockwood
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701                                                                  Grants Director
(727) 873-2011                                                                
                                          HC MINI GRANT
                                     APPLICATION COVER SHEET
Sponsoring Organization:
          Name: The Center For Inquiry Community of Tallahassee
          Address: 1809 Raa Avenue
          City: Tallahassee, FL Zip: 32303
          Federal I.D. Number: 16-1553469
          Congressional District in which the organization is located: District 2 (Allan Boyd)
Head of Organization:
          Name: Mimi Meredith Stangel
          Title: President

For nonprofit organizations: I certify that the 501(C)3 status has not been revoked or modified.    Check Box

Project Title: Darwin Day 2008 (DD 08)

Project Director:

          Name: Elizabeth Spike

          Address: 2113 Trescott Dr

          City: Tallahassee, FL Zip32308

          Email Address: "Elizabeth Spike" Phone: 850-385-7088

Humanities Scholar:

          Name: Dr. Michael Ruse, Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science

          Address: 651 E. 6th Ave.

          City: Tallahassee, FL       Zip: 32303

          Email Address: Phone: 850-224-6811

      Organizational affiliation: Florida State University Philosophy Dept, Program in History and
Philosophy of Science

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